Translation of the feast of the Encaenia in the Armenian Lecionary

Jerusalem 121 & Paris 44			Erévan 985
The 13th September, dedication The 13th September, dedication of the Holy Places of Jerusalem of the Holy Places of Jerusalem which one makes for eight days. The first day at the Holy Anastasis The first day at the Holy Anastasis.
  • Psalm 64. Antiphon: "To you, God, hymns are due, in Sion, and to you are presented prayers in Jerusalem.
  • From the first letter of the Apostle Paul to Timothy (3:14-16): "I write this to you, because I hope to come soon...he has been believed in the world and he has been lifted in glory."
  • Alleluia, Psalm 147: "Praise the Lord Jerusalem."
  • Gospel from John (10:22-42): "It was the dedication at Jerusalem and it was winter...But all that John said about this man is true. And many believed in him."
  • The second day, on assembling at the Holy Martyrium the same canon is performed. And, the same day, one displays the venerable cross to all assembled.

  • Note:
  • Paris 44 assigns the date of the feast to 23rd September. But since we know that the Martyrium basilica was dedicated on the 13th September, this is probably a copyist's error.

    Although ms Jer 121 and Paris 44 describe only a two day celebration, both Egeria and the Georgian sources allot eight days to the Encaenia.