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Welcome to the Oxford University Korfball Club homepage.

Hi, I'm Maggie, the club president for the 22/23 season. I started korfball a year ago, after frantically running away from the athletics table at the Freshers' Fair (I did that for ten years and wanted to close that chapter of my life) and running (physically) into the korfball table. I came along for a taster session, and almost every single session that followed, and since then korfball has become one of my defining personality traits (for better or for worse).

At the risk of sounding super cheesy, I've been a member of a lot of sports clubs in my lifetime, and the Ox Uni Korfball Club has been by far one of the most fun and welcoming. We have players of all levels of experience and abilities, from those who were handed a korfball instead of a teddy bear while still in their bassinet (I haven't confirmed this with Flora, but this is how I envision her infancy) to those who'd never even heard of the sport before showing up to a session!

We're a fun-loving club, but let's face it- we're also pretty competitive. We train 2-3 times per week, with league matches against local clubs on Sundays throughout the year along with BUCS fixtures throughout the season. Our firsts team won the local league last year and placed 5th at BUCS Champs! We're increasing from two to three BUCS/league teams this year, which means more gameplay for everyone! If you're just starting out and matches aren't your thing, you are still more than welcome to come to join us for training sessions and socials. We have a highly active social calendar, with twice weekly optional pub trips and a full term card with activities for everyone! We also participate in a number of social tournaments throughout the year, including a beach tournament in Scotland, fancy dress tournaments across the country, a yearly trip to the Netherlands, and a freshers' tournament in Brighton this autumn!

Interested? Confused? Wondering how you too can make korfball one of your personality traits? Come along to a session! Any questions, feel free to drop us an email at oxfordunikorfball@gmail.com, or get in touch via Facebook or Instagram.

Korf Love,


Oxford University Korfball Club President 22/23