Bubble and Squeak
Michaelmas Term Week 6
returned from the mire

11.58pm, Sunday 19th November 2006

Hello All,

The annual OUOC trip to Flatland for the Cambridge Sprint-O has happened! And 'twas fun. There has been much happen in the past couple of weeks, with a great training day last weekend followed by two races this weekend. Furthermore, we have some congratulations to be made.

CAMBRIDGE Sprint-O: In summary, we went, we ran, and we conquered. Helen, our women's captain, promptly won the women's trophy and Kat Orekhova consolidated the victory by finishing second. Ian then added to the OUOC prize collection by winning the halves Alc-O. On the full Alc-O, the tag team comprising Tim Beale (drinking) and myself (running) should have won but was disqualified on a technicality. Namely that competitors are apparently not allowed to convince somebody else to run on their behalf.

CROSS COUNTRY: Technically a sport which has no place here, but congratulations are in order to those who ran in OUCCC cuppers, particularly Kat O and Joe M, who have both improved massively on their performances last Michaelmas. As a result, Joe has been selected for the Blues squad, which is a very commendable achievement. Congratulations where congratulations due!

OUTREACH: We had a good session working with some lovely (yes, I'm being serious for once) local primary school kids last week and will be going back for more this Friday afternoon. If anybody's free to help and hasn't yet offered their time, please do! It's genuinely fun, it promotes orienteering, and it brings in money for the club. However, I still don't understand why the kids were worried that only guys orienteer...

NEXT WEEK: Next week we're heading towards London for a rather hilly event at Winterfold. At least, rumour is that it's hilly. Not, of course, that I listen to such rumours. And if anybody's not going to the cross-country race in Cambridge, the local club's putting on a training event within cycling distance on the Saturday that isn't an official fixture but might be fun - email me if you want more details.

Stay healthy and all that rubbish,

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