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Michael Fraser
CTI Centre for Textual Studies
Oxford University Computing Services
13 Banbury Road

Fax: +44 1865 273 221 Tel: +44 1865 283 282

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University of Durham: I am currently completing research into the rite and the feast of the Encaenia in the Department of Theology under the watchful eye of Anthony Gelston.

University of Oxford: I am employed as a research officer at the CTI Centre for Textual Studies. The CTI Centre is funded by the Higher Education Funding Councils to promote and support c omputer assisted teaching in the following areas: literature, linguistics, theology, classics, philosophy, film studies, theatre arts and drama. The Centre publishes a regular newsletter, Computers & Texts, and a Resources Guide which is updated on-line.

I am also the owner of the Liturgy email group, co-owner of the religion-all project, and a member of the editorial team of the Chorus Humanities Project.

This page last updated: 30 April 1995