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Trinity Term Week 7

10.01am, Monday 12th June 2006

Hi All,

We're coming to the end of the year now, and OUOC as such is about to go into hibernation. We've had another great week, which featured Joe managing to lose a certain member of the GB Squad on Thursday because she didn't know the way back from Iffley Lock. Shame on her. Then, Kat O managed to develop one of the worst cases of Secretary-itis since former secretary Cecil Rhodes missed the minibus because he'd been called away to conquer Africa. Doctors say she's seriously ill but should be fully recovered in three or four months' time.

A number of hardcore orienteers went to a rather homogenous forest near Micheldever, where nobody did anything particularly spectacular. However, Joe managed to break the minibus, and a number of people demonstrated that they really shouldn't have been allowed on the roads when we got back to Oxford. Best of all was an old gent who didn't understand junctions and thought it necessary to indicate at every single corner in the road. So we got some amusement out of the trip.

This week brings us two things of great excitement. First, there will be another barbecue; this time with slightly less rain than previously. Second, the cross country club is running their Champion Miler series again, which involves a mile race at four o'clock on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in Magdalen's Addison's Walk, South Parks, and at Iffley Road respectively. These races are great fun and are basically arranged so that we can laugh at all the unfit finalists out there. Like me.

Other news. We've had a little play with the maillist settings, so that only committee members and special people can post to the main maillist. This meaning that we should keep the list clear of anything that's not strictly to do with events on the club termcard. If you've got anything else that you want to discuss, please either send it to the craplist or email me and I'll add it to my weekly waffle!

The next thing to do is to say goodbye. We've only got a week of term left, and a few valued club members will be disappearing at the end of it. Timmeo may have been at Brookes, but he's been a valued member of the our club over the past few years, and we'll be sorry to see him go. CJ has been running with us for the past four years, and is now moving on to do a PhD in London. Luke Woodward is seriously threatening to leave Oxford after living here for the best part of the last decade. Finally, Alex Goodwin, who only joined the club in his fourth year but made his mark in that short space of time is off to work in the city. These guys have all been valuable club members and we'll miss the lot of them!

I think that's all now. Sorry I managed to go on for quite so long, but rejoice in the fact that this should be the last time I pop up in your inbox this academic year. Have a great summer and we'll see most of you back in Oxford in Michaelmas.

OUOC President 2006-7

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