The Weekly Peach

The holidays are almost upon us which is very sad, especially for the few of us who are not going on the tour. But it's not over yet.

Wednesday, 8th week, 1pm Exeter

Club lunch but not as usual. A very special scrumy spread will be laid on courtesy of Katie K. Not to be missed.

Thursday, 8th week, 5pm Rainbow bridge

The long awaited Alc-O to be attended by our special guest John Quayle. A cunning test of your drinking and orienteering skills in one peachy event. The activities are to be followed by dinner in Keble. Sign down in the green book or contact Katie K. at Keble. For those uncunning toolers who can't go the Alc-O we will meet in Keble lodge at 7pm plus gowns.

9th week

A number of exciting options exist here. Some of us will be in Oxford with nothing to do and if you are one of them make yourself known. I will be here but there is a Rag punt from Oxford to Cambridge from Monday to Thursday which I might go on. Let me know asap if you are keen to go too. Failing that there might be a trip to Wimbledon on the Monday for a spot of super tennis watching.

The Rest of the Summer (apart form the tour)

No one has mentioned the Lakeland five days or the Caddihoe Chase to my knowledge. I'm game on to do the latter but there is no reason why the club couldn't do both. If there is anything else people want to do please shout up. If there are lots we might be able to take the bus otherwise I'm likely to have a car on the odd weekend.

At the end of the summer there will be freshers' fair and a freshers' event to organise. If you fancy planning the event or could spend some time persuading freshers to spend their life orienteering let me know. We'll need lots of enthusiastic and happy people, not to mention maps and photos.

OUOC Goes Electronic

OUOC news is now on the gopher. You can access it by going to Students and then University Societies. I haven't yet worked out how to edit the files that are there but hopefully Jon M will show me how. Until then you'll have to put up with the errors. My great vision is a news service that is highly up to date with lots more info than your regular newsletter (which will continue to be provided). You can also send news, info, gossip etc. for the gopher or general interest to

If you are not familiar with all this E-mail business don't be scared it's not so bad. I'm a complete convert. Go to the computing service on 13 Banbury Road and they will sort you out with all you need to know. It's not that hard to learn the basics. Just ask anyone in the computer room in your college at the time if you need any help. When you get your account send us your address and be sure to send me lots of mail.

Punt O

Thanks very much to all of you who went to the Punt O on Friday especially to Tony for all the help he gave me. It seemed to be a pretty peachy event and it was hotly contested by the real stoaters. The planner was bemused by some of the route choices. Climbing Magdalen bridge and swimming were not necessary to reach any of the controls. One control unfortunately went missing but anyone who said they went there got the points. An unexpected garden party was held in the vicinity of one of the controls which caused some distress. Not as much as that caused to random tourists as two competitors had a TW by Addison's walk.

The time adjusted results were as follows:

    Nick B. and Geoffrey 315 points
    Rob and Jenni 290 points
    Tony, Jon S and Ruth 195 points
    Jon M and Pauline 195 points.
    Alex, Jake and Jake's mate ? - 40 points

The losers entry was lost if it ever existed. Rumour has it they didn't get very far so this might represent a negative score.

Keep practising!

As a special prize the winners get to drink three times as much as anyone else on the Alc-O. We might let them save their winnings till later if so desired.


I hope that I haven't forgotten to mention anything important. I think that's it for now. I hope to see you all before you disappear off but have a great holiday and keep in touch. Membership lists with home addresses can be obtained from Jon Marsden, Lincoln. Have a peach on the tour.

Best wishes, Steve.

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