Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Oxford University Orienteering Club,
held on 8 May 2000 in the Arco Building, Keble College, Oxford.

Present: Guy Barnett, Ruth King, Caroline Catmur, Oliver O'Brien, Pauline Sinclair, Rob Palmer, Tom Norton, Christine Ashton, Kate Urch, Dave Donaldson, Ian Cumpstey, Neil Cumpstey, Tim Smith, Steve Watterson.

Apologies: Luke McNeill

The outgoing officers then took a moment to reflect on the previous year:

Christine had little to say about being President, other than admitting the enjoyment she had had in volunteering the club to run BUSA 2001.

Neil told us that the club still had a lot of money, in fact the same amount of money as last year, if only Nailest and others were to pay up. No noticeable profit or loss from the year.

Tom claimed to have done everything he was meant to as secretary and also had reorganised the secretary's folders but that to be honest nothing exceptionally exciting had happened.

Rob said that he had sent out great training emails, but that the sessions were poorly attended. Meanwhile the training week was gloriously hot (we smelt a rat at this stage). Dave Donaldson thanked Rob for taking over as training officer when he became stuck in the library.

The social officers, Tim and Kate, pointed out that it had been a good year on the socials front, and highlighted Nailest's spectacular vomiting occasion in the Lamb and Flag where he managed to perfectly fill a pint glass.

Information officer Ian said he kept us well informed and boasted of his piéce de résistance, the adoption of new email lists from OUCS.

Tom then read out the Minutes of the 1999 AGM , many agreed they were correct (but not all fulfilled) and they were signed as such.

Nailest (Andy MacLeod) arrives with beer. Great cheers resound from the Arco Building.

Election of new officers:

The presidential election was delayed in the hope that Luke would arrive in time to play.

Secretary: Tim Smith, proposed by Tom Norton and seconded by Kate Urch

Tim said he thought he would do the job well, and had made a good start in organising the Czech Trip. Tom said that he thought Tim good for the job and pointed out that Tim had proved efficient at getting things done and had been helpful to him in the role of secretary whenever asked. So he was elected nem con.

Treasurer: Kate Urch, proposed by Ian Cumpstey and seconded by Tim Smith

Kate claimed to be keen to do the job and felt capable of it. Her proposer pointed out that her degree course should guarantee her competency but not everyone was sure. Elected with one abstention.

Luke McNeill arrives.

Social: Neil Cumpstey, proposed by Kate Urch and seconded (reluctantly) by Christine Ashton

Caroline Catmur and Guy Barnett, proposed by Tom Norton and seconded by Ruth King.

Neil claimed that he never asked to run, but was roundly reminded by all those who had been present at the previous club lunch that in fact he had. Although he tried to withdraw it was decided that people would rather see him suffer a humiliating defeat so he was left in the contest. Meanwhile Caroline and Guy, wishing to follow on the double act of Kate and Tim, claimed to have some really great ideas, and Guy had been to 3 social events in the last year, or was that 3 orienteering events and all the socials? Anyway Ruth said they would be "ACE" so we voted as follows: Caroline and Guy 7 votes, Neil 3 votes, 2 abstentions, and therefore Guy and Caroline were elected social officers.

President: Ian Cumpstey

Tom Norton

The Candidates for President agreed not to seek proposers and seconders because they were both well loved and sought not to create discord amongst the club members. Or perhaps they did not want to know who did not like them. Who knows? In fact who knows what happened here, as the secretary of the meeting was rather involved in this part of the proceedings and hence forgot to take many notes? What follows is quite possibly pure fiction.

Ian spoke first and outlined his plans; not only to increase participation on a university level but also more specifically to raise the reputation of the club within orienteering circles. This would be achieved in two ways; firstly by attracting better runners to the club and secondly by providing services to orienteering and he cited his plans to hold a Park-O in the Autumn (see motion 3).

Tom agreed with what Ian was suggesting but focussed more on trying to raise the reputation that orienteering has within the University, and that if that increased membership then so be it. He believed that the root of the recruitment problem was in the fact that orienteering still had a geeky image and needed to shed this and be respected as a demanding active sport (which it is in case you were wondering). He spoke of his intention to offer street orienteering to all the outdoor sportspeople of Oxford to raise the club profile.

Questions were then fired at the candidates by such luminaries as Dave D, who asked how they planned to up membership. Ian saw his Park O as a way of hanging on to Fresher interest and between them the candidates highlighted the benefits of selling the club as a running sport, perhaps having Freshers' stall next to OUCCC. This led Tom on to saying that he was happy to have more members coming less regularly, and hence trying to get cyclists, cross-country runners and adventure racers along every now and then, and hence spread the Word.

The vote was carried out by secret ballot by Christine, the out-going President, and Tom won but apparently not by very much at all.

Training: No-one

As no-one was standing for training officer we all bullied Rob Palmer into continuing. He agreed on the condition that he did not have to organise the training week this year. Good deal we thought and elected him nem con.

Information: Ian Cumpstey, proposed by Ruth King and seconded by Neil Cumpstey

A last minute nomination saw Ian keen to build on his developments of the previous year. He was voted in nem con.

At this stage Tom Mitchell wandered in, glad to have missed the elections.

Motions :

  1. This AGM notes that regular club members will find it more natural to come forward with motions than those who are do not turn up as regularly. Therefore this AGM resolves that we buy some laxatives for the "less regular" members who have trouble with their motions.

    Proposed: Andy Nailest Seconded: Tom Norton

    After cries of 'that wasn't meant to be put in the Minutes' (TB Nailest) and 'should we take scientific measurements' (Luke), everyone decided that it was a waste of time and really not very funny so moved to a vote. The motion was sadly defeated 6 votes to 3 with everyone else too apathetic to decide.

  2. This AGM notes:
    1. that some young lady committed OUOC to running the BUSA Orienteering Champs in 2001.
    2. That organising BUSA will entail a lot of hard work by a lot of people.

    This AGM therefore resolves:

    1. To elect an appropriate committee to begin planning immediately
    2. To entrust that committee with responsibility for the Championships
    3. To support that committee in the execution of that Championships.

    Proposed: Tom Norton Seconded: Tim Smith

    The whole BUSA thing took quite some time and involved discussions on dates, areas, venues for the social and accomodation etc. As much of this has since changed and was only early brain-storming it does not seem necessary to include it in the Minutes. What was decided that the following would make up the BUSA committee:

    Luke & Ruth (Day Organisers), Dave D & Christine (Planners), Tom M & Caroline (social and accomodation), Tom N (Overall Co-ordination) and Tim (anything else that could crop up including sponsorship and treasurer). This committee was to meet soon and work out specific tasks.

    As for the motion it was passed with one against, that being Christine who did not feel she deserved the blame for taking BUSA onboard.

  3. This AGM bears in mind:
    1. the recent discussion about BUSA
    2. the current fad of park orienteering
    3. the fact that oxford has some nice parks and that joe public loves oxford

    Therefore this AGM resolves to:

    put on a 1 day park O event in the autumn. [This would raise the OUOC profile in the O-world and the orienteering equivalent within the university. Holding an event of this type so early in the university calendar will give a lot of people the chance to try O and compete against the best of us while they are still young, sweet and innocent and have yet to be seduced by out competitors if we can think of them as such. A relay event would be a good format in which to hold such an event - in this way we could promote the event to teams from colleges as well as universities and other O clubs etc.]

    Proposed: Ian Cumpstey Seconded: Tom Norton

    Ian sold his idea well and it appealed to many people. He provided some maps to show the areas he was planning to use (University Parks, Headington Hill Park, South Parks and possibly Christchurch Meadow). He also outlined who he would have to ask for the permissions. Steve W highlighted the safety aspect which had dogged his organisation of the Teddy Hall Relays and Ian pointed out that potentially there was only one road crossing involved, and that this was managed at many orienteering events. Ian had thought of doing a relay but due to the long thin nature of the areas this could provide practical problems. All the same it was agreed that a relay format could make it easier to attract University Sports Club teams. Tom pointed out that Ian should have a very specific plan available before he contacted the relevant colleges/authorities about gaining land access. Magdalen's ownership of Mesopotamia was considered a key hurdle. As for the timings of the event Ian hoped to stage it prior to the November Classic, and thus away from the OUCCC Varsity Match and readily available to Freshers.

    The motion was passed nem con and the AGM commissioned Ian to go away and do the groundwork.

  4. This AGM notes:
    1. that "we" are going on tour and that a lot of people on the proposed tour will not be in possession of any tour kit (even old out of date stuff) unless we get some made.
    2. that lots of people going on tour are not (were not and so on) at Oxford.

    This AGM therefore resolves:

    1. to get some tour kit with OXFORD printed on it
    2. to mandate someone to order the kit
    3. that it would be rather nice if the tour kit was black with silver writing on it, and therefore proposes to make its views known to whoever feels like ordering the kit.

    Proposed: Ian Cumpstey Seconded: Tim Smith

    It was soon agreed that the motion did not really need to be passed as the kit could be bought specifically for those who wanted it. However those interested murmured positively, but dismissed Ian's terrible clothing colour sense. Tim agreed to get back to people and offer some rather more tasteful options. The idea of tour kit was certainly accepted though.

  5. This AGM recalls the occasion in which modern day OUOC encountered the Beckster on Swedish tour 1997 and one instance in particular where a bearded and boiler suited Simon Beck took soon-to-matriculate Canadian squaddie Davis Donaldson's run, won M20L and after a brief and abortive shaving attempt successfully persuaded Hedley to go up on stage and pick up his prize.

    This AGM therefore proposes, in an attempt to relive Hedley, Simon and even Dave's moment of glory, to buy the OUOC boiler suit to be worn on tour by the OUOC member with the best (O) performance on tour each day.

    Proposed: Ian Cumpstey Seconded:

    A lively debate ensued once this motion had been introduced. Some thought the idea was fantastic, but others, who were admittedly more likely to end up wearing the bloody thing, were strongly against it. Dave D clarified that the boiler suit was to be worn during the next day's competition, and hence everyone agreed that the boiler suit should be as lightweight as possible due to the high temperatures previously experienced in the Czech Republic. It was also made clear that the 'best O performance' meant the person who came highest on their course, whichever course that may be.

    The move to a vote saw the motion passed with 9 for, 6 against and 1 abstention.

  6. This AGM notes:
    1. that OUOC is in the process of organising a Come-and-Try-It event and Cuppers for 27 May<
    2. that having chased permission for Youlbury for a month they were denied it three days ago.
    3. that our old friend Shotover is still available on that day.

    Therefore this AGM resolves:

    1. to move the event to Shotover
    2. not to moan about it
    3. to turn up and assist on the day.

    Proposed: Tom Norton Seconded: Christine Ashton

    Tom explained the rather irritating situation that had occurred and that he was being forced to suggest this alternative. Whilst most people accepted that Shotover was the only viable option (Bernwood would have made transport a little tricky and perhaps we would have to pay to use it), there was much more unrest at the fact that they were not allowed to moan. A short moaning session followed to appease those against that clause and then the motion was passed 12 for, 4 against.

  7. This AGM notes:
    1. that training still attracts very few people
    2. that most of the people who train are serious competitors
    3. that serious competitors want to improve
    4. that improvements can come through training with those who are better
    5. that there are some members who would like to run without killing themselves.

    Therefore this AGM resolves:

    1. to reinstate the 'Hob-Nob' run to encourage everyone to get out and run a little
    2. to forge stronger training links with OUCCC and thus benefit from their training sessions.

    Proposer: Tom Norton Seconder: Andy MacLeod

    Tom explained that this motion was an attempt to bite the bullet and accept that the policy of training available for all had just not worked over the previous couple of years. This was not to say that he did not believe training should be offered at all levels, but just that it had not proved practical to do so. Those who were 'serious competitors' agreed that OUCCC training would benefit them and either were doing so already, or usually trained on their own as it was. Meanwhile there was support for the reinstallation of the 'Hob-Nob' run (with or without the biscuits, with or without chocolate on them, and maybe using Jaffa Cakes) and a weekly slow run would be established.

    The idea of map-based training was brought up, something which Dave D had attempted in vain to establish when he was training officer. Ian pointed out that there were a number of people who wanted to learn the basic skills and until then were put off coming orienteering. Steve W placed himself in the 'needing to learn to orienteer' category as an example. Whilst some claimed that such sessions only attracted a few people, it was agreed that this was better than nothing and that whoever organised them had to keep a sense of perspective.

    The ideas were voted for nem con but responsibility was not really determined (?Training Officer probably).

  8. This AGM notes that the OU Sports Federation requires each club to produce a 'Code of Practice'

    This AGM therefore resolves:

    1. that Tom Norton hurries up and finishes preparing that 'Code of Practice'
    2. that he then publishes it on the OUOC web-site and notifies the club of this action
    3. that any potential problems or queries are raised with him within a week
    4. that after that week he send a copy to OUSF, amended if necessary.

    Proposer: Tom Norton Seconder: Christine Ashton

    People were getting bored by now and realised that this was just Tom trying to give himself a kick up the arse so went straight to a vote and voted for it nem con.

  9. This AGM notes:
    1. that Christine has held important committee posts for the last four years
    2. that Christine will be sad to go

    This AGM therefore resolves that Christine be elevated to an honorary committee post for the rest of her life, thus preventing any real escape.

    Proposer: Tom Norton Seconder: Guy Barnett

    Christine was particularly unimpressed by this motion but everyone tried to point out it was a mark of respect and not really anything to do with having a go at her about mouthing off about how much she was looking forward to not being on the committee. A couple of people (probably girls) tried to sympathise with Christine but were shouted down, and the motion was passed with only 3 against it.

    In fact arguments about whether or not she should be on the ouoc-com mailing list ensued from this, with Ian torn between the whole club saying she should stay on it, and Christine getting quite upset about her wish to be removed. Not that that's part of the Minutes but no doubt some secretary in the future who should be down the pub but instead is sitting in college reading this drivel will be slightly humoured by the tale.

  10. This AGM notes that this AGM has been going on far too long and therefore resolves to adjourn to a bar somewhere.

    Proposed: by tradition

    By tradition Andy Nailest put this forward, but people weren't that keen and introduced MORE topics:

    Firstly Dave D thanked the divers, which was a very good idea as we need to keep them happy. Talking of that Tom N tried to find out how many more people were soon to qualify through age and experience, but unfortunately the results was disappointing.

    It was then recalled that Men's and Women's Captains had not been elected. Tom N was made Men's Captain in the Presidential tradition. Ruth was put forward for Women's Captain by Caroline ("Ruth's lovely") and Guy ("she is female") and she was voted in nem con.

    By now everyone really had had enough and we all legged it to Keble Bar just at about 2230.

    Disclaimer: Some of the quotes, facts and even names in these minutes may be wrong. Sorry.

    Minutes written up (eventually) by Tom Norton, outgoing Secretary.