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O.U.O.C.Michaelmas Term Newsletter No.1


President Steve Fisher New Tel. 792060
Secretary Alistair Lovegrove Wolfson Tel. 72100 (office) Tel. 284183 (home)
Treasurer Pauline Sinclair Merton
Social Sam Gregory St John's
Training Jon Marsden Lincoln

Presidential Address

If you have been feeling at a loss and not sure of what's happening with O.U.O.C. then you're no more uncertain than your committee. Hopefully the info here should help sort things out. Things to emphasise are the Cambridge Sprint-O and the infamous Roving Meal. Both of these you need to sign down for quite quickly, it will be well worth the effort if you do. The Sprint-O features an Alc-O (Orienteering with alcohol at the controls not just a punch) and a superb social. The Roving Meal is the social to beat all socials - a meal with fourteen courses in fourteen places - altogether more food and drink than you can handle.

Finally. Congratulations to David Curry & Ben White for winning the Freshers courses I & II respectively and especially to June Hedges for being the first woman on both courses.

If you haven't been orienteering yet don't worry, it's not too late. All the events that we go to have courses for beginners. Some entry deadlines for badge courses have gone but if you want a late entry just let Alistair know. Remember that you don't need a pre-entry for colour coded courses at badge events.

That's about it, hope that term is going well for you all. Thanks to everyone who came to the meal on Thursday, hope you enjoyed it.

love to you all



    Churchill Cup this Sunday (30th October) running against London at Broadstone Warren
    CUOC Sprint-0 - deadline for entries is CLUB LUNCH 2nd November.
    Roving Peach - Thursday 3rd November


Monday 5pm Hob Nob Run Exeter Lodge Tony (10/4)
Tuesday 5pm Intervals Track Steve
Thursday 5.30pm Long Run? Keble Rd/Uni Parks Jon M
Friday 5.30pm Run South Parks Jon S


Come to the Laserquest on Thursday night (3rd week), it's the 8 o'clock session meeting at 7.45 beforehand. I have booked 12 places at 3.50 each but can probably get more. Some of you may have a voucher which enables you to have two games for the price of one. If anyone is interested email me on or sign down at club lunch. Also remember the roving meal on Thursday 4th week. There will be an OCCO dinner which all freshers and most others are warmly invited to, provisionally on Thursday of Sixth week.

Freshers Event results

Course 1

1 David Curry St John's 6.20
2= Rupert Griffith New 8.00
2= Ben White Merton 8.00
4= Dan Reeves Exeter 8.30
4= Gareth Powell Exeter 8.30
6 Chris Philp Univ 8.50
7 Luke Bartlett Exeter 9.00
8 Sean Kearney Plater 9.50
9 June Hedges Wadham 9.55
10 Christian Bottomly Somerville 10.15
11 Hannah Fogg CCC 10.30
12= Rachel Owen St John's 12.35
12= Jolanda Busscher Wadham 12.35
14= Susanna Leon Lincoln 13.00
14= Michael Hill Keble 13.00
16 David Bickley Keble 13.20
17 Robin Stevens MErton 13.35
18 Daniel Konn St John's 18.25
19= Mark Richmond Balliol 22.20
19= Scott Weiner Balliol 22.20

Course 2

1 Ben White Merton 8.20
2 Daniel Konn St John's 9.15
3 David Curry St John's 9.55
4 Chris Philp Univ 10.25
5 Jeremy Smith Keble 10.45
6 Luke Bartlett Exeter 12.35
7 June Hedges Wadham 13.40
8 Dave Bickley Keble 14.45
9 Sean Kearney Plater 15.00
10 Tony Vignaux Wolfson 16.00

See you all on Wednesday - Tony

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