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Developing Linguistic Corpora:
a Guide to Good Practice

Edited by Martin Wynne

Produced by AHDS LitLangLing Logo

ISSN 1463 5194

Martin Wynne (AHDS Literature, Languages and Linguistics, University of Oxford, UK)

Chapter 1
Corpus and Text: Basic Priniciples
John Sinclair (Tuscan Word Centre)

Chapter 2
Adding Linguistic Annotation
Geoffrey Leech (Lancaster University)

Chapter 3
Metadata for Corpus Work

Lou Burnard (University of Oxford)

Chapter 4
Character Encoding in Corpus Construction
Anthony McEnery and Richard Xiao (Lancaster University)

Chapter 5
Spoken Language Corpora
Paul Thompson (University of Reading)

Chapter 6
Archiving, Distribution and Preservation
Martin Wynne (University of Oxford)

Appendix to chapter one: How to make a corpus
John Sinclair (Tuscan Word Centre)


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