The OUOC Newsletter, No. 3 - 5th week, Hilary Term 1995

Presidential Address

If you didn't know last weekend saw this year's Varsity Match, shame on you. We lost both the men's but we won the women's A. Congratulations to them for winning for the third year running and a general 'well done' to everyone and thank you for all your effort, both in terms of training before hand and pain on the day. Those of you who didn't suffer either probably got the best deal but that's not the point is it.

The important match of the day was won by a suspect JOK team featuring Rob Hart I and Rob Hart II. Significantly, Oxford beat Cambridge into second place by half a pint which shows an improvement on last year when the Tabs won the coveted JOK trophy. Well done that team! I hope it wasn't to much of an effort for the slightly unwilling Phil who later put in the only bid of the evening for the Diced Carrot award.

The social was kicking, but there was no jumping about since the DJ's wheels of steel were a waffer bit sensitive to the vibrations of the floor boards. No Nirvana was played but if you want a good laugh just ask Alan to enunciate the name of this well known ex band. Lucy was bemoaning the scarcity of ABBA but when it did arrive she was indeed the Dancing Queen to an attempted Dancing King by Rik E P. Rik was true to his reputation by introducing himself to the Oxford women he didn't know, much to the amusement of June at least.

On the subject of dancing, Tony had clearly been taking lessons from the World Heavyweight Wrestling School of Dancing. His rather aggressive style was experienced chiefly by Piers but also by everyone else on the floor who he managed to knock into. Tony's reign of terror didn't end there. Later on he became concerned for the whereabouts of his sleeping bag, having forgotten that he had leant it to a Tab. After a random attack on Pauline at Alan's request, he took me hostage. Five broken ribs later I was free and he laid into Mo who had gallantly come to my rescue. This episode had remarkable healing powers on Mo's voice which was somewhat absent for the rest of the w/e. The only audible sentence that Tony managed to provoke was, 'I'm a bitch, you're a bastard so don't hit me you bastard.' or words to that effect. After being so harsh on the poor man I have to point out that his more gentle and passionate side shone through when he made a quick pass at Simon in the pub.

The relays on the Sunday saw beautiful sunny weather and a rather gutted Nick B who returned from his stoaty run to find that the Tab on his team had gone round her course the wrong way because she wanted to go with her friend. What would have been the winning run all went horribly wrong. Nobody else was too bothered about what was happening though and the weekend drew to a close as we left Cannock and drove back with a quick stop at the Truckers' cafe. All in all, a peachy weekend.

Since the last newsletter we have also had the Town vs. Gown. Informed opinion says that we won the women's competition but lost the men's. The official results aren't out so it's not official yet. Noticeable absentees include Tim Day ('It's the first time I've over slept, honest!'). If only everything in life were as reliable as the OUOC minibus. Notable performances include splatter boy Sam who made it into the 200 minute club and finished as the courses shut.

And now... the chance to be wined and dined in the best company in town and news of an extended deadline for random newsletters. Presenting...

The OUOC Annual Dinner

This extravaganza will commence at 7.30pm on Thursday 2nd March 1995 (7th week) in the Wordsworth Room in St. Hugh's College. This event is a Black Tie event and is the only one of its kind in the OUOC social calendar. An extra special effort is being made by certain members of JOK to join us including two ex Presidents Ruth E Ruth and Rik E P. This event has always had an atmosphere of gratuitous alcoholism and complete decadence and you can expect the same this year.

The college has offered us the opportunity to chose what the menu is. Below is a list of possible menus and if you have any preferences or dislikes you can say so. We will all have the same thing on the day but we can chose what that is from the lists below. Vegetarians/Vegans can create their own menu. I don't think there are that many of us so we can probably be able to discuss it together.

Prawn Cocktail
Ogen Melon
Smoked Mackerel Entrecote
Avocado Pear
Main Courses
Chicken Chasseur, New Potataoes, Broccoli
Roast Duckling with Orange, Salad, Roast Potatoes, Garden Peas
Steak Garni, Chip Potatoes, French Beans
Poached Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce, New Potatoes, Green Salad
Roast Beef, Horseradish, Roast Potatoes, Cauliflower with Cream Sauce
Escalope of Pork with Madeira Sauce, Saute Potatoes, Runner Beans
Fresh Fruit Salad
Chocolate Gateau
Sherry Trifle
Strawberries and cream
Caramel Cream

All you have to do to come to this marvellous event is sign down in the Blue book indicating your preferences and dislikes. The dinner will cost £15.50 per head for three courses and coffee. If you don't intend to drink lots and lots of wine and port, please say so and we won't cater for you. Everyone else will be charged for what we drink on top of top of the basic cost. You must sign down by Wednesday 22nd February (6th week) but don't sign down unless you seriously intend to go since you may be charged if you don't turn up.


Training for me will take on a whole new meaning now that the Varsity Match is over. This is to say that I don't plan on doing very much. Others will be all the more keen to train for next year or more immediate events like BUSF, BOC and the JK.

So, I'm not going to do those nightmare intervals anymore. Instead I have switched my allegiance to the Friday run which I think is a peach and should be restored to its former popular glory, especially now that it is getting lighter in the evenings. If anyone wants to do intervals at the normal time or any other this should be okay and we can keep it on the schedule.

Monday Hob Nob Run Tony 5pm Exeter Lodge
Tuesday Intervals ? 5pm Track
Thursday Long Run Jon M 5.30pm Keble Rd/Uni Parks
Friday Peachy Run Steve 5.30pm South Parks


The BIG social of the year is the Dinner with the details above. There could be something happening this week if people are willing and able. No doubt details will be at Club Lunch. The change of date for the dinner has cast doubt on the viability of a Pancake party on Tuesday of 7th but this could be moved. I am game on to have it at any time, but what do YOU think? Answers on a postcard to Sam Gregory.

Club Lunch is now completely sorted and is going strong on Wednesday's at 1pm in the Chris Cox Room in New College.


Departure times for the Concorde Chase and Chiltern Challenge will be announced at Club Lunch. If you haven't been entered and want to go there is still colour coded and space at both these events and maybe even entry on the day. As for Pembrey (which is a peach of an area) we are considering going training on the Saturday with SLOW or the squadies if Jenni is free from the hockey club. This sounds like an opportunity too good to miss. If you are interested sign down with the elusive Alistair.

Two men's and one women's team have been entered for the British - this means anyone signed down will be running those premier courses. The team names are - The Oxymorons, The Coveted Crumpets and The Oxford Girlies. Not particularly original but certainly functional. Still plenty of room on the bus to BUSF and the Training Week, hint hint.

Week Date Deadline Place
6 19/2 28/1/95 Concorde Chase
6 25/2 British Night Champs (nr Basingstoke)
7 26/2 6/2/95 Chiltern Challenge
18-19/3 British Orienteering Champs (N. Wales)
8-9/4 BUSF (Lancaster)
10-15/4 Training Week (Lake District)
16-18/4 31/1/95 JK (N Yorkshire)


Apart from your committee listed below there are others taking positions of responsibility in the club and for your information they are; Event organiser - Phil Vipond, Event planner - Dave Currie (together they are known as 'The Twins', an indestructible duo that take it in turns to chunder at alternate socials) and finally, Tour organiser - Jeremy Jacker (he spurns the pre match meal and poisons himself instead). These mugs will be working very hard to coerce you into doing things you want to do so watch out. So as I remind you of the AGM on Wednesday of 8th week and remind you to get your motions and nominations in, I would like to apologise if I have caused any offence in this news waffer. None was intended.

Best wishes



President Steve Fisher New Tel. 792060
Secretary Alistair Lovegrove Wolfson Tel. 27100 (office) Tel. 284183 (home)
Treasurer Pauline Sinclair Merton
Social Sam Gregory St John's
Training Jon Marsden Lincoln

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