4th Signal Processing and Monitoring (SPaM) in Labour Workshop
Munich, Germany

7-9 July 2022


The SPaM workshops provide a friendly forum for people with expertise across different fields, who are learning to speak the same multidisciplinary language and keep pushing forward the research in intrapartum monitoring. Anyone with interest in intrapartum fetal monitoring and/or passion for healthy labour outcomes is welcome, including medical doctors, midwives or other health care professionals, mathematicians, engineers, PhD Students, members of the public or industry representatives.

We are preparing an exciting programme of talks, discussions and social events for Summer 2022. Please let us know if interested to give a talk and the topic, everyone gets a voice!

Registration closing date: MAY 31, 2022.


(random order)

Rik Vullings (Eindhoven University of Technology), Predicting the fetal condition with a virtual, AI-based expert obstetrician

Malin Holzmann (Karolinska Institutet): TBC

Samuel Boudet (Faculté de Médecine et Maïeutique): Automatic detection of Maternal Heart Rate and false signals on Fetal Heart Rate signal by deep learning

Moira Barbieri (Department of Mother, Child and Neonate, Fondazione IRCCS Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Milan): Relationship Between Deceleration Morphology and Phase Rectified Signal Averaging-Based Parameters During Labor

Martin Frasch & Patrice Abry (University of Washington/École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Université de Lyon Lyon): Relations between FHR dynamics and gas blood contents.

Aimee Lovers (University of Oxford): Cardiotocography and clinical risk factors in early term labour: a retrospective cohort study using computerised analysis with Oxford System

Antoniya Georgieva & Mariana Tome(University of Oxford): TBC

Nicolo Pini (Columbia University): TBC

Inma Mejía (Obstetrics, Spain): Survey for detecting fetal hypoxia

Philip Warrick (PeriGen)/ Johann Vargas & Derek Kweku Degbedzui (McGill University): Assessment of time-varying fetal heart rate signals when the time before delivery is unknown

Daniel Asfaw (University of Portsmouth/University of Oxford): TBC

Petar Djuric (Stony Brook University): Monitoring the well-being of fetuses during labor by deep Gaussian processes

Arnaldo Batista (Universidade Nova de Lisboa): Alvarez and Braxton-Hicks Waves in the Electrohysterogram: An Input for Pregnancy Monitoring

Giulia Baldazzi (University of Cagliari): Fetal ECG extraction from non-invasive multichannel recordings by nonlocal median and optimal shrinkage

Rene Kok (Nemo Healthcare): Current status of and future possibilities for non-invasive fetal (and maternal) monitoring devices of Nemo Healthcare

Solveig Haukås Haaland (Laerdal Medical AS): TBC

Olav Petersen (Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet), TBC

Martin Daumer (Trium / Technical University Munich), TBC

Sarah Blackwell & Catherine Hopley (UK National Fetal Monitoring Network): Fetal Monitoring in the UK - recent progress and initiatives, ongoing developments and outlook

Rachel Plackczinski (UK): Voice from the public in the UK: what do women want

Bester, Maretha (Eindhoven University of Technology): Maternal heart rate variability: a potential tool for the early detection of pregnancy complications


Full details to follow.

6th July
From 18:00 onwards
Informal get together for food & drinks at Biergarten/Chinesischer Turm/Englischer Garten.

7th July
Workshop talks and discussions. Included lunch.
Organised sightseeing tour of Munich, old town.

8th July
Workshop talks and discussions. Included lunch.
Official workshop dinner at Schlosswirtschaft Swaige (cost €50).

You can book the dinner with your registration fee as part of the registration process. Alternatively, please fill in this informal Doodle poll to indicate if you wish to attend and have NOT booked this as part of the registration. Please include with separate entry in the form any additional guests (partners/spouses). Payment for those listed in the poll will be handled at the venue on the day.

9th July
Workshop talks and discussions. Closing of workshop.



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