DTC - Felix Jackson

Felix Jackson

Personal photo - Felix Jackson

Doctoral student on the Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science Doctoral Training Program

Currently based at the Doctoral Training Centre

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU


I have a BA in Natural Sciences and an MSci in Systems Biology, both from Cambridge, UK. After graduating in 2017, I spent a year working as a data scientist for a tech-startup in the development sector.
Now I'm back in biology, looking to apply the computational approaches I've learnt to healthcare translation, focusing on cancer research.


Inconveniently, my main interests are kitesurfing and surfing, which rely on being near the sea. However, whilst stuck in Oxford, I distract myself with jazz (sax and drums) and squash.



More info

My timetable of taught courses for this term can be found here.
My GitHub profile is here.