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O.U.O.C. Michaelmas Term Newsletter No.2 (8/11/94)


President Steve Fisher New Tel. 792060
Secretary Alistair Lovegrove Wolfson Tel. 72100 (office) Tel. 284183 (home)
Treasurer Pauline Sinclair Merton
Social Sam Gregory St John's
Training Jon Marsden Lincoln


Week Date Deadline Place
5-6 Sat 12/11 Travel to NE8
Sun 13/11 Gone NE8
6-7 Sat 19/11 Gone CUOC Sprint-O
Sun 10/11 Hangover
7-8 Fri 25/11 Training Weekend
Sat 26/11 Training Weekend
Sun 27/11 Gone Eyam Moor
9 Sun 4/12 Highland Water (New Forest)

Editors address

In the absence of a submission from the dear president - breaking a 98 yr old tradition may I just impart a few words of advice.

Unfortunately a lot of the remaining events of the term had early closing dates and they don't have colour coded at them in the case of National Event 8 and the CUOC Sprint-O, but this is made up for by the superb Training Weekend at the end of 7th week which in the words of Mr Fisher himself should be a peach. It will include an Alk- O so those not going to the CUOC Sprint-O still get the chance to experience this immaculate spearhead of modern orienteering (in my view) , a cross between orienteering and drinking one has alcohol before and while completing an orienteering course - it will also be a very social weekend so do come and enjoy yourself. One word of warning, you will need a sleeping bag so it would be well worth while trying to get one up from home if you can, alternatively if you can't get one ask Steve and he may well be able to borrow one of some one for you.

Recent events and socials have all gone well especially the roving meal at which there were some very nice courses, it was a conversation point among some why Steve should be so desperate to sit on the edges of sofa's, Nick who used to be revered among the OUOCites found that his popularity was on a big downswing after he potentially lost the Churchill Cup match against London by failing to turn up and remind us what a flash in the woods he can be, he made a desperate bid to change this at the roving meal by befriending some of the innocent freshers but unfortunately Nicks turbulent history came to light and it seems that Nick will never again be a godlike figure to the OUOCites. Will Rob Hart , an old deity of the JOK tribe now be worshipped as he has always deserved - Arise Sir Rob.

Unfortunately the Churchill Cup match was (probably) narrowly lost by 64 points to 63 to the Cockney scum from their London slum so we actually did quite well as we were missing 2 of our top 4 orienteers - Alas.

Dave Currie, Jeremy Smith and Alan McGroarty all did well supporting Jonny Skitts and Jenni who both won their courses by 10 minutes at least, more than can be said for the President or indeed the Newsletter Editor who consolidated his position as the OCCO Pres.

On that note may I invite everyone to the impressively organised OCCO dinner which will take place on Wednesday of 6th week (note NOT Thursday), this might either be in Exeter Hall - but we can only take eight people if we have it there or in a Cowley road curry house, the latter would probably cost about 8 quid(without drink) whereas the latter is more likely to be 5 quid but obviously there will be extra cost for the drink, if the curry house option occurs then we might well get slippered before the meal and faceless afterwards but have a break during the meal to cut down on expense - in all cases I think that meeting in my room (10-4) in Exeter at about 6.30 for some punch is the best option - possibly moving to Exeter Bar for a pint (Ill leave a note on my door) and we will make our way at about 7.30 to wherever we eat - should be a stoater of an evening.

Other Socials coming up is a film this week - it might well be to see Pulp Fiction, whatever it is it'll be on Thursday night, In eighth week is the Christmas Party which should be really good although I don't think the day has been confirmed so keep all of eighth week free until it is.

Regulars remain Club Lunch in the Christopher Cox room ,New College at 1.00 on Wednesdays, and the Sunday night meet at Exeter bar - 8.00 pm sharp in even weeks for the bar quiz, and a bit later in odd weeks - check the JCR for Exeter boyz - there should be people there by at least about 9.00

See you all (signed down for the training weekend)



Monday 5pm Hob Nob Run Exeter Lodge Tony (10/4)
Tuesday 5pm Intervals Track Steve
Thursday 5.30pm Long Run? Keble Rd/Uni Parks Jon M
Friday 5.30pm Run South Parks Jon S


Week Day Social
5 Thu Film/Play
6 Wed OCCO Dinner, meet in Tony's room (10/4) at Exeter
7 Thu Nothing planned yet, Night- in parks or a Street-O Tony hopes
8 ? OUOC Christmas Party


There has been a long tradition of poetry in the society, any submissions welcome - Ill start the ball rolling with these gems I'm about to make up.

There was a young man from London
Who enrolled to study at Wolfson
Come the Churchill Cup
He completely cocked up
And he's also got a girlfriend at London (suspicious eh!!!)

There was a young flash in the woods called Nick
With the young uns he was always quite quick
"Hey don't make a scene,
She was a very old 14"
You know Nick, it just makes me sick

There was a young president from New
Who does some dodgy things too
Sitting on the edges of chairs
Just brings you unwelcome stares
And that's my advice for you. .................Tony.

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