?? SPaM in Labour Workshop


2nd Signal Processing and Monitoring (SPaM) in Labour Workshop
Oxford, United Kingdom

30 October - 1 November 2017


Dear CTG enthusiasts,
we have prepared a new, high quality CTG intrapartum database for evaluation of your already existing algorithms.

The plan for the workshop is to have:

  1. Dedicated CTG challenge session at the workshop;
  2. Each of the challenge participants explaining their approach in reasonable detail;
  3. Expert (clinical) evaluation of the most interesting and/or controversial recordings of the set;
  4. Clinical feedback at the session.

Full details and link to download the data can be seen here: Details and Instructions.

We are looking forward to you challenge submissions as well as meeting you in Oxford this autumn.

Second part of challenge: visual assessment

We are now at the second part of the challenge - you can download images of the most interesting/controversial CTGs from the first part (the automated asessment). Please download the CTG images from the links below and fill in the visual assessment forms that can be downloadded here:

LINK to Excel scoring sheet.
LINK to visual assessment form.

There are two formats for visual assessment:
US format 3cm/1min, LINK to download CTG images.

EU format 1cm/1min, LINK to download CTG images.

Please email the word and excel assessment forms to ctg.challenge2017@gmail.com. Thank you!

If you have any queries, please contact the ORGANISERS.