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Michaelmas Term Week 4
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11.15pm, Sunday 5th November 2006

Orienteers all...

CITY RACE. Well, it's finally happened! The City Race, first conceived in 1485 by Duchess Rebecca of Carlisle, and then cancelled more than five hundred and twenty times while we waited for contact-free EMIT to be invented, has finally taken place! We received congratulations from most attendees, who were apparently particularly impressed by the weather. Scarily enough, it seems that people want to hold another next year. Express interest if you're interested in getting involved.

*** WAFFLE *** Also on the subject of express interest is the Cambridge - Kings Cross rail link. This is one of the rare occasions where CUOC do better than us. Whilst we can get the train to London at an average speed of about 30mph and only have to stop at the historically significant towns of Reading and Slough, our fellow Cantabrians enjoy a non-stop (ie. express) service. Which is interesting. *** END WAFFLE ***

OUTREACH. Outreach is a scheme whereby we can get out into the local schools, teach children to orienteer, and get paid lots of money for it. The club gets a significant proportion of its funding from this, and working with kids also instils a warm, contented feeling in one's breast. A similar effect could also be achieved with hot chocolate, which is less tiring but also less profitable. Anyway, we need to map the school with which we'll be working. If you're interested in finding out about mapping / doing more mapping / looking cool in front of ten year olds, let me know.

CHRISTMAS TRAINING TOUR. If you haven't signed up for the training tour in the Lakes, let us know that you're interested. It's going to be awesome. Final provisional details are that we'll drive up to Burbage (South Yorkshire) on the Sunday morning of 9th week, run, drive to the Lakes, do a bit of training and a lot of having fun in and around Coniston, then do an informal race on the Thursday morning and drive back in the afternoon. Cambridge may also attend. They're organising the thing.

CROSS COUNTRY CUPPERS. The cross country cuppers race is being held at Port Meadow next Saturday, and will also be used as a selection race for the OUCCC Varsity Match. It's always good to do a run without controls once in a while because you get a chance to see how fast your flat speed is. If you're not planning to compete, the organiser is looking for marshals. Given that OUCCC provided quite a few marshals for us at the City Race, it would be nice if we could offer our services in return. Amicability and all that stuff that acts as a social lubricant and makes the world go round faster. Email rachel.hughes@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk if you can help.

Tuesday. Woohoo!

Right. See you around at some point,

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