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Juxon Medal obvJuxon Medal rev

Source: Maurice Bull 2015.

England, Charles I, AV medallic Five Unites, undated, known as the Juxon Medal.
This unique piece has the exact metal content to be a five unites (pounds) piece, but the high relief renders it unlikely to be a coin but rather a medal made for the personal gift of the sovereign. Tradition has it that this piece was given by Charles I to William Juxon, Bishop of London on the scaffold just prior to his execution.
There seems to be an argument as to who engraved the dies. The British Museum considers it to have been probably Abraham van der Doort, whereas many numismatists consider it to have been Thomas Rawlins. If Rawlins had a hand in it, it is possible that it was struck in Oxford.

The above photos are of a BM electrotype rather than the actual medal, and were kindly supplied by Maurice Bull, the numismatic author. The original medal can be seen on the British Museum website.


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