Political Sociology (Course 220 for PPE and History and Politics)


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Links to lecture slides below are to old ones until updated. Note that the slides are provided here for reference and for those studying topics in tutorials before the relevant lecture. They are not intended to be stand-alone teaching materials or a substitute for attending the lectures.


MT 2020 Lectures (notionally Fridays 12-1pm, available on Canvas here)


by Stephen Fisher

1. Introduction

2. Religion

3. Ethnicity

4. Attitudes to ethnic minorities and immigrants, and the radical right

5. Political culture and social capital

6. Change in social attitudes

7. Voter turnout

8. Public support for welfare


HT 2021

Lectures will be given by James Tilley, linked slides below are all old versions by Stephen Fisher except where indicated


1. Class

2. Gender 

3. Nationalism

4. Media

5. Elites (Biggs)

6. Political participation (Biggs)

7. Social movements (Biggs)

8. Civil Wars and Revolutions



Stephen Fisher

Trinity College

Oxford OX1 3BH