Bubble and Squeak
Trinity Term Week 6

12.51pm, Sunday 4th June 2006

Afternoon All,

As it's lunchtime I thought I'd stop staring out of the window whilst pretending to revise and start my weekly outpouring of nonsense. There's not much happened this week apart from the facts that the weather turned nice as my finals started and that all our drivers went lame except Kat. And she's in Australia. Anyway...

Annual Photo.
Contact Chris M if you want a copy and haven't done anything about it.

Blues Certificates. I've got Half Blue and First Team Colours certificates for everybody who ran in the first team at the Varsity Match. Which I'll probably pidge to people so that they don't get bent, dribbled on or forgotten about, as would happen if I took them to events, Club Lunch or other club activities.

Cross Country Training Camp. If anybody wants to learn how to run fast, OUCCC is holding a training camp somewhere North from 25th to 29th September (just before the start of term). Chris M and I have been on a few of these before and they're pretty awesome both from the training perspective and the fact that you get the opportunity to meet all the lovely runners in Oxford. Contact Alan Chetwynd if you're interested in going. The next big training week that we'll be pushing is the CUOC training week in the Lakes (3rd to 7th December) so put that in your diaries as well.

That's about it. Congratulations to Chris M for going to the top of the Summer Series league. And the guys who are running at Wendover at the moment. Enjoy the sunshine :-)

OUOC President 2006-7

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