O.U.O.C. Hilary Term Newsletter No.2 - 3rd week, Hilary Term 1995

Presidential Address

Welcome to a slightly over due newsletter. I've been a bit under the weather recently which is one reason why I wasn't at the training weekend. The other reason is there was no training weekend. Sorry to all those of you who wanted to go but couldn't. Hopefully it won't happen again.

A word about the activities this Easter vac. If you are worried and distressed about how you are going to get to all these events fear not. There will most definitely be a bus going up from Oxford for BUSF, the TW and the JK which are all in a row. The BOC is a separate w/e and there will probably be a minibus going up for that. What normally happens, if you are awkward and just want to do bits and pieces or live far from Oxford, is that we try to arrange a lift for you from somewhere else and possibly with someone else (usually from JOK). This may or may not involve public transport and if you have any special needs then let us know and we will try and sort it out. So no worries, hey!

The AGM is on Wednesday of 8th week in the Chris Cox Room in New College. If you thought the Union was full of hacks then you ain't seen nothing yet. Prepare to have bribes flung in every direction as desperate committee hopefuls scramble to secure your vote. Who will be Seccy? Who will be Prez? Who cares? We all do because this is our club and we will not let it fall into the hands of rouges and incompetents, not like last year at least.

So, you want to stand for the OUOC committee. Well, the first thing you should do is talk to the person who did the job last year and find out what they did and what they ought to have done. Having decided that their job was highly trivial and that you are the best person to do it next year, you must find yourself a proposer and a seconder. When you have found these gullible fools tell Alistair about it and he will give you a chocolate bar and tell you not to be so stupid. If you are lucky he will also add your name to the list of nominations.

Other things you need to know about the AGM: There must be at least one woman on the committee. In accordance with previous years the President will not be nominating anyone for the Presidency. The show starts at 8pm, everyone should bring some sort of food with them. There will also be a series of motions to pass or not to pass. If you feel that there is anything that you want changing then send in a motion with a seconder to Alistair. Motions need not be that serious; last year's AGM noted that Pauline goes for anything in trousers, so long as they're Rohan (and that's about as serious as they get).

It may or may not have escaped your attention but the 21st May is my birthday. To celebrate this prestigious event, OUOC are holding a Colour Coded event at Shotover. This is a bit of a bulbous operation and it will require all those who are not doing finals to help out. Please put the date in your diaries and let me know if you want to help before the big day. Dave Currie is making noises about being Planner but the Organiser is unknown.

Finally, it has been suggested that the scum of the earth should be invited to come on the OUOC summer tour. Being charitable to lower life forms has never gone so far but the opportunity to feel all the more virtuous is there. If you do have extremely strong feelings about this and don't think you could spend a couple of weeks in close proximity to any Tab then you are just like everyone else. If you feel that you cannot rise above such innate feelings of disgust and would much rather go on tour without the Tabs, or maybe you do want to go with them really, whichever it is, let Jeremy know. If you are interested generally in the tour and haven't said so, say now.


This is still as usual. It is important to get lots of rest in the next couple of weeks as well as feeding yourself properly. So even if you never actually go running make sure your not too shagged out for the Varsity by your energetic lifestyles. But remember it's not too late to start training if you haven't done any before.

Monday Hob Nob Run Tony 5pm Exeter Lodge
Tuesday Intervals Steve 5pm Track
Thursday Long Run Jon M 5.30pm Keble Rd/Uni Parks
Friday Another Run ? 5.30pm South Parks


The social at my house in 1st week was badly attended but that doesn't matter.. it's quality that counts. I only managed to make Alan's Burns night extravaganza at the very end. I gather it was a peach and judging by the haggis and the general wasted state of people there I reckon it probably was. Photos of Tony's chest are to go on general release next Wednesday in Athena. Photos of Alan are available only in the Cowley Road Private Shop free with any purchase.

Looking to the future, there is an Ice-skating jaunt on Thursday of 3rd week. We are meeting in the Kings Arms at 7.30. I have only done this once and it was ace. Please come but be careful. Broken limbs seem to be all the rage these days. It should be a real laugh.

Club lunch is 1pm Wednesday in the Chris Cox Room, New College. It has gone through a rough patch the past couple of weeks but that will sort itself out soon. Thanks very much to Phil for agreeing to take up the job. He gets my vote any day!

Look out for info on the Annual Dinner which is provisionally set for Wednesday of 6th week.


If you haven't signed down for the Varsity please could you do so ASAP. As I said before it would be great if you could all come but please don't assume that we will assume that you are coming. Get your names in that BB so that we can work out what transport to arrange. You will probably want to know that we will be going up there on the Saturday morning and not the Friday night. That's all I can say for now.

Those of you who are going to Burnup Beeches come to Club lunch to find out what time we are leaving. Keep an eye on deadlines and carry on training.

Week Date Deadline Place
4 5/2 16/1/95 Town vs. Gown and Varsity selection at Burnham Beeches
4/5 11-12/2 VARSITY MATCH - Cannock Chase
6 19/2 28/1/95 Concorde Chase
6 25/2 British Night Champs (nr Basingstoke)
7 26/2 6/2/95 Chiltern Challenge
18-19/3 British Orienteering Champs (N. Wales)
8-9/4 BUSF (Lancaster)
10-15/4 Training Week (Lake District)
16-18/4 31/1/95 JK (N Yorkshire)


There is an urgent vacancy: the position of Shotover Event Organiser. This high profile event provides the occupant with the opportunity to secure international fame, good CV points and a spring board to the Presidency. Anyone with outstanding organisational and negotiation skills is welcome to apply. You must have one day's experience of orienteering and no track record of embezzlement. Applications should be sent to Stephen Fisher esq. at New College. Please enclose £5 million and a one way ticket to Rio.


For those of you unacquainted with the tradition, now is the time when dodgy newsletters will start flying about. Anyone can do one, there were four last year, lets see if we can do better this year. All you have to do is see how much dirt you can dig, type it out and circulate it anonymously around the club. Hours of fun. If you are going to fulfil those journalistic urges make sure you do so before the dinner. It is my job to guess whose is whose at the dinner and there will be a prize for the best (judged by me so be careful). Please note that paper editions will be considered in preference to electronic ones. It's tradition you see. Other prizes on offer include the Diced Carrot award for outstanding chunders. Odds on that Dave will win it. It's not too late to get a nomination though.

Best wishes


President Steve Fisher New Tel. 792060
Secretary Alistair Lovegrove Wolfson Tel. 27100 (office) Tel. 284183 (home)
Treasurer Pauline Sinclair Merton
Social Sam Gregory St John's
Training Jon Marsden Lincoln

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