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OUOC Newsletter , Trinity Term '94 No 1

Prezidential Address

Well, it seems ages since the end of last term and a lot has happened since then. For those who didn't know Joe and Nigel organised a magnificent Varsity Match in the Lakes and we didn't come out of it too badly! Us girlies managed to keep our shield thanks to a storming run by Jenni and although the men lost, Nick, JQ and Jon S. got half blues and it wasn't a complete walkover by the Tabs! At the British Champs, Jenni, Jon S. and Nick won a nice silver plate by winning the mixed ad-hoc relay (did Jon M. plan that one ?!) on a luvely sunny day ! The weather at the JK was slightly less summery and there was plenty of mud for us to wallow in when we weren't out running. despite this , there were some good results with Jon S. coming 9th on M19A and Rob and Jenni well up M/W21E respectively. The men's relay team (Nick, JQ, Jon S.) stoated and finished 5th and the women's team were 6th (with a lot of help from Graeme Ackland). The TW went really well (well, I enjoyed it !) and the rain held off until Friday so we didn't get too wet! Many thanks to Rob and Jenni for organising it and everybody who went for making it such a peachy week. The training obviously went well as Alex went on to win the Men's C course at BUSF at the weekend! Nick B and John Q also had good runs on Men's A, Jenni was well up (7th?) on Women's A and nobody got too lost on Merthyr Mawr ! Jake even won a spot prize for allegedly chundering in this beer then drinking his pint at the beer race and not for outstanding 'O' performances! Well, after such a successful Easter Vac. of O-ing, there are a few more 'thank-yous' to be said before I go on to this terms activities (hurrah !) Thanks to :

    Jenni for taking us to see so many castles.
    Rob for jumping so many red lights.
    Piers for pointing out the baby baa baa's.
    Tony for dropping the cake (?!)
    John Q for bringing my new lens to BUSF.
    Alistair for spending time with us as well as ULOC.
    Jo for wandering round most of South Wales to find us on the TW.

Anyway, I'm sure we can persuade someone to do a better review of the JK/TW/BUSF than that so on to more up to date matters. There's a nice long(ish) fixtures list yet again which includes such things as the OUOC Colour Coded event at Shotover on May 22nd. This is our very own event to be organised by Steve and a chance to get some money into the club account and show others the delights (?!) of Shotover. Keep that date free as we'll need lots of helpers. Cuppers will be sometime in May (prob. a Saturday afternoon quite soon) and is a chance to drag out your mates to get lost on Shotover/Youlbury for the honour of your college. If you can persuade them to orienteer again after that, even better! As far as socials go, I'm sure Steve will have come back from India with some interesting ideas (he'd better have...) and there should be lots of punting later on too! The AGM will be in May and will feature a few very quick reviews of this year by us outgoing committee members (well, me), a bit of talk on urgent club issues (usually the bus) then the election of next years committee (not me !), all while pigging out and looking urgently at your watch to see when the bars going to shut! Any motions or nominations (Prez, Sec, Trez, Social and Training officers (incl. at least one girlie)) should go to Simon, so have a think about who you want in control (or not) next term. There may also be a need for a new newsletter editor and club lunch buyer if Jon + Jake have had enough. Blah, Blah, Blah. I think thats enough for now. Have a good term, don't worry about exams and make the most of my company -I'll be gone next year !! Lots of love

Ruth xxx


This year's tour is to Norway and Denmark in early July, taking in Soerlandsgaloppen and Jysk. It will be a combined effort with JOK. OUOC and some of JOK will travel out in the Bus, others will fly. The current plan is to take a ferry from Newcastle to Stranger on the evening of 29th of June, heading for home on the 13th of July, probably getting a ferry from the Hook of Holland to Harwich on the 14th. My preference is for camping at the events (most people camp as the event centres are at campsites) but we could get floor space for about the same cost. If we are to go Newcastle-Stranger, we need to book by early May, and we need to fill the minibus to get a reduced price. The events need to be entered by mid-May. I have a feeling this tour is going to be a peach! Do come along! Please talk to me if you have any suggestions or question and sign down soon. The cost will be in the region of £300 to £350. Below is Seamus's (JOK) view of the tour with some more detailed information.


Six days of orienteering 3,4,5,6,8,9 July at Risor, on the south-east coast of Norway. Based at a central campsite; all races within 30km of campsite. At Soerlandsgaloppen 1987 1 hitched from the campsite to every race and back - it never took longer than two minutes to get a lift. Relevant courses are H21E (8.0km most days, 4.5km days 1 and 6), H21AL (7.5/ 4.2), H21AK (5.3/3.8), D21E (6.3/4.0), D21AL (5.2/3.7), D21AK (3.9/2.7). My biased preference would be for all the men to run H21AK (so they don't all come last) and the women to run D21AL (so they can compare times per km with the men) (or is this outrageous?). Cost is 71 NOK (about £7.00) per race, plus 700NOK per tent space. In 1987 you could easily get two or three two-man tents per space; this would bring the cost down to 350 or less per tent for the week. Floor space in school rooms is 250NOK per person. I would prefer tent space (even though I did once see rain in Norway in July) because the campsite is the place where everything happens (including the best hitch-hiking), but if everybody wants floorspace I won't complain too much. Food in Norway is reasonably expensive but not ruinously so - past experience suggests that a diet of pasta, bananas, duty free alcohol, cooking chocolate, and tuna is not too disagreeable and is affordable even on a student budget. Terrain is complex and generally rocky. There's no mention in the entry form of any training areas, but I expect there will be some.


Three days of orienteering 14,15,16 July at Mariager, on the east coast of Denmark. Based at campsite; race venues between 30km and 90km from campsite, training 0 to 30km. Courses H21E1/2 13.0km, H21A1/2 11.0km, H21AM 8.0km, H21AK 6.0km; D21E 9.0km, D21A 6.5km D21AK 4.5km. Cost is DKK195 (about £19) for all three days plus DKK150 for a small tent, or DKK65 for floorspace at a school near the event centre (these prices seem to be fixed for the whole event, not per day). Optional breakfast or 'lunchpacket' DKK30 per day each. Terrain is wooded, some 'hillside' and some dunes. Training is available on 11,12,13 July for the keenies; otherwise you can do some touring around on your way from Soerlandsgaloppen.

Rob Hart

T.T. '94 Training

    Mon - Swimming (see Ruth Hambleton).
    Tue, 5:30 - Training run lasting 30 min. Suitable for all. Meet at junction of Keble Rd. and Banbury Rd.
    Wed - Weights at New college (see Steve Fisher).
    Thu, 5:00 - Intervals at the Track.
    Fri, 5:30 - Training run. Meet in the corner of South Parks.

There will be a sports injury clinic at the Iffley road track in J.A.N.Railton's office, Wed 2-5pm and Thurs 9:30am-1pm.

Any changes / additions will be announced at Club Lunch.

T.O.'s Bit

Hurrah! Thanks to everybody for being wonderful participants in the Easter Orienteering Extravaganza and putting up with my insatisfiable desire to teach orienteering. For those of you whose appetites for 'O' have not been satisfied, we are planning two more weekends coinciding with NE 4 and NE5. The first of these would involve travelling to somewhere super (possibly Merthyr) on Friday night or Saturday morning and heading for the NE in the Forest of Dean on Sunday. The second is a trip to "the best orienteering event in Britain for two years", the Scottish champs near Oban. Travel on Friday, event on Saturday, Scottish relays on Sunday and a colour coded on Monday, all on superb, beautiful areas in the Highlands of Scotland. Hurrah. Closing Date 30th April, sign down at club lunch in 1st week.

( Steve's ) Social Bit

    - Club Lunch 1:00 Stapleton Room, Exeter College
    - Post 'O' discussion / drink 8:30 Exeter Bar
    - First major social of term will be Tuesday of 2nd week. Run (non-compulsory) followed by a meal (compulsory). More information at club lunch.
    - A cinema / theatre trip in 1st week. Details T.B.A. at club lunch.

Paulie W. New Address

Takezono House
2-20-4 Takezono
Ibaraki 305

Tel. 010 81 298 59 8202
Fax. 010 81 298 58 8037
Work Tel. 010 81 298 58 1080

T.T. '94 Fixtures

    24th April 1st West Woods c/c *
    1st May 2nd Epping Forest CHIG c/c
    6th May 2nd JOK Dinner
    {7-8th May 2/3rd Harvester Relay Star Posts**}
    8th May 3rd Lickey Hills c/c
    15th May 4th NE4 Forest of Dean NGOC - Entered
    19th May 4th OUOC AGM {Provisional}
    21st May 4th Cuppers
    22nd May 5th Shotover OUOC c/c
    28/29th May 5/6th NE5 Scottish Champs and Relay Champs Oban - C.D. 29/4

* Phone Simon or Ruth to say if you want to come. Meeting 9am T.G.

** See Simon for runs in non OUOC teams

The Present Comittee

    Prez Ruth Hambleton St. Catz. Tel. 245988
    Seccy Simon Hunt Wolfson Tel. 61658
    Trez Jon Skitrall Exeter
    Social Steve Fisher New
    Training Jenni Adams Magdalen Tel. 247810

"Yes, my wife is going to be an Orienteer" - Nick Barrable

Best wishes to Pauline who had to miss TW and BUSF and we hope your energy has been given back.

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