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About this project

This project was created in 2003 in collaboration with the Portuguese Government aiming at increasing the visibility of Portuguese science among the general public, both inside and outside of Portugal. In fact, not only is there much interesting science being done by portuguese scientists all over the world, but we also believe that it is fundamental to justify the public money spent on scientific research by informing the general public of its results. Doing a mixture of interesting science and public information is the basis of this project.

Because my initial background is in immunology (see c.v.) the project focus is mostly on bio- medical subjects.

The articles produced are published at:

  • AlphaGalileo - Internet Press Centre for European Science consulted by journalists all over the world - from this site the articles are sent to the main world media.
  • Ciência Hoje - Portuguese on-line magazine with more than 50 000 visitors a month

Thera are also direct collaborations with:


4- Several on-line magazines

5- Here (see Articles published )







In collaboration with the Observatório da Ciência e do Ensino Superior (OCES)
Financed by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)