My name is George Robinson, I am a third year DPhil student at the University of Oxford. My interests lie in number theory - specifically Iwasawa theory, the Langlands program, p-adic L-functions and much more. My supervisor is Prof Sir Andrew Wiles. In my spare time I like running, playing music, getting outdoors, and trying to stop myself doing maths on my breaks. If you share any mathematical (or non-mathematical) interests please get in touch!

I started my DPhil in 2019 after finishing a BA and MMath at Cambridge University, where I was a member of Gonville & Caius College. Now I am a member of Keble College.

A Brief Introduction to the Theta Correspondence

Although mainly theta function recap - 20/10/2021

The Arizona Winter School in 2022 has a lecture course on the theta correspondence so I am going to try and prepare for that a bit. This is a first attempt, which I mainly wanted to get out as an exercise in sticking to a schedule for my posts. It is certainly not complete and very rough, but better now than never! Read more...

The Work of Don Zagier

A brief overview - 01/09/2021

He's a big name in number theory, and has a remarkably broad range of topics of his papers, so I thought I should have a look through and try to summarise his main contributions. Read more...

Selmer Groups and Étale Cohomology

Spreading out cohomology

After giving a talk on Galois cohomology and higher direct images in étale cohomology, I was very excited to come across a lovely application of both simultaneously in some lecture notes of Barry Mazur and Tom Weston - so I wrote it up! Read more...