OUOC Newsletter, Trinity Term '94 No 2

Steve's Social Bit

Below is a list of all the socials that we have planned so far for the rest of term and as many details as poss for them. This means that you've now had so much advanced warning that you have no excuse not to come. Tutes, lectures can be moved or spurned. Most importantly you must remember to sign down for the BBQ at Jon Skittrall's house (222 Iffley road). We will get the food so we need to know the numbers and you will get the drink by bringing a bottle each. Also fairly soon is the AGM (time to start hacking). This is in Wolfson so allow two hours to get there and bring some food. It doesn't have to be very complicated but it should be lush.

The end of fourth week is PARTY TIME! It's my birthday on Sat. 21 st and Pauline's on Sun 22nd and we both expect presents to be forth coming. I am having a party in my room on the Saturday to which you are all invited and we are having a results party after the Shotover event on Sunday somewhere where there are lots of computers. To get warmed up for this there is a Cooking Party at Ruth's to make lot's of stuff to sell at the event and make loads of dosh. Finally don't feel limited to this if you want to do anything else as a club let me know and I see if I can organise anything. Also keep turning up on Sunday night's in Exeter College bar at 8:3O and if you haven't been yet come cause you're missing out on some pretty peachy evenings. Happy punting!


T.T. '94 Timetable

We'll think about 5th and 6th Weeks as we come to them, but if we can fix up some more runs followed by food at various peoples' houses it should be good.

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