1997 Cuppers Results

Shotover Country Park 10th May 1997 Course Length 3.4km and course climb 125m

Name College Time
Jon Hollingdale St. Cross 22.50
Duncan Archer Merton 23.46
John Emeleus JOK 24.10
Jon Cross JOK 26.43
Steve I Fisher Nuffield 26.50
Jon Skittrall JOK 27.38
Dave Currie St. Johns 28.12
Pauline Sinclair Merton 31.36 (42.08)
Jouni Kuha Nuffield 32.55
Ellen O'Hare Merton 33.57 (45.15)
Phil Cooper St. Edmund Hall 35.30
Steve II Fisher St. Edmund Hall 35.38
Ian Cumpstey St. Johns 38.15
Katherine Thorne Keble 40.06 (58.28)
Mike Broadwith St. Edmund Hall 43.35
Tim Prosser Oriel 48.14
Dan Leggate Camb. 55.17
Gawain Bosworth Keble 55.40
Andy Macleod Brasenose 60.15
George Speight Nuffield 61.00
Alison Roberts Exeter 66.30 (88.40)
Lucy Tobin Exteter 66.30 (88.40)
Paul Reynolds St. Edmund Hall 70.28
Sam Whittaker Keble 76.10
Tim Berry Mansfield 72.12
Alexis Dover St. Johns 91.30 (122.00)
Matt Wakefield St. Johns Retired
Paul White Merton Retired

Notes : Times in brackets are the real times of the women competitors before adjustment to 75%. JOK is Jesus Orienteering Klubb for ex-members of OUOC, hence their good times!

College Team Results

College Times Total
Merton 23.46 + 31.36 + 33.57 89.19
St. Edmund Hall 35.30 + 35.38 + 43.35 114.43
Nuffield 26.50 + 32.55 + 61.00 120.45
St. Johns 28.12 + 38.15 + 91.30 157.55
Keble 40.06 + 55.40 + 76.10 171.56
Exeter 66.30 + 66.30 133.00
St Cross 22.50 22.50
Oriel 48.14 48.14
Brasenose 60.15 60.15
St. Edmund Hall B 70.28 70.28
Mansfield 72.12 72.12
St. Johns B Retired Retired
Merton B Retired Retired

Planner and Organisers Comments

Many thanks to those of you who did brave the storm to take part in cuppers. I hope you all enjoyed it. It was planned for a 20-22 minute winning time for a fast runner and this was almost achieved. Most people however made navigational mistakes thus the times show a wide spread as is normal for orienteering.

Shotover Country Park is a surprisingly tricky little area. The course was planned to start easy and gradually increase in difficulty. The first control required a little care to find the right path junction whereas the second control required care not to overshoot. The small scale of the map means it is easy to run too far when following an easy path. The third control required slightly more route decisions and confidence near the circle since the flag was not visible from afar. The fourth control was significantly harder, however knowing the control to be at the end of the stream it should have been fairly straight forward to go low and follow the stream back uphill. The fifth control gave a choice of path routes, the northen most of which minimised the climb and was easiest to follow, and in the circle using the northern depression not visible from the path as opposed to the other pit just beside the path meant that you needed to be confident of your control description. By this time most competitors were probably tiring so control six was a route choice of down and up or round the top. The seventh control was a long downhill leg either on a path or straight across the bracken and bluebells. The actual control site was good example of a forest bivouack. The eighth control started the long climb back to the finish but the route was again mostly on paths. The ninth control was the hardest control so far with a diffucult route choice and a difficult control site to find, although following the stream uphill should have guaranteed success. Sorry to those of you wearing shorts because the stinging nettles grew prolifically in the week before cuppers. The tenth control also involved a difficult route choice initially not on paths although any route in the right direction would eventually reach the large path near the control. Having a no choice down and up route at this stage really sapped the last energy from those still running. The final control had yet another route choice of down and up or round. The navigation was easier for down and up but I suspect at this stage most people tried to minimise climb and probably made navigational mistakes doing so. Finally a long slightly uphill finish field, just in case there was a head-to-head race at the end!

See you again next year! Paul J Warren

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