Michaelmas Term 2017

Week 1 (09 October) Seth Lazar (ANU)  "Moral Options and Optimisation" (Abstract)
Week 2 (16 October) Randall Curren (Rochester) "Aristotle's Eudaimonic Supposition" (Abstract)
Week 3 (23 October) Joanna Burch-Brown (Bristol) "Synthetic practical judgment, creativity and agency" (Abstract)
Week 4 (30 October) David Owens (KCL) "The Truth in Conventionalism" (Abstract)
Week 5 (06 November) Larry Temkin (Rutgers) Jointly-hosted with the Uehiro Centre "Obligations to the Needy: Effective Altruism, Pluralism, and Singer’s Pond Example" (Abstract) 
Week 6 (13 November) Bashshar Haydar (American University, Beirut) "Two Types of Emergencies: Hypocrisy and the Moral Demands of Assistance(Abstract)
Week 7 (20 November) Kim Ferzan (Virginia Law School) "The Means Principle and Optimific Wrongs" (Abstract)
Week 8 (27 November) Pekka Väyrynen (Leeds) "Normative Explaination Unchained" (Abstract) 

Trinity Term 2017

24 April David Brink (UCSD) "Two Kinds of Culpability" (Abstract)
1 May Douglas MacLean (UNC, Chapel Hill) "A Plea For Humanism" (Abstract)
8 May Michael Otsuka (LSE) "Personal Identity, Substantial Change, and the Significance of Becoming" (Abstract)
15 May Thomas Hurka (Toronto) "More Seriously Wrong/More Importantly Right" (Abstract)  
22 May Peter Singer (Princeton & Melbourne) "What Should We Maximise?" (Abstract) [Video]
29 May Ralph Wedgwood (USC) "Three Conceptions of the Measurement of Value" (Abstract)
5 June Thomas Scanlon (Harvard) "Contractualism and Justification" (Abstract)
12 June

Véronique Munoz-Dardé (UCL and UC Berkeley) "The Priest, the Liberal and the Harlot: Liberalism and Sexual Desire"

Hilary Term 2017

16 Jan Kristi Olson (Bowdoin College), 'The Solidarity Solution: Fairness as a Relational Ideal' [Abstract]
18 Jan Amartya Sen (Harvard, supplemental session co-sponsored with the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative), ‘Democracy and Social Decisions’ [Abstract]
23 Jan Tom Sinclair (Oxford), 'The Claimability of Directed Duties' [Abstract]
30 Jan Campbell Brown (LSE), 'Is Close Enough Good Enough?' [Abstract]
6 Feb Cécile Fabre (Oxford), 'In Defence of Spies – Espionage in War' [Abstract]
13 Feb Massimo Renzo (KCL law), 'Revolution and Intervention' [Abstract]
20 Feb Simon Blackburn (Cambridge & UNC Chapel Hill), 'Cats, Vagabonds, and True Feelings' [Abstract]
27 Feb Johanna Thoma (LSE), ' Temptation and Preference-Based Instrumental Rationality ' [Abstract] [Video]
6 Mar Susanne Burri (LSE), 'The Option Value of Life'
9 Mar

Robert Audi (Notre Dame, supplementary session, Thursday of 8th week) 


Michaelmas Term 2016

Oct 10 John Broome (Stanford, ANU, Swedish Collegium, Uppsala): 'Reason Fundamentalism and What is Wrong With it' [Abstract] [Video]
Oct 10 Ad hoc session with ELAC: Michael Boylan (Marymount): 'War Rape: Using Women as Instruments of War' (Held at Corpus Christi Auditorium, Corpus Christi College) [Abstract]
Oct 17Sir Richard Sorabji (Oxford): 'Free Speech, its Value, a Proposal for its Boundaries and How to Open Ears When Free Speech Fails to do so' [Abstract]
Oct 20 Tom Shakespeare (East Anglia): 'Good Enough Lives? A disability challenge to procreative beneficence' (Held at Corpus Christi Auditorium, Corpus Christi College, 4:00pm-6:00pm)  [Abstract]
Oct 24 Hillel Steiner (Manchester, emeritus): 'Exploitation, Intentionality and Injustice' [Video]
Oct 31 Derek Parfit (Oxford): 'The Non-identity Problem' (Held at Corpus Christi Auditorium, Corpus Christi College, 4:00pm-6:00pm)  [Abstract] [Video] [Handout]
Nov 7Avia Pasternak (University College London): 'In Defence of Political Rioters' [Abstract] [Video]
Nov 14Shelly Kagan (Yale) Combined with Uehiro Lectures in the Martin School: 'Consequentialism for Cows' [Video]
Nov 21Zofia Stemplowska (Oxford), 'The Descendants: Changing Identity to Mitigate Injustice' [Abstract]
Nov 28

Richard Kraut (Northwestern), 'Well-Being and Virtue' [Abstract]

Trinity Term 2016

Apr 25Douglas Husak (Rutgers): 'Drug Proscriptions as Proxy Offenses [Abstract] [Video]
May 2Stephanie Collins (Manchester): 'Institutions’ Emotional Duties' [Abstract] [Video]
May 9 Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (Aarhus): '(Luck and relational) egalitarians of the world, unite!' [Abstract] [Video]
May 16Gustaf Arrhenius (Stockholm): ‘Imprecision in Population Ethics’ [Abstract] [Video]
May 23N. Ann Davis (Pomona College): ‘Through the Neoliberal Glass Darkly: Effective Altruism, Philanthrocapitalism, and the Pursuit of the Good’ [Abstract] [Video]
May 30Allen Buchanan (Duke, Arizona, and Law KCL): 'Moral Progress' [Abstract] [Video]
Jun 6Matthew Adler (Duke University School of Law): ‘Fairness, Claims, and Prioritarianism: Accounting for Responsibility and Desert’ [Abstract] [Video]
Jun 9 Alec Walen (Rutgers): 'Eliminative Killing and the Targeting of Noncombatants; A Positive Account' [Abstract] [Video]
Jun 13

Frances Kamm (Harvard): 'The Purpose of My Death: Death, Dying, and Meaning' [Abstract]

Hilary Term 2016

Jan 18 Samuel Scheffler (NYU): 'Temporal Parochialism and Its Discontents' [Abstract]
(NB: This meeting of the Moral Philosophy Seminar will also be a Uehiro Lecture and will be held in the Lecture Theatre, Oxford Martin School, not at the Radcliffe Humanities Building)
Jan 25 Fiona Woollard (Southampton): 'Harming Your Foetus: Pregnancy and Difficult Deontological Distinctions'  [Abstract] [Video]
Feb 1 Janet Radcliffe-Richards (Oxford) – The MPS-Uehiro Practical Ethics lecture: "Metaphysical Pitfalls in Practical Ethics: Feminism, Environmentalism, Bioethics, and Everywhere Else" [Abstract] [Video]
Feb 8 Joseph Raz (Columbia and Oxford): 'Intention and Value' [Abstract] [Video]
Feb 15 Henry Shue (Oxford): 'Ice and Urgency: Antarctic Melting, Sea-level Rise, and Future Generations' [Abstract]
Feb 22 Leif Wenar (Kings College, London): 'Unity Theory' [Abstract] [Video]
Feb 29 Emily McTernan (University College, London): 'Contextualism, Responsibility, and Moral Luck' [Abstract] [Video]
Mar 7

Ulrike Heuer (Leeds): 'When All Goes Wrong: Responsibility for Failure and Negligence' [Abstract]


Michaelmas Term 2015

Oct 12 Holly Lawford-Smith (Sheffield) 'Offsetting White Privilege' [Abstract] [Video]
Oct 19 Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Duke) 'Moral Responsibility and Contrastive Mental Causation' [Abstract] [Podcast]
Oct 26 Onora O’Neill (Cambridge) 'Positivists, Pluralists and the Justification of Human Rights' [Abstract] [Podcast]
Nov 2 Jonathan Parry (Stockholm) (Birmingham) 'Consent and the Justification of Defensive Force' [Abstract] [Podcast] [Video]
Nov 9 Jonathan Glover (King’s College, London) 'Surveillance and the Future of Private Space'
Nov 16 Miranda Fricker (Sheffield) 'Explaining Forgiveness' [Abstract] [Podcast] [Video]
Nov 23 Hugh LaFollette (University of South Florida) 'The Greatest Vice?' [Abstract] [Video]
Nov 30 Lea Ypi (LSE) 'Structural injustice and the irrelevance of attachment ' [Abstract] [Video]

Trinity Term 2015
Apr 27 Stephen Darwall (Yale) 'Taking Account of Character'
[Abstract] [Podcast] [Video]
May 4 Nils Holtug (Copenhagen) 'Global Luck Egalitarianism and International Migration' [Abstract] [Podcast]
May 11 Derek Parfit (Harvard, NYU, Rutgers) 'Deontological Prohibitions and What We Together Do.' [Video]
May 18 Larry Temkin (Rutgers) 'Some Scattered Thoughts about the Good, Reasons, and the Structure of Moral Theory' [Abstract] [Video]
May 25 Laura Valentini (LSE) '“When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do” Respect, Positive Norms, and the Obligation to Obey the Law' [Abstract]
Jun 1 Johann Frick (Princeton) 'Contractualism and Social Risk' [Abstract] [Video]
Jun 8 Jonathan Dancy (Texas and Reading) 'Instrumental Reasoning Again' [Abstract] [Video]
Jun 15 Elijah Millgram (Utah) 'Who Was the Author of Nietzsche's Zarathustra?' [Abstract]

Hilary Term 2015

Jan 19 Helen Frowe (Stockholm) 'Are We Required to Turn the Trolley?' [Abstract] [Photos]
Jan 26 Brad Hooker (Reading) 'De Lazari-Radek and Singer on Evolutionary Debunking Arguments and the Role of Moral Rules' [Abstract] [Photos]
Feb 2 No talk 
Feb 9 Derek Parfit (Oxford) 'Can We Avoid the Repugnant Conclusion?' [Abstract] [Podcast] [Photos]
Feb 16 Alex Voorhoeve (LSE) 'Priority or Equality for Possible People?' [Abstract] [Podcast] [Photos]
Feb 23 Kim Brownlee (Warwick) 'Social Contribution Injustice' [Abstract] [Podcast]
Mar 2 Victor Tadros (Warwick) 'Permissibility in a World of Wrongdoing' [Abstract] [Podcast]
Mar 9 Jeremy Williams (Birmingham) 'Public Reason and Personal Identity' [Abstract] [Podcast]


Michaelmas Term 2014


Oct 13 Billy Dunaway (Oxford), 'Objectivity and Triviality' [Abstract]
Oct 20 Alex Gregory (Southampton) 'Reasons as Good Bases' [Abstract]
Oct 27 Robert Audi (Notre Dame) 'A Theory of Intuition and Its Role in Rational Disagreement' [Abstract]
Nov 3 Pauline Kleingeld (Groningen) 'A Kantian Solution to the Trolley Problem' [Abstract]
Nov 10 Cora Diamond (Virginia) 'Murdoch Off the Map, or Taking Empiricism Back from the Empiricists'
Nov 17 Richard Rowland (Oxford) 'Why Moral Convergence Matters' [Abstract]
Nov 24 Nicholas Shackel (Cardiff) 'Normative Rationality and Constitutive Rationality'
Dec 1 Christine Korsgaard (Harvard) [Joint event with the Uehiro Centre; lecture to be held in the Oxford Martin School] 'The Moral and Legal Standing of Animals - Lecture 1: Animals, Human Beings and Persons' [Abstract]

Trinity Term 2014

Apr 28 David Brink (UCSD) 'Responsibility, Incompetence, and Psychopathy' [Abstract]
May 5 Axel Honneth (Frankfurt/Columbia) 'The Idea of Social Freedom. On the Intellectual Roots of Socialism' (joint meeting with post-Kantian seminar) [Abstract]
May 12 Michael Otsuka (LSE) 'How it Makes a Moral Difference that One is Worse Off than One Could Have Been' [Abstract]
May 19 Paul Bloomfield (Connecticut) 'Morality Is Necessary For Happiness' [Abstract]
May 26 Julia Driver (Washington University, St. Louis) 'Appraisability and Moral Agency in Hume's Account of Virtue' [Abstract]
Jun 2 Krister Bykvist (Stockholm) 'Being, Non-Being, and Well-Being' [Abstract]
Jun 9 Regina Rini (Oxford)  'Abortion, Ultrasound, and Moral Persuasion' [Abstract]
Jun 16 Richard Holton (Cambridge) 'Moral Resolve' [Abstract]

Hilary Term 2014

Jan 20 Alex Silk (Birmingham)
Jan 27 Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman (UCL) 'What is wrong with [R. M. Hare's arguments against] slavery' [Abstract]
Feb 3 Justin Clarke-Doane (Birmingham) 'Debunking and Indispensability' [Abstract]
Feb 10 Anna Alexandrova (Cambridge) 'Values Fit for Science: The Case of Child Well-Being' [Abstract]
Feb 17 Weyma Lübbe (Regensburg) 'Aggregation and Separability: Limits to the redescription-of-outcomes strategy in defending aggregative consequentialism'
Feb 24 Yair Levy (Oxford) 'Cognitivism about intention' [Abstract]
Mar 3 Joseph Raz (Columbia/KCL) 'The Guise of the Bad' [Abstract]
Mar 10 Elizabeth Ashford (St Andrews) 'Severe Poverty as a Systemic Human Rights Violation’


Michaelmas Term 2013

Oct 14 Seth Lazar (ANU) 'Ethics and Expectations: Part I' [Abstract]
Oct 21 Robert Audi (Nebraska) 'Moral Properties' [Abstract}
Oct 28 Philip Stratton-Lake (Reading) ''Self-evidence, understanding, and intuition' [Abstract]
Nov 4 Julia Annas (Arizona) 'Why Virtue Ethics does not have a Problem with Right Action' [Abstract]
Nov 11 Charles Pigden (Otago) 'Promises, Promises: Hume, Searle, Godwin and the Duke of Wellington' [Abstract]
Nov 18 Jesse Prinz (CUNY) 'The Moral Self' [Abstract]
Nov 25 Jussi Suikkanen (Birmingham) 'Ethical Theories and the Correlation Problem' [Abstract]
Dec 2 Max Baker-Hytch (Oxford) 'On the Evolutionary Epistemological Challenge to Moral Realism' [Abstract]

Trinity Term 2013

Apr 22 Neil Sinhababu (Singapore) 'Desire's Explanations' [Abstract]
Apr 29 Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund) 'Goodness and Numbers' [Abstract]
May 6 Bennett Helm (Franklin & Marshall / Princeton) 'Being Bound by Communal Norms' [Abstract]
May 13 Candace Vogler (Chicago) 'Looking Forward' [Abstract]
May 20 Elijah Millgram (Utah) 'Millian Metaethics' [Abstract]
May 27 Ralph Wedgwood (USC) 'The External Goal of Rationality' [Abstract]
June 3 James Dreier (Brown) ' Moral Explananda ' [Abstract]
June 10 Michael Gibb (Oxford) 'Defending a Relational Moral Theory' [Abstract]

Hilary Term 2013

Jan 14 Don Loeb (Vermont) 'Has Moral Expressivism Lost its Way?' [Abstract]
Jan 21 Martin O'Neill (York) ' Freedom without Resentment: Strawson, the Whisky Priest and the Objective Attitudes ' [Abstract]
Jan 28 Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge) 'Moral Worth and Moral Knowledge' [Abstract]
Feb 4 Mark Schroeder (USC) 'The Price of Supervenience' [Abstract]
Feb 11 Erasmus Mayr (Oxford) 'Moral Responsibility - 'metaphysical' or 'normative'?' [Abstract]
Feb 18 Ralph Bader (Oxford) 'Extrinsic Value’ [Abstract]
Feb 25 John Hyman (Oxford) 'Voluntariness and Choice' [Abstract]
Mar 4 Regina Rini (Oxford) 'Moral Psychology and the Narrative Self' [Abstract]


Michaelmas Term 2012

Oct 8 Christian Piller (York) 'Valuing Human Life' [Abstract]
Oct 15 Carla Bagnoli (Wisconsin/Modena & Reggio Emilia) 'Kantian Structuring: An objectivist account of practical knowledge' [Abstract]
Oct 22 Constantine Sandis (Oxford Brookes) 'Action in Ethics' [Abstract]
Oct 29 Josh Parsons (Oxford) 'Preposcriptions and prescriptivism' [Abstract]
Nov 5 Patrick Todd (Munich/Innsbruck) 'The Perfection of Morality' [Abstract]
Nov 12 John Skorupski (St Andrews) 'The Ontology of the Normative' [Abstract]
Nov 19 Wayne Martin (Essex) 'Antinomies of Autonomy: German Idealism and English Mental Health Law' [Abstract]
Nov 26 Maria Alvarez (King's College London) [Abstract]

Trinity Term 2012

Apr 23 Guy Fletcher (Edinburgh) 'Moral Judgement Internalism Explained (Away)' [Abstract]
Apr 30 Matthew Chrisman (Edinburgh) 'Should the Meta-Language of Meta-Ethics be Non-Normative?' [Abstract]
May 7 Ulrike Heuer (Leeds) 'Intentions, Permissibility, and the Reasons for Which We Act' [Abstract]
May 14 Michael Thompson (Pittsburgh) 'You and I' and reasons of justice [Abstract]
May 21 Frank Jackson (Princeton) 'Subjective and Objective Obligation Revisited' [Abstract]
May 28 David McNaughton (Florida State) 'Consequentialism, Reasons, Benefits, and the Good' [Abstract] [Paper]
June 4 Alison Denham (Tulane/Oxford) 'Debunking Nietzsche: Why the Transfiguration Thesis is neither original nor true' [Abstract]
June 11 Sergio Tenenbaum (Toronto) 'Moral Faith and Moral Reason' [Abstract]

Hilary Term 2012

Jan 16 Anthony Price (Birkbeck) 'A Quietist Particularism' [Abstract]
Jan 23 James Lenman (Sheffield) ‘Scepticism about Moral Intuition’ [Abstract]
Jan 30 Alison Hills (Oxford) 'Cognitivism about moral judgement' [Abstract]
Feb 6 Jonas Olson (Stockholm) ‘Projectivism and Error in Hume’s Ethics’ [Abstract]
Feb 13 Toby Ord (Oxford) 'How to be a Consequentialist About Everything’ [Abstract]
Feb 20 Simon Blackburn (Cambridge) ‘Ways of Misunderstanding Hume’ [Abstract]
Feb 27 Debbie Roberts (York) ‘Thick Concepts and the Fact-Value Distinction’ [Abstract]
Mar 5 Roger Teichmann (Oxford) 'The Importance of the Past’ [Abstract]


Michaelmas Term 2011

Oct 10 Jim Griffin (Oxford/Rutgers) 'The Idea of Ethics'
Oct 17 Charles Pigden (Otago) 'Queerness Reconfigured' [Abstract]
Oct 24 Matthew Noah Smith (Yale) 'Bootstrapping and the Authority of Intentions'
Oct 31 Uri Leibowitz (Nottingham) 'Explaining Moral Knowledge'
Nov 7 Jonathan Webber (Cardiff) 'Virtue and Attitude'
Nov 14 Tim Chappell (Open University) 'The varieties of knowledge'
Nov 21 Gerald Lang (Leeds) 'Good Luck, Bad Luck, and Moral Luck'
Nov 28 Lucy Allais (Sussex/Witwatersrand) 'Retributive Justice, Restorative Justice and the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission'

Trinity Term 2011

May 2 Derek Parfit (Oxford) - CANCELLED
May 9 Brad Hooker (Reading) 'The Definition of Morality' [Abstract]
May 16 Rahul Kumar (Queen's University) 'Risking and Wronging' [Abstract] [Photos]
May 23 Tristram McPherson (University of Minnesota Duluth) 'Reference Magnets on Normative Twin Earth' [Abstract]
May 30 Derek Parfit (Oxford) 'The Kantian Argument for Rule Consequentialism' [Abstract] [Photos]
Jun 6 Kieran Setiya (Pittsburgh) 'Knowing Right From Wrong' [Abstract]
Jun 13 Pamela Hieronymi (UCLA) 'Reflection and Responsibility' [Abstract] [Photos]
Jun 20 Josée Brunet (University of Montreal) 'The Correctness of Reasoning' - CANCELLED

Hilary Term 2011

Jan 17 Simon Rippon (Oxford) 'Chess as a Normative Practice' [Abstract] [Photos]
Jan 24 Luke Russell (Sydney) 'Evil and Extremity' [Abstract]
Feb 7 Michael Smith (Princeton) 'Naturalism, Absolutism, Relativism' [Abstract]
Feb 14 Graham Oddie (Colorado) 'On desires as value data' [Abstract]
Feb 21 Wayne Sumner (Toronto) 'End-of-Life Care: Where are the Ethical Lines?' [Abstract]
Feb 28 Tom Pink (KCL) 'Freedom, choice and autonomy' [Abstract]
Mar 7 Bruno Verbeek (Leiden) 'A (limited) vindication of voluntarism' [Abstract]


Michaelmas Term 2010

Oct 11 Michael Ridge (Edinburgh) 'Relocating Normative Thought and Discourse' [Abstract]
Oct 18 Jonathan Way (Stirling) 'Transmission and the Wrong Kind of Reason' [Abstract]
Oct 25 Paul Russell (University of British Columbia) 'Critical Compatibilism and the Limits of Free Will' [Abstract]
Nov 1 Raimond Gaita (King's College, London) 'Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline’ [Abstract]
Nov 8 Cecile Fabre (Lincoln, Oxford) 'Internecine war killings' [Abstract]
Nov 15 R.Jay Wallace (Berkeley) 'The Bourgeois Predicament' [Abstract] [Photos]
Nov 22 Philip Pettit (Princeton) ‘A Genealogy of the Concept of Promising’ [Abstract] [Photos]
Nov 29 James Lenman (Sheffield)

Trinity Term 2010

Apr 26 Edward Harcourt (Oxford) 'Love and the Origins of Authority in Infancy'
May 3 Candace Vogler (University of Chicago) 'You Owe it to Yourself' [Abstract] [Photos]
May 10 Veronique Munoz-Dardé (UCL) 'The Puzzle of Museums' [Abstract] [Photos]
May 17 Herlinde Pauer-Studer (Vienna) 'Practical Reason, Autonomy, and Bad Action' [Abstract] [Photo]
May 24 Lubomira Radoilska (Cambridge) 'Akrasia, Addiction, and Autonomy' [Abstract]
May 31 Daniel Star (Boston University) 'Weighing Reasons' (with Stephen Kearns) [Abstract] [Photos]
Jun 7 Alan Thomas (University of Kent) 'Practical Reasoning, the First Person and Impartialism about Reasons' [Abstract] [Photos]
Jun 14 Nishi Shah (Amherst College) 'Mental Agency and Metaethics' [Abstract] [Photo]

Hilary Term 2010

Jan 18 Nic Southwood (Oxford) 'In Defence of the Moral/Conventional Distinction' [Abstract] [Photo]
Jan 25 Raimond Gaita (KCL and Australian Catholic University) 'Is Morality 'Inescapable'?' [Abstract] - CANCELLED
Feb 1 Max de Gaynesford (Reading) 'Integrity and Time: Parfit’s Russian Nobleman' [Abstract] [Photo]
Feb 8 Joseph Raz (Oxford) 'The Guise of the Good' [Abstract]
Feb 15 Raffaele Rodogno (Aarhus) 'Emotions and Morality' [Abstract] [Photo]
Feb 22 Angelika Krebs (University of Basel) 'Dialogical Love' [Abstract] [Photo]
Mar 1 Saul Smilansky (Haifa) 'Should We Be Sorry That We Exist?' [Abstract]
Mar 8 Hallvard Lillehammer (Cambridge) 'Intuitions and Causes' [Abstract] [Photos]


Michaelmas Term 2009

Oct 12 Lucy Allais (Sussex/Witwatersrand) 'Retributive Justice, Restorative Justice, and the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission' [Abstract] - CANCELLED
Oct 19 Janet Radcliffe Richards (Oxford) 'Metaphysics for the management of sex' [Abstract] [Photos]
Oct 26 Robert Audi (Notre Dame) 'Kantian Intuitionism as a Framework for the Justification of Moral Judgments' [Abstract]
Nov 2 Mark Schroeder (University of Southern California) 'The Ubiquity of State-Given Reasons' [Abstract] [Photos]
Nov 9 Torbjörn Tännsjo (Stockholm) 'In Defence of Moral Realism' [Abstract] [Photos]
Nov 16 Ralph Wedgwood (Oxford) 'Instrumental rationality' [Photos]
Nov 23 David Owens (Sheffield) 'Wronging' [Abstract] [Photos]
Nov 30 Christoph Fehige (Saarbrücken) 'The structure of Benevolence' [Abstract] [Photos]

Trinity Term 2009

Apr 27 Sergio Tennenbaum (University of Toronto) 'Intention and Commitment' [Abstract] [Photos]
May 4 Krister Bykvist (Oxford) 'Objective verus Subjective Moral Oughts' [Abstract] [Photos]
May 11 Andrew Reisner (McGill) 'Abandoning the Buck Passing Analysis of Final Value' [Abstract] [Photos]
May 18 Stephan Finlay (University of Southern California) ' Metaethical Contextualism Defended ' [Abstract] [Photos]
May 25 David Enoch (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 'Giving Practical Reasons' [Abstract] [Photos]
Jun 1 Matthew Hanser (Santa Barbara) 'Deferring to Others' [Abstract] [Photos]
Jun 8 Simon Robertson (University of Southampton) 'Creating Reasons' [Abstract] [Photos]
Jun 15 David Sobel (Nebraska - Lincoln) 'Parfit on Subjectivism' [Abstract] [Photos]

Hilary Term

Jan 19 Fiona Woollard (Sheffield) 'Doing, Allowing and Imposing' [Abstract] [Photos]
Jan 26 Jens Johansson (Oxford) 'Temporalism About Death's Badness' [Abstract] [Photos]
Feb 2 CANCELLED - Janet Radcliffe-Richards (Oxford) 'Group Equality' [Abstract]
Feb 9 Sarah Stroud (McGill) 'Partiality as Plural Agency' [Abstract] [Photos]
Feb 16 Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Dartmouth) 'Degrees of Freedom and Responsibility' [Abstract] [Photos]
Feb 23 Richard Kraut (Northwestern) 'Against Absolute Goodness' [Abstract] [Photos]
Mar 2 Christine Tappolet (Montreal) 'Personal Autonomy and Self-Control' [Abstract] [Photos]
Mar 9 Pekka Vayrynen (Leeds) 'A Wrong Turn to Reasons?' [Abstract] [Photos]


Michaelmas Term

Oct 13 David Heyd (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): 'A Value or an Obligation: Rawls on Justice to Future Generations' [Abstract] [Photos]
Oct 20 no seminar - Society for Applied Philosophy Lecture by Onora O'Neil
Oct 29 (WEDNESDAY) David Wiggins (Oxford) - The Solidarity at the Root of the Ethical [Abstract] [Podcast]
Nov 3 Steven Lee (Hobart and William Smith Colleges): 'Are the Moral Rules of War Mere Conventions' [Abstract] [Photos]
Nov 10 Michael Boylan (Marymount) 'Racial Profiling and Genetic Privacy' [Abstract] [Photo]
Nov 17 Thomas Porter (Oxford), 'Moral Norms and Institutional Norms' [Photos]
Nov 24 Caspar Hare (MIT) 'Obligation and Regret When There is no Fact of the Matter About What Would Have Happened if you had not Done What you Did.' [Paper] [Photos]
Dec 1 Frances Kamm (Harvard) [Photo]

Trinity Term

April 21 Elijah Millgram (Utah): ‘Mill’s Incubus’ [Abstract] [Photos]
April 28 Rae Langton (MIT): 'Esteem in the Economy of Sexual Oppression' [Abstract] [Photos]
May 5 Daniel Elstein (Leeds): ‘Is there a Normative Question, and if so, how can it be answered?’ [Abstract] [Photos]
May 12  Terence Irwin (Oxford): 'Prudence, morality, and the importance of persons: a dilemma for Sidgwick' [Abstract] [Photos]
May 19 Chris Heathwood (Boulder): ‘Desire-based Theories of Welfare, of Pleasure, and of Reasons’ [Abstract] [Photos]
May 26 Ben Bradley (Syracuse): ‘A Defence of Hedonism’ [Abstract] [Photos]
June 2 Ben Saunders (Oxford): ‘Fairness, Democracy, and Lotteries’ [Abstract] [Photos]
June 9 Frans Svensson (Arizona): ‘Virtue, Advice, and Approval’ [Abstract] [Photos]

Hilary Term

January 14 CANCELLED
January 21 Geoffrey Ferrari (Oxford): ‘Supervenience and Rightmaking’ [Abstract] [Photos]
January 28 Miranda Fricker (Birkbeck): ‘The Relativity of Blame’ [Abstract] [Photos]
February 4 Neil Sinclair (Nottingham): ‘Presumptive Arguments for Moral Realism’ [Abstract] [Photos]
February 11 Richard Holton (MIT): 'Determinism, Self-Efficacy and the Phenomenology of Free Will' [Abstract] [Photos]
February 18 Campbell Brown (Edinburgh): ‘How to Live a Life worth Living’ [Abstract] [Photos]
February 25 Kent Hurtig (Stirling): ‘The Value of Rationality’ [Abstract] [Photos]
March 3 Sigrun Svavarsdottir (Ohio State): ‘The Practical Role of Value Judgments’ [Abstract] [Photos]


Michaelmas Term

October 10: (Wednesday!!) Geoff Sayre McCord (Chapel Hill): ‘A Moral Argument against Moral Dilemmas’ Abstract [Photos]
October 15: Rebecca Roache (Oxford): ‘'Is Human Enhancement Too Risky?’ [Photos]
October 22: Bart Streumer (Reading): 'Are There Irreducibly Normative Properties?' Abstract [Photos]
October 29: Fabienne Peter (Warwick): ‘Fairness, Rationality, and Legitimacy’ Abstract [Photos]
November 5: Michael Garnett (Birkbeck): 'Republican Freedom and the Politics of Preference Manipulation' [Photos]
November 12: Uwe Steinhoff (Hong Kong): ‘Efficient Ethics: Which Ethic Should I Rationally Make My Own, and Which Should I Propagate to Others?’ Abstract
November 19: Philip Pettit (Princeton): ‘Substantive Moral Theory’
November 26: Nadeem Hussain (Stanford): 'Constructivism and Metaethics’ [Photos]

Trinity Term

23 April: James Morauta (Oxford): ‘Reasons to Intend’ Abstract PHOTOS
30 April: John Broome (Oxford): ‘Responding to Reasons’ Abstract PHOTOS
7 May: Gunnar Bjornsson (Gothenburg): ‘“Objectivist” Traits of Moral Phenomenology and Moral Discourse Do Not Support Moral Objectivism’ Abstract  PAPER PHOTOS
14 May: Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund): ‘Value Relations’ PHOTOS
21 May: Eve Garrard (Keele) & David McNaughton (Florida): ‘Humility’ PAPER
28 May: Jussi Suikkanen (Reading): ‘Minimalist Contractualism’ Abstract PHOTOS
4 June: Peter Singer (Princeton): ‘Bystanders to Genocide and Bystanders to Poverty’ Abstract PHOTOS
11 June: Dennis McKerlie (Calgary): ‘Equality, Priority, and Temporal Parts of Lives’ Abstract PAPER PHOTOS

Hilary Term

15 January: Elinor Mason (Edinburgh): ‘Moral Responsibility and Moral Theory’ PHOTOS
22 January: Tom Hurka (Toronto): ‘Asymmetries in Value’ PHOTOS
29 January: Neil Levy (Melbourne): ‘Frankfurt, Free Will, and Agents’ Capacities’
5 February: John Skorupski (St Andrews): ‘Consequentialist Arrogance’ PHOTOS
12 February: Simon Kirchin (Kent): 'The Shapelessness Hypothesis' PHOTOS
19 February: Brian McElwee (Oxford): ‘The Rights and Wrongs of Consequentialism’ PHOTOS
26 February: Guy Kahane (Oxford): ‘If Nothing Matters’ PHOTOS
5 March: Francois & Laura Schroeter (Melbourne & Monash/Fribourg): ‘Rational Improvisation: A Third Way in Metaethics’ PHOTOS


Michaelmas Term

9 October: Ulrike Heuer (Leeds) 'Wrongness and Reasons' PHOTOS
16 October: Charles Pigden (Otago) 'Snare’s Puzzle: What is the Argument of which Hume’s No-Ought-From-Is is the Premise?' PHOTOS
23 October: Alex Voorhoeve (LSE) 'Why Losses Shouldn't Count. A Critique of the Complaint Model'
30 October: Jens Timmermann (St Andrews) 'Kantian dilemmas' PHOTOS
6 November: Tim Mulgan (St Andrews) 'Consequentialist Theism' PHOTOS
13 November: Russell Shafer-Landau (Madison) 'Moral and Theological Realism' PHOTOS
20 November: Martin Peterson (Cambridge) 'Are Persons Mere Containers for Wellbeing?' PHOTOS
27 November: Michael Brady (Glasgow) 'The irrationality of recalcitrant emotions' PHOTOS

Hilary Term
16 January: David Oderberg (Reading) 'The metaphysical foundations of natural law'. Abstract PHOTOS
23 January: Iain Law (Birmingham) 'Well-being and subjective satisfaction' PHOTOS
30 January: Nicholas Shackel (Oxford) 'On the obligation to be rational'  PHOTO
6 February: Julian Savulescu (Oxford) 'Williams on the human prejudice'  PHOTOS
13 February: John O’Neill (Lancaster) 'Needs, independence, and community'  PHOTOS
20 February: Larry Temkin (Rutgers) 'Exploring transitivity'  PHOTOS
27 February: Ingmar Persson (Gothenburg) 'Why there cannot be transitivity with respect to supervenient properties' PHOTOS

Trinity Term
24 April: Adam Morton (Alberta) 'High and low stakes morality' Abstract  PHOTOS
1 May: Alexander Miller (Birmingham) 'Metaethics and the normativity of meaning' PHOTOS
8 May: Niko Kolodny (UC Berkeley) 'Why be consistent?'  PHOTOS
15 May: Peter Vallentyne (Missouri) 'Brute luck and responsibility'  PHOTOS
22 May: Suzanne Uniacke (Hull) 'What can moral philosophy say about public policy?'  PHOTOS
29 May: Julia Markovits (Oxford) 'Acting for the right reasons' PHOTOS
5 June: Luc Bovens (LSE) 'A plea for apologies'  PHOTOS  PAPER
12 June: Nils Holtug (Copenhagen) 'Prioritarianism, animals, and future generations'  PHOTOS


Michaelmas Term
17 October: Wayne Sumner (Toronto), 'Utility and capability'. PHOTOS
24 October: Christopher Woodard (Nottingham) 'Pragmatism and teleology'.
31 October: Doug MacLean (UNC Chapel Hill) 'Is longevity a value?'
7 November: Nicholas Sturgeon (Cornell), 'Moral explanations revisited'. PHOTOS
14 November: Susan Wolf (UNC Chapel Hill), 'Moral obligation'.  PHOTOS
21 November: Daniel Star (Oxford), 'Moral reasons: ultimate and derivative'.  PHOTOS
28 November: John Gardner (Oxford), 'Corrective justice'.  PHOTOS

13 June: Margaret Gilbert (Connecticut at Storrs), 'Rationality in Collective Action'. PHOTO
6 June: Alison Hills (Bristol), 'The sceptic and the egoist'. PHOTOS
30 May: Gerald Lang (Oxford), 'The limits of self-defence'. PHOTOS
23 May: James Dreier (Brown), 'Negation for expressivists'. PHOTO
16 May: Daniel Markowits (Yale), 'Contract and collaboration'. PHOTOS
9 May: Marc Fleurbaey (Pau visiting Oxford), 'Four approaches to responsibility-sensitive egalitarianism'. PHOTOS
2 May: Iwao Hirose (Oxford), 'Aggregation in ethics'. PHOTOS
25 April: Tony Coady (Melbourne), 'The unity of the virtues'. PHOTOS

7 March:
Philip Stratton-Lake (Reading), 'Eliminativism about derivative prima facie duties'. PHOTOS
28 February: Robert Sugden (East Anglia), 'The responsible self: how to live with inconsistent preferences'. PHOTO
21 February: Folke Tersman (Stockholm), 'The latitude idea'. PHOTOS
14 February: Nick Bostrom (Oxford), 'Infinite ethics'.
7 February: Simon Blackburn (Cambridge), 'Quasi-realism no fictionalism'.
31 January: Derek Parfit (Oxford), 'Harming people as a means and treating people merely as a means'. PHOTO
17 January: Geoff Sayre-McCord (North Carolina), 'Rational agency and normative concepts'. PHOTOS


29 November:
Serena Olsaretti (Cambridge): 'Scanlon on substantive responsibility'. PHOTOS
22 November: Robert Merrihew Adams (Oxford): 'What's so great about altruism?'.  PHOTOS
15 November: Oswald Hanfling (Open): 'How we trust one another: keeping promises and telling the truth'
8 November: Catherine Wilson (British Columbia): 'Belief in a Just World: A Problem for Moral Philosophy'. PHOTOS
1 November: Michael Zimmerman (North Carolina at Greensboro): 'Is moral obligation objective or subjective?'
25 October: Robert Audi (Notre Dame): 'The grounds and structure of reasons for action'. PHOTOS
18 October: Stephen Darwall (Michigan): 'Second-Personal Reasons and the Dignity of Persons'. PHOTOS

14 June: Erik Carlson (Uppsala): 'Incomparability and Measurement of Value'.
7 June:
Ruth Chang (Rutgers): 'All Things Considered'.
31 May:
Rae Langton (Edinburgh): 'Speaker's Freedom and Maker's Knowledge: a Millian Defence of Pornography?'
24 May: Jay Wallace (Berkeley): 'Moral Reasons and Moral Motivation. Some Reflections on Rationalism in Ethics'.
17 May: Agnieszka Jaworska (Princeton): 'Caring and Internality'.
10 May:
Brian Ellis (Melbourne): 'Social Eudemonism'.
3 May: Michael Rosen (Oxford): 'Against Rationalism'.
26 April: Philippa Foot (Oxford): 'Goodness and Happiness'.

8 March: Michael Otsuka (University College London): 'Scepticism about Saving the Greater Number'.
1 March: Elijah Millgram (Utah): 'Reasonably Virtuous'.
23 February: Mark Kalderon (University College London): 'Moral Pyrrhonism and Noncognitivism.'
16 February: Donald Regan (Michigan): 'How Should We Deal With Friends or Associates Whose Behaviour We Think Is Immoral or Self-Destructive: Are the Cases of Personal Relations and International Trade Relations Usefully Analogous?' 
9 February: Keith Hyams (Linacre College): 'Justice and Consent: When is a Deal a Fair Deal?'
2 February: Elizabeth Ashford (St Andrews): 'Severe Poverty as a Human Rights Violation'.
26 January:
 Roger Crisp (Oxford): 'Hedonism Reconsidered'.
19 January: Anthony Price (Birkbeck): 'On the so-called logic of practical inference.'


24 November:
 James Griffin (Oxford, Rutgers, CAPPE at ANU): 'An Unacknowledged Problem with Human Rights'. PHOTOS
10 November: James Lenman (Sheffield), 'Anscombe's Saucer; Desires and Desirability Characteristics'. PHOTOS
3 November: Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Dartmouth), 'Moderate Pyrrhonian Moral Skepticism'. PHOTOS
27 October: Adrian Moore (Oxford), 'Realism and the absolute conception'.
20 October: Brad Hooker (Reading), 'Fairness'. PHOTOS
13 October: David Velleman (Michigan), 'A Sense of Self'. PHOTOS

16 June: Douglas MacLean (North Carolina at Chapel Hill), 'Procedural Virtue'. PHOTOS
9 June: Susan Wolf (North Carolina at Chapel Hill), 'The Meanings of Lives'. PHOTOS
2 June: Wlodek Rabinowicz (Lund), 'The buck-passing account of value and some of its problems'. PHOTOS
19 May: Frances Kamm, (NYU visiting Harvard), 'Failures of Just War Theory'. PHOTO
12 May: Amartya Sen (Cambridge), 'Why Must Justice Be Seen To Be Done?' PHOTOS
5 May: Nathan Holcomb (Oxford), 'Regarding Oneself as Free'. PHOTOS
28 April
: Max Kolbel (Birmingham), 'Indexical relativism vs genuine relativism'. PHOTO

10 March
: Jonathan Glover (KCL), 'Dignity and violence: an empirical approach to ethics'. PHOTO
3 March
: Nick Zangwill (Oxford), 'Supervenience and moral epistemology'. PHOTO
24 February
: David Rodin (Oxford), 'Ethics and the "war on terrorism"'. PHOTOS
17 February
: Jonathan Dancy (Reading), 'What do reasons do?' PHOTO
10 February: Joseph Raz (Oxford and Columbia), 'The force of numbers'.
3 February: Christian Piller (York), 'Ewing's problem: should we always do what we think we should do?' PHOTOS
27 January: Richard Holton (Edinburgh), 'Is strength of will rational?' PHOTOS
20 January
: David McCarthy (Bristol), 'The good, the bad and the incomplete'. PHOTOS


2 December: Gustaf Arrhenius (Stockholm, visiting Oxford), 'Normative population theory'. PHOTOS
25 November: T. M. Scanlon (Harvard), 'Metaphysics and Morals'. PHOTOS
18 November: Thomas Pogge (Columbia, visiting Oxford), 'Justice'. PHOTOS
11 November: Thomas Hurka (Toronto), 'Back to the future: how to do normative ethics'. PHOTOS
4 November: John Skorupski (St Andrews, visiting Oxford), 'Internal reasons and the scope of blame'. PHOTOS
28 October: Bernard Williams (Berkeley and Oxford), 'Ought, must, and the aims of morality'. PHOTOS
21 October: Mary Warnock, (House of Lords), 'Public and private morality'. PHOTOS
14 October
: Susan Hurley (Warwick and Oxford), 'Animal action in the space of reasons'. PHOTOS

10 June
: Jeremy Watkins (Oxford), 'Forgiveness and its place in ethics'. PHOTOS
3 June: Jeff Seidman (Oxford), 'Rationality and Reflection'. PHOTOS
27 May
: Michael Zimmerman (North Carolina at Greensboro), 'Taking luck seriously'. PHOTOS
20 May: Fred Feldman (Massachusetts at Amherst), 'Hedonism and the shape of a life'. PHOTOS
13 May: Andrew Reisner (Oxford), 'Believing what’s good for you: epistemic and non-epistemic reasons for belief'.     PHOTOS
6 May: Allan Gibbard (Michigan), 'Thoughts and Norms'. PHOTOS
29 April
: Michael Smith (ANU), 'Relative and neutral value after Moore'. PHOTO
22 April: Sven Danielsson (Uppsala), 'The supervenience of intrinsic value'. PHOTOS.

4 March
: Frank Jackson (ANU), 'Who's afraid of analytical descriptivism?'. PHOTOS
25 February: Michael Slote (Miami), 'Moral sentimentalism'. PHOTOS
18 February: Malte Gerhold (Oxford), 'The meaningful life and the good life'. PHOTOS
11 February: Michael Ridge (Edinburgh), 'Avoiding the Frege-Geach problem in meta-ethics'. PHOTOS
28 January: Sabina Lovibond (Oxford), 'G. E. Moore and the Source of Value'. PHOTO
21 January: Matthew Liao (Oxford), 'What's wrong with agency accounts of human rights'. PHOTO
14 January: Onora O'Neill (Cambridge), 'Real autonomy?'. PHOTOS