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These pointers are divided up roughly by sbject:

All aspects including pointers to other pages of pointers - but not much of my own family!
Amateur Radio
Mostly, with a UK bias - .73 de M0AEN

Here is a useful way of getting about the UK academic sites.


First, my own bits:
My own genealogy page.
The genuki PRO pages.
The genuki Kent pages.
The genuki Oxfordshire pages
These last three are part of the GENUKI Virtual Library.
I have a demonstration copy of Pedigree available for FTP.
then some organised by topic:

Useful sites for UK research:

UK Archival Repositories on the Internet
The Public Record Office
The Institute of Historical Research (IHR)
Surrey Libraries Reference Queries Form
General Register Office (Scotland) - Home Page
Tay Valley Family History Society
ULYSSES -> Internet's Complete Guide To Ireland

General sites - research tools & guidance:

National Genealogical Society - Home Page
The Genealogist's Guide to the Internet (George Archer)
GRD - The Genealogical Research Directory
Genealogy Resources on the Internet
Deciphering Old Handwriting


Computers in Genealogy
Brother's Keeper


Collection of links to other sites:

and then the rest:

The're still waiting to be sorted ...

UK+Ireland Genealogy
A Family History Center in Huntsville, Alabama
Pedigree Chart#1: Johnson, Jackman, Webb, Moore, Sanders, Dye, Hatch, Harmon
Family Chronicle Magazine
Bob's PRO Searches, (military, naval, passenger lists)
GenWeb Discussion Archive
Parrett and Neves Ltd Home Page
Phil Stringer
Infobases World Wide Family History Network
Generations Northwest Home Page
A Barrel of Links
Index of /~ttw/lines/
The OLIVE TREE Genealogy Homepage
Peter's Place
Gene Stark's Home Page
The Virtual Memorial Garden
Clans menu
Genealogy SF
Directory of /pub/genealogy/text/data
Everton's Guide to Genealogy on the World Wide Web
Silicon VAlley PAF Users Group Home Page
Roots Surname List Name Finder
Directory of Royal Genealogical Data
Index of /pub/genealogy/gedcom
General Register Office (Scotland) - Home Page
The Genealogy Home Page
Frequently Asked Questions For soc.genealogy.misc
Tim Pierce
Genealogy SF Genealogy non U.S. Data
The GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5: Table of Contents
Directory of /pub/genealogy/gedcom
LDS Information Resources
(SAW) Genealogy Home Page
Everton's CDs
(Everton) Genealogy on the World-Wide Web
Directory of /pub/rwm/gene
Dept. of Computing Science, U. of NcL : Home Pages / Genealogy /

Amateur Radio

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