Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of
Oxford University Orienteering Club

Held on 9th May 2001 in the Stafford Crane Room, Keble College

These minutes are also available in MS Word format, click here to download.

Present: Caroline Catmur, Luke McNeill, Chris Millard, Rachael Holmes, Matt Dillingham, Tim Smith, Tom Norton, Kate Urch, Huw Arthur, Tom Mitchell, Oliver O'Brien, Ian Cumpstey.

Apologies: Guy Barnett, Pippa Whitehouse, Pete Murphy, Rob Palmer, Ruth King.

Meeting declared open 20:18.

Speeches from outgoing officers

President - Tom Norton

Tom noted that it was a shame so much was cancelled this year, but that we got off to a good start with an excellent park race. The Tab training week at Easter was well attended and it was a shame that we could not hold a training week at Easter due to Foot and Mouth disease as this is always good to get club members together.  The Varsity Match was the first of many events to be cancelled.  Everyone had trained much harder than in previous years, putting us in a much better position than against the Tabs and it was a shame the training wasn't put to good use.  A lot of effort went into BUSA, which was also cancelled, but thanks to everyone that helped, hopefully the work will be used in the near future. We had some good socials.  We wanted to make the club a lot more recognised this year and have done well through street races etc to make it less of a rambling club in the eyes of other people.  New members have been more numerous than in previous years and those that have joined have put a lot into the club.  Thanks to the committee who did an excellent job.

Secretary - Tim Smith

Tim didn't appear to have too much to say at the meeting as he thought most people had seen what he'd been doing all year, but made up a few words whilst writing the minutes:

I hope I made the running of the club a lot smoother for people this year and future committees.  I introduced some nice computer systems to take membership details and make them available to the committee, as well as creating some online entry systems for the park race and BUSA which can be used again in the future.  I enjoyed organising tours to the Czech Republic last summer and to France this year.

Treasurer - Kate Urch

We got an �1800 grant this year which was �50 more than last year.  The grant for 2001 should be �1850.  We have roughly �2000 in the bank account which is �500 more than last year as we have not spent much over the last couple of months.  The system of accounts needs to change so that all transactions go through the bank account and can be easily identified.  Everyone has to pay for things that they owe money for without keeping it on the club books, and money owed to members cannot be offset against money they owe to the club.  It's not a problem for members to pay for all their entries and transport for the term at once.  We need to geta standard form off the Sports Federation that we can use for people to claim expenses.

Training Officer - Rob Palmer

Rob wasn't present at the meeting, but the weekly runs have been well attended, we had a few training days and went to the Lake District at Christmas with the Tabs.  Thanks to Rob for sorting these things out in a post he didn't want to do.

Information Officer - Ian Cumpstey

Ian noted that all he really had to do was put things on the website, which he did.  Ian thanked Tim for organising a lot of other information for everybody.

Social Officers - Caroline Catmur and Guy Barnett

Caroline told us how the socials were all so successful that she couldn't remember too much about most of them, but the highlight of the social calendar this year was the return to the Czech Republic at Easter, which everyone except Tim missed out on.

Adoption of minutes from the 2000 AGM

Tom N managed to convince everyone present that the minutes from last year were accurate and that all motions had all been fulfilled with the exception of the purchase of the Simon Beck Memorial Boiler Suit.

Constitutional Changes

This AGM notes that the current constitution is out of date and does not contain the level of detail required by the Sports Federation.
This AGM therefore resolves to replace the current constitution with the proposed version based on the recommended format from the Sports Federation.
Proposed: Tim Smith  Seconded: Tom Norton
This requires the support of 75% of the members present

The proposed constitution was amended to move responsibility for keeping records of club members from the secretary to the information officer.  Clauses 21(b) and (c) were added as follows:

"The Information Officer shall:

(b) Provide members' details to other committee members, with the exception of medical and other sensitive information.
(c) Ensure that the committee member responsible for any trip away from Oxford is notified of any medical information relating to those members travelling."

With this change, the new constitution was accepted unanimously.

Click here to view the constitution on the web.
Click here to download the constitution in MS Word format.

Election of new officers

Tom Mitchell  proposed: Tom Norton  seconded: Tim Smith

Tom said that he would like to see lots of training in Michaelmas Term, with a big build up to the Varsity Match in Hilary and fun in the sun during the summer.  He thought that the club would benefit from a well structured training program.  In response to a question on how he would encourage people to join the club, Tom thought that most people who are going to become involved will find the club anyway but a more prominent image is important, put forward with advertising directed at sporty people rather than just posters around colleges.  Tom was sure that his PhD and rowing would not interfere with the post of President.

All those present thought it was about time Tom was on the committee and so elected him nem con.

Caroline Catmur proposed: Tim Smith seconded: Tom Norton

Caroline said that she would like some CV points and is well organised.  In addition, she thought she could handle the complexities of entering events and ordering minibuses.  Combined with the fact that she will have finished most of courses for her degree this year, so will be sitting around with nothing to do but run an orienteering club, she thought she would be ideal for Secretary.

Everyone agreed that Caroline was definitely the best person standing for Secretary and so she was elected nem con.

Oliver O'Brien  proposed: Kate Urch seconded: Tim Smith

Ollie is a numerate physicist and his Dad is also treasurer of an orienteering club so could offer handy tips and maybe the odd bit of cash. Ollie has never been a treasurer before but it can't be that hard.  Kate promised to give detailed instructions for the way the accounts should be run in the future and Ollie agreed to do anything that Kate demanded.

That was enough to convince us and so Ollie was elected nem con.

Training Officer
Rachael Holmes proposed: Tim Smith seconded: Tom Norton

Rachael goes running lots, trains with the GB squad so knows all about what we should be doing, and would be happy to organise a training week.

Perfect we thought - elected nem con.

Social Officer
Matt Dillingham proposed: Tom Norton  seconded: Tim Smith

Matt joined the club this year and only came to the socials for the first term.  He has since become interested in orienteering too.

Elected nem con.

Information Officer
No one stood for Information Officer before the meeting and there was a short discussion considering whether Ed Catmur could take over on his arrival at Oxford.  This did not seem ideal as quite a lot of stuff needs doing at the start of the year, in particular taking members' details and setting up the mailing lists.  Just as we were about to split the job between Ollie, Ian and Ed, Chris volunteered to take the post on the condition that someone give him a few pointers on how to write web pages and run mailing lists.  We assured him this wouldn't be hard as even our resident arts student, Tom N, had managed to produce a web page in the last few weeks.

After more chat than for any other post, Chris was elected nem con.

Women's Captain
Pippa Whitehouse  proposed: everyone

Pippa had said before the meeting that she'd like to be involved in the club and we thought she'd do a good job.

Both the women present agreed and so she too was elected nem con.


  1. This AGM notes that...
    1. Following conversations overheard during social events and competitions this year, it is believed that there is an unhealthy interest for other high profile sports in Oxford (esp. travelling backwards along some of our finest waterways).
    2. As there are clubs devoted to this kind of thing, we believe that such filthy language should be purged from our club.
    This AGM therefore resolves to....
    1. Introduce a fining system to deter the use of such language, such as the banning of chocolate cookies during club lunch for any offenders.
    Proposed: Tom Mitchell  Seconded: Tim Smith

It was noted that many people in the club had used rowing as an excuse to avoid orienteering events.  A couple of people pointed out that both the proposer and seconder had been seen travelling backwards only 24 hours before the meeting, but were assured that this was a mistake not to be repeated, and certainly not talked about in public.  It was considered that a harsher fine was needed and so the motion was amended to include doughnuts as well as cookies.

Passed 11 for, 1 against.


  1. This AGM notes that...
    1. The rules for Cuppers currently reduce women's times by 25% to allow for fair competition with the men.
    2. In depth analysis of the results from events over the last year has revealed  that the difference in winner's speed ranges from 13% at BUSA to over 30% in elite events, with the average excluding elite events being just over 20%.
    This AGM therefore resolves to...
    1. Change the time subtracted from women's times at Cuppers to 20%.
    Proposed: Tim Smith Seconded: Tom Norton

Tim explained that it did seem that teams containing women had an advantage over those made up entirely of men.  He presented the statistics from major events to those who cared to read them.  Some people asked why we did not just use the results from previous cuppers events � Tim explained that this was not particularly helpful due to the small number of competitors and large variation from year to year, but that applying the suggested scoring system to previous cuppers events gave sensible results.

Passed nem con.


  1. This AGM notes that:
    1. OUOC are going on tour in July to Fontainebleu.
    This AGM therefore resolves to:
    1. Design and order a tour t-shirt to remember the occasion.
    2. Create a / several tour CD(s)/cassette(s) of all the tour party's favourite tunes to enjoy while travelling and on the camp-site.
    Proposed: Matt Dillingham  Seconded: Tim Smith

Matt said that the guys who didn't go on tour last year were short of some quality OUOC tour kit and, whilst they didn't need any more o kit, having our own T shirt would be a nice idea.  We mentioned that T shirts would be available at the event but thought that Matt's T shirts would be good and that anyone who wanted two T shirts could buy another in France.  People should e-mail their suggestions for tunes to Matt.

Passed nem con.


  1. This AGM notes that...
    1. The Varsity Match was cancelled this year at the last minute and replaced by a curry in Birmingham.
    2. We didn't have a chance to take the piss out of the Tabs.
    This AGM therefore resolves to...
    1. Have a Varsity Match of any shape or form at the most convenient time for both clubs.
    Proposed: Tom Norton  Seconded: Tim Smith

There was mixed opinion as to whether it was worth re-scheduling the event.  It is unlikely we would be able to field the full team originally selected due to other commitments and injuries.  However it is likely that the Tabs will have a similar problem.  Everyone trained a lot for the VM and the girls in particular were in a good position to do well this year.  Most people thought that it would be worth holding the event, even if the teams were not as strong as possible � hopefully the Tabs will have the same attitude.

Passed 10 for, 1 against, 1 abstention.


  1. This AGM notes that...
    1. OUOC and JOK are responsible for organising the Varsity Match in 2002.
    2. Nick Barrable has offered to organise the event in Sweden and look for suitable sponsorship to ensure the event can take place at a reasonable price.
    3. A large number of people in the club have said they would like to go to Sweden if the price was low.
    This AGM therefore resolves to...
    1. Ask Nick to go ahead and organise the VM in Sweden if possible.
    2. Tell the filthy tabs that they had better be there too.
    Proposed: Tim Smith Seconded: Tom Norton

People were still keen to go to Sweden.  Someone mentioned that Nick may have a new job and not as much time to organise the event as mentioned in the past.

Passed nem con.


  1. This AGM notes that...
    1. A large amount of time and effort was spent organising BUSA.
    2. We were most unfortunate to suffer cancellation at such a late stage.
    3. A lot has been organised and could be put to use if the competition was rescheduled.
    4. Options available to us include:
      1. Running BUSA before the start of next term;
      2. Holding BUSA at a large badge or national event;
      3. Forgetting about BUSA 2001 and holding the same event in 2002;
      4. Abandoning the event completely and allowing Edinburgh to organise BUSA 2002.
    5. The most sensible option for re-organising the event is to have it in 2002.
    This AGM therefore resolves to...
    1. Form a committee to organise BUSA 2002.
    2. Contact Edinburgh and ask them to organise their event in 2003.
    Proposed: Tom Norton  Seconded: Tim Smith

Tom N explained that he had spoken to the Army recently and that they were happy for us to organise the event on their areas.  Bramley is already open again and Bordon will open in June.  Allan Farrington has said he would arrange accommodation at Longmoor if the event was re-scheduled, which would be a better location.  The Army are still keen to hold their combined services match at the event.  All the courses have been planned and so if we hold the event soon they can be used.  The main effort required in the organisation would be on the part of the day organisers.

Luke mentioned that anyone considering taking the position of day organiser should be aware that, whilst the Army were helpful at organising anything he asked for, they were very keen to organise things their own way and weren't good at communicating with anyone except the overall co-ordinator.  It would be essential to have a lot of communication with them to keep up with what they had organised and ensure that things were progressing as we wanted.

No one wanted to take responsibility for organising the event but people were keen to see it take place.  No one was able to organise the event next Easter and so it seemed the best option was to try and organise the event over the next few months.  The current committee would be able to help out and pass on what they have organised before leaving Oxford.  Organising the event in September seemed to be the best option.  Tim was worried that holding the event in the holidays would reduce the entries, but we decided that if the event was late enough other universities would have started their term and that as long as we notified people before the end of this term there should not be a problem.  Holding a smaller event would be preferable to cancelling the competition.  There is the possibility of holding the Varsity Match at BUSA as almost all of us could run competitively.

The motion was amended to the following:

"This AGM therefore resolves to...

a. Investigate the possibilities for organising the event in September.
b. If it is not practical to hold it in September then contact Edinburgh and ask them to continue with their event in 2002, unless someone from Oxford volunteers to organise next Easter."

Passed nem con.


  1. This AGM notes that...
    1. We need a Fresher's Fair stand.
    2. This stand needs to be with the cross-country club because last year Caroline had to keep going all the way over to the other side of the room every time she wanted to flirt with the x-c boys.
    3. Having our stand next to the cross-country club would be better for our profile as a competitive sport.
    This AGM therefore resolves to...
    1. Ask the incoming Secretary to pester OUSU until they can guarantee we'll be with all the cool people at freshers' fair.
    Proposed: Caroline Catmur Seconded: Tim Smith

Ian commented that the new approach to recruitment had worked well (the people who were interested in the club enjoyed running and those who have joined are keen) and thought that this was the most important factor, rather than the location of the stand.  Matt and Chris, both of whom joined this year, commented that they would probably have found the stand easier if it had been with other competitive sports.

The new secretary was keen to abide by everything set out in the new constitution and so asked that the responsibility for pestering OUSU was moved to the President, who foolishly agreed, so the motion was amended to:

"This AGM therefore resolves to...

Ask the incoming President to pester OUSU until they can guarantee we'll be with all the cool people at freshers' fair."

Passed 11 for, 0 against, 1 abstention.


  1. This AGM notes that...
    1. We need a freshers' event in the first few weeks of next term.
    2. The park race last year was really good and would be much better than Shotover as a freshers' event.
    3. As there are going to be hundreds of big events rescheduled for next October there's not so much point in trying to put on a big park race to attract normal orienteers.
    This AGM therefore resolves to...
    1. Make the freshers' event a race in the university parks and bits of the science area, etc.
    2. Aim it at people within the university.
    3. Have lots of funky fliers for it at freshers' fair.
    Proposed: Caroline Catmur Seconded: Tim Smith

Everyone agreed that the park race was a good event and that a city centre location would be better to encourage people to attend.  Someone mentioned that a park race would be the ideal event for potential members to see the athletes in OUOC racing fast round the course.

Passed nem con.


  1. This AGM notes that...
    1. The new system of accounting means that putting payments for club lunch through the accounts is impractical.
    This AGM therefore resolves to:
    1. Introduce a charge of �1 for club lunch to be paid on the day.
    2. Ask the Social Officer to spend no more than �15 on lunch.
    3. Cover the difference between money received and spent.
    Proposed: Kate Urch Seconded: Tim Smith

Everyone agreed this was fair and a better option than other suggestions such as opening a bank account for social events.

Passed nem con.


  1. This AGM notes that...
    1. Rachael's efforts at the annual dinner were pathetic.
    This AGM therefore resolves to...
    1. Send photographs of her antics to her coach.
    Proposed: Tom Norton

It emerged that some people present were much nicer than Tom had bargained for and the vote was 5 for, 5 against, 2 abstained, which probably means it won't happen.


Other Business

Dave D was blamed for everything Canadian, with particular reference to Bryan Adams and Celine Dion.

We discussed what we could spend some money on that would be of use to the club.  Kate mentioned it would be best if we spent it before July so that it would fit in this year's budget.  We decided to buy:

A box of new punches to replace any damaged or stolen.
Some of the new BOF signs to direct people to our events.
A licence for OCAD (preferably OCAD 8 but we would like to pay for it by July so may have to get OCAD 7)

We decided that we would subsidise transport to the French tour.

We decided not to buy any e-cards for the club.


  1. This AGM notes that...
    1. This is getting rather tedious and has gone on long enough.
    This AGM therefore resolves to...
    1. Make our way to Keble Bar for some of the finest drinks money can buy, unless anyone else has anything else to add.
    Proposed: everyone, I should think

Despite doubts that we would be able to find any fine drinks, the meeting was closed and we made our way to the bar.

Minutes written up by Tim Smith, please e-mail with any comments.

These minutes are also available in MS Word format, click here to download.