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Theological Lectures

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Public Lectures available on the web

Alister McGrath lectures extensively, and many of his lectures are recorded. Here are some from the period 2013-16. Others will be added as appropriate. The Parchman Lectures, given at Baylor University, Texas, in November 2015. These three lectures explored the rationality of the Christan Faith. Alister McGrath’s Inaugural Lecture as Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University, delivered in the Examination Schools, Oxford, in October 2014. ‘New Atheism – New Apologetics: The Use of Science in Recent Christian Apologetic Writings.’ The 2014 Boyle Lecture, delivered by Alister McGrath at St Mary-le-Bow Church in the City of London, on 22nd January, 2014. Telling the Truth through Rational Argument: C. S. Lewis on the Reasonableness of Christian Faith.’ A lecture given at St Margaret’s Church, Westminster, London on 21st November 2013 to mark the 50th anniversary of Lewis’s death. Gresham College Lectures, 2015-16 Lecture 1: From Wonder to Understanding: Beginning a Journey Lecture 2: Faith, Proof, and Evidence: Thinking about what’s right to think? Lecture 3: Cosmology and Creation: How do they relate to one another? Lecture 4: Darwin, Evolution, and God: The present debates Lecture 5: Religion, Morality and Meaning: How do we know what’s right to do? Lecture 6: Why God won’t go away

Providing free public access resources

for theological education

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Theological Lectures