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Undergraduate courses – The Transport Option takes a series of theoretical themes and then relates them to transport.  The themes cover different approaches to transport planning, institutional and organisational issues, ownership and privatisation, deregulation and competition, and pricing in transport.  The aim is to debate the differences between theory and practice, with examples taken from cities and the different modes of transport.  The disparate approaches are synthesised through the sustainable development paradigm that tries to bring together the economic, social and environmental priorities.
Contributions are made to the Philosophy, Nature and Practice of Geography on the theme of Movement in Space

Masters courses – Sustainable Urban Development and Transport is one of the options in the Nature, Society and Environmental Policy (NSEP) course. The underlying argument is that transport is unsustainable and that the nature and scale of the problem has been consistently underestimated.  It starts with a global perspective, but focuses on the main determinants of the links between transport and urban form to identify the options available.  Novel scenario building methods are explored to determine the alternative futures for cities and the role that transport can and should have.  The institutional and organisational frameworks, and barriers to implementation are also covered.

Other contributions to the NSEP course are made to the Environmental Policy course on linking theory to practice in environmental policy and transport.

Several other contributions are made to other Masters courses, including the Environmental Change and Management Course – lectures on the true costs of air travel and energy use in transport – and to the PhD programme on Rationality and Positivism.

I am also responsible for the 12 undergraduate students in geography at St Anne’s College with Nick Middleton, organising and taking a full part in their weekly tutorial sessions.  There are also several other geography students at St Anne’s taking MSc and DPhil programmes.