The Christmas Compass

O.U.O.C.Michaelmas Term Newsletter No.3(30/11/94)


President Steve Fisher New Tel. 792060
Secretary Alistair Lovegrove Wolfson Tel. 72100 (office) Tel. 284183 (home)
Treasurer Pauline Sinclair Merton
Social Sam Gregory St John's
Training Jon Marsden Lincoln


Week Date Deadline Place
9 Sun 4/12 Highland Water (New Forest)
1 Sun 15/1 NGOC Colour Coded (nr Gloucester)
2 Sun 22/1 Epping Forest Colour Coded
2 Sat 28/1 Training on River Dee
3 Sun 29/1 9/1/95 Dee (Delamere Trophy) Badge Event
4 Sun 5/2 16/1/95 Burnham Beeches Badge Event Town vs Gown (Varsity Selection)
5 Sun 12/2 To Be Decided
6 Sun 19/2 28/1/95 Concorde Chase
6 Sat 25/2 British Night Champs (nr Basingstoke)
7 Sun 26/2 6/2/95 Chiltern Challenge
8 Sun 5/3 ***** The Varsity Match *****
9 Sun 12/4 To Be Decided
9 Sat 18/4 British Orienteering Champs
10 Sun 19/4 British Orienteering Champs
Sat 8/5 BUSF (British Uni Champs)
10/5 - 15/5 Training Week in the Lake District
Sat 16/5 31/1/95 JK Festival
Sun 17/5 JK Festival
Mon 18/5 JK Festival


Again the president spurned writing his own address allowing me again to have complete control over the OUOC information superhighway, and moreover leaving me to spread some malicious gossip - and let me tell you I have had requests for a few mentions of Mr Fisher himself in the Newswaffer this week.

Since the last newsletter O.U.O.C. have been on 3 weekends which explains why I didn't quite finish all of my work for this week, some of these were more successful than others, the least successful was possibly the trip up to the lake district to go to National Event 8, an event which was sorrowfully cancelled although a number of the OUOCites seemed to express minimal regret at this, that weekend, the CUOC Sprint-Os will be remembered chiefly for an inspired discussion about people wearing red or green hats, which went on from about Sheffield to Oxford (or something like that), the next weekend was a big improvement apart from for Steve who now only has a few weeks to live due to terminal bladder problems , Mr Curry in particular must have enjoyed himself for on being taken by some Cambridge girlie to her room to sleep for the night he served up his stomach outside her door or on the street nearby or something, Other sickoes included a posse of Exeter College Orienteers who decided to do the Alk-O twice and were both held up slightly half way around the second loop, but nevertheless carried on in fine form - One of them , Mr Stoaty-Stump was only heard to be regretting the fact that he had had nothing to eat all day. Pothunter award for the term goes to Alan McStoaty from Lincoln - who dawdled round the first course to finish 88th (still beating all the other OCCO orienteers) and then proceeded to finish second in the plate competition, a discontented Rob Hart fared much better in the first round to reach the second round of the cup before dipping out of the top 16 and refusing to hand in his control card in a fit of annoyance and disbelief. At the dinner in Peterhouse college Oxford were unfortunately responsible for the glass that got broken and indeed the entire bottle of red wine which got spilt over Peterhouse hall - I wouldn't know who it was as I was looking the wrong way at the time - in the same fashion as I didn't know who snored all night as I was asleep at the time.

The Training weekend was the following weekend and we did some training on a small but peachy area outside Cromford - the site of Arkwrights first mill, this included a relay in which all 3 teams were disqualified, afterwards we went to a swimming pool in Sheffield which had rather a cute indoor river which you could just sit on an inflatable ring and float around in the current, the next day was the Eyam Moor Badge event, unfortunately the nasty dirty Tabs (Cambridge stoaters) turned up - I'd seen quite enough of them at the CUOC Sprint-Os.

The up and coming social is on this Friday (8th week) and it's the O.U.O.C. Christmas party featuring our special surprise guest, turn up to find out who but he's called Sam and he goes to St.John's, it's in Wolfson and will feature some party games - I can only guess at what they might be - I believe that the plan is for everyone to bring along some food and hope it doesn't go off before you manage to find Wolfson - it's in the far and distant north somewhere.

Next term: We are promised a glorious Street-O which was meant to be this term but somehow didn't quite happen. Some of next term's events need entering for this term or at least before next term starts - look at the Closing Dates column on the fixtures list to see when - and so drop Alistair a note if you want to do one of them, other things for stoaters to note include the fact that there will be selection races for the Varsity match - these will be the Town vs Gown and the Churchill Cup 2nd round - both of which will be run on 21 long courses so keep those dates free, especially the Churchill Cup match as we want to be in the final and thrash Sheffield. For those of you who haven't realised yet - we thrashed London in the first round i.e. the scores were equal on the first seven runners so we included the 8th highest scoring runners and our 8th highest thrashed there one so WE WON! LONDON SUCKS!, Other things to bear in mind for those that don't know is that Easter is a big time in the year for our club as there is BUSF, the British University Students, where hopefully we will additionally be running in the Churchill Cup final, then the Training Week - (but we don't do Orienteering all the time) and the JK which is a massive festival of orienteering and then there's summer where we might possibly be going to the O-Ringen ....... .

See you there maybe


Training (provisional)

Monday 5pm Hob Nob Run Exeter Lodge Tony (10/4)
Tuesday 5pm Intervals Track Steve
Thursday 5.30pm Long Run? Keble Rd/Uni Parks Jon M
Friday 5.30pm Run South Parks Jon S


Week Day Social
8 Fri OUOC Christmas Party (at Wolfson) featuring Sam Gregory
2? ? Sam's glorious Street-O

Intercollegiate League

St John's 2
Exeter 2
Lincoln 2
Wadham 3
Fisher 1
Stoaty Stumpers 4
Keble 1
St Hughs 0 (didn't even turn up)


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