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Michaelmas Term Week 3
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5.33pm, Sunday 22nd October 2006

Hi All,

A few things again today. We had a quick trip down to an area within spitting distance of the M3, where we all ran around in various different types of prickly bushes. There were a few good runs from new and old, with special note going to Per Forsberg, who managed to finish in second place. There were also a few good runs from newcomers and we were blessed with sunshine, which made everybody feel happy, in the way that sunshine tends to.

CITY RACE: Most of you know about the City Race which is happening next Saturday and are already signed up to help by marshalling or some such. However, we are absolutely desperate for more people to help, so please please please talk to your friends / lovers / tute partners / pets and try to convince them to help. They'll get a free t-shirt and free drink at the social afterwards. Otherwise we're screwed.

TRAINING TOUR: I've spoken to a few of you about the Christmas Training Tour, and know a few people are interested in this. This is an annual tour organised by Cambridge, which we tend to be invited along to, and we will reciprocate over Easter. The tour is definitely fun: it was this that convinced me that orienteering wasn't just about getting frustrated when I went as a novice two years ago. We'll be heading up to an event in Yorkshire at the end of term and then moving on to Coniston in the Lakes on the Sunday evening for four days' training. If you want more details, contact me, and if you want to (a) sign up or (b) make known your potential interest, contact our secretary ekaterina.orekhova@merton.ox.ac.uk to say so.

CROSS COUNTRY CUPPERS: The Cross Country Club are holding their annual cuppers event and Varsity selection race on Saturday of fifth week (11th November). If anybody's interested in running this, it's a good way to test your running speed and you can enter on the day. Details are on the OUCCC website. If you don't want to run and wouldn't mind marshalling, the organiser, rachel.deegan@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk would be grateful to hear from you. OUOC often help at these events and some of OUCCC are doing the same for us at the City Race.

Also, congratulations are due to Joe, our training officer, who's been running through pretty dire weather conditions at The Mountain Marathon in Galloway. And is after the first day was in winning the C course. Praise where praise is due, Mr Mercer.

Right, that's all for now. See you at the pub - the OLD TOM on St Aldate's this year. Bring your driving licences just in case, Mr and Mrs Millard!

OUOC President

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