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DDsim package

You can download from this page the programs and documentation relating to the model of Grafen and Ridley (1997). (Full citation: Grafen, A & M. Ridley. 1997. ĎA new model for discrete character evolutioní. Journal of theoretical Biology, 184, 7-14.).

The program is in the file init.m, a Mathematica package. There is also a documenting Mathematica notebook howtouseDDsim.nb that includes "live" worked examples.

You need Mathematica to use this package. Mathematica is published by Wolfram Research Inc. For information on Mathematica, you can e-mail to The package was written and used with version 2.1 of Mathematica. It has been converted into a package in Mathematica 4.0.

To use, create a folder called "DDsim" (case is important), and place all three files in it. Then put the folder in the Extra Packages folder in the Add-Ons folder in the Mathematica folder -- it must be there for Mathematica to find the package when it is called for. Open the notebook for a fully worked example.

Alan Grafen   11th February 2002

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