The OUOC Newsletter, No. 4 - 8th week, Hilary Term 1995

Presidential Address

My final newsletter this is. Don't worry though. The tears won't start flooding out till the AGM, which, in case you haven't heard, is on Wednesday of 8th week in the Chris Cox Room in New College at 8pm. Please bring lots of food. Chocolate fingers are a traditional treat. If, for some fallacious reason, you are not going to be there you should send your apologies for absence to Alistair to read out.

Now some important stuff for some of you. The Easter break is full of lots of peachy events (two of which are still open for you to enter). If you are going you have a certain responsibility to make sure that you know how you are going to get there. We anticipate leaving Oxford with the bus on Friday before the British at some point and the same is true for the BUSA. Rob was being evasive (I mean flexible) when I rang him last and I was being non committal (I mean amenable) so the exact departure times have not yet been set. If you want to find out these times and more importantly if you want to influence them then you better be sharp at Club lunch or the AGM or ring me even.

Next term looks like there is some pretty groovy stuff going on which doesn't include finals. Most importantly there are the Shotover events. Cuppers was won last year by New College and I am sure will be hotly contested again this year. If you want your college to do well it is a good idea to get all your mates to come along and have a go. The course is specially designed so that beginners can do it but more experienced orienteers still get to open their legs and show their talent. There will be a shuttle bus to ferry people to and fro and there may be bulbous prizes including spot prizes. Moreover if your college is like many others you might get a high table dinner if you win. Apart from self interest, Cuppers is a cunning time to introduce newcomers to the club and to orienteering, so make an effort to drag some people out. Finally, this is the day we have provisionally set for the Club photo so your absence cannot go unspotted.

The annual event the next day is a different ball game. It isn't a ball game at all actually and neither is Cuppers for that matter. Anyway, this event will be mainly a logistical exercise with lots of man (or woman) power needed. Indeed, all of you will be needed, each with their own unique blend of skills and talents, all different but equally valid. It is an early morning job but a worthwhile way to spend the day.

Now about this tour... you should be expecting something from Jeremy in the near future so I won't try to say anything about what I don't know. Rough dates are down the bottom and you should be aware that the entry deadlines are near the beginning of next term so you have to think over the hols about whether you can afford not to go. Nick and I will be there.


Is this really happening? I'm not running on Friday but I will see you all at the Teddy Hall relays hopefully.


Well, um, there's the AGM and BUSA and that's it. Hope you enjoyed the dinner.


In a de jure but nonetheless dictatorial manner I have made some suggestions for the O fixtures for next term and onwards. One of the things that I have to point out to you is that the closing dates for the Chig and the NGOC badge events are during the vac., so if you want to go to you will have to enter this term. The latter is optional since there is a viable CC event that we can go to instead. If there is lots of demand this term for the Lyndey event then I guess that is where we will be going. Similarly for next w/e if there is the demand to go for the further away and better badge event for EOD then we will go. Wow! All this participatory democracy is too much for me. It's amazing!

Week Date Deadline Place
9 12/3 none Either the Bere Wood Badge or the close Highclare Colour coded
18-19/3 gone British Orienteering Champs (N. Wales)
8-9/4 BUSF (Lancaster)
10-15/4 Training Week (Lake District)
16-18/4 31/1/95 JK (N Yorkshire)

Trinity Term 95

Week Date Deadline Place
1 23/4 25/3 CHIG Badge event on Epping NW (a peach)
2 30/4 8/4 (?) Colour Coded, Woodcote, Reading (or Lyndey Badge event?)
2/3 7-8/5 NE 3 -SLOW w/e on Winterfold and Blackheath
4 14/5 Colour Coded on Buckleybury Common
4 20/5 CUPPERS on Shotover
5 21/5 OUOC ANNUAL EVENT on Shotover
6 28/5 ?
7 4/6 ?
8 11/6 12/5 Harvester Relay, Brampton Bryan, Ludlow
9/10 24-26/6 Glastonbury Festival
5-17/7 approx Summer Tour (France and Italy)
30/7-5/8 Scottish 6-Days


And so it was that he ended his newsletter without the slightest mention of the annual dinner at which a variety of wondrous things occurred. If you want to know about these it is probably best to ask everyone who went, each has their own story. But to lead you in your quest for knowledge I would like to recommend a few questions to ask:

Who did Alan sleep with?
How many times did Dave chuck?
What was in the sconce mixture?
How long did Steve's speech last for?
Who would Alan rather have slept with?
Over whose bag did Tony chuck?
How old were the girls that Nick and Rik tried to pull?
Why did they fail?
Did they fail?
Why was 'sound man' Tim with them?
When will I get my revenge?
How many people are jealous of Alan?

If you can answer all these questions, write the answers on a postcard and complete the following sentence in no more than one word. 'Och aie! I canny remember much but June is a good............'.

Have a peach of a vac. and thanks for having me as your Prez. For the last time, your committee are.....


President Steve Fisher New Tel. 792060
Secretary Alistair Lovegrove Wolfson Tel. 27100 (office) Tel. 284183 (home)
Treasurer Pauline Sinclair Merton
Social Sam Gregory St John's
Training Jon Marsden Lincoln

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