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The Oxford University Korfball Club is the oldest university Korfball club in the country having been established just over 30 years ago and is the oldest club outright in Oxfordshire. The rounded nature of the sport means our club ranges from freshers to PhD students and of course split between guys and girls. We're pretty fun-loving but competitive nevertheless and along with the Oxfordshire league, the BUCS tournaments and Varsity match every year are a BIG deal. While admittedly one of the lesser known half-blue sports, Korfball definintely stands as having one of the most exciting track records of late where both Cambridge and Oxford's 1st teams are top15 in the country (and ascending) and the last three Varsity matches were all decided by a single point!

Where most of our players have never played Korfball before coming to Oxford, we're a club who care a lot about being as inclusive as possible for beginners so don't worry if you're not sure if it's your sport for defininte, just come and give it a try!

What is Korfball?

Korfball is the Dutch cousin of Basketball and Netball. It's a mixed-gender sport which emphasises team work and less so about how tall you are! Movement with the ball is less limited than Netball and although you can shoot from anywhere on the pitch, players cannot shoot if closely marked. This means your team must work together to create space to score by either beating the opposing teams defence or shooting from distance. Teams of 8 are made up of 4 boys and 4 girls and they are split evenly into attack and defence halves of the court and change every two goals, meaning they have to be able play in every position.

For a higher level look at club Korfball, check out this commentary from a the final of the EKL last year (a couple of tiers above what we play!)

Committee of 2019/2020

Jaymin Shah
Sophie Whitaker
Sebastian Allum
Lucy Bannatyne
(co-Social Secretary)
Sapphira McBride
(co-Social Secretary)
Laura de Lisle
(Kit Secretary)
Alex Carmichael
(Publicity/Alumni Secretary)
Stephan Gaiser-Porter
(Cuppers Secretary)
(IT Secretary)
Dan Kerwin
(Sponsorship Secretary)