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O.U.O.C. Trinity Term Newsletter No.2 - 3rd Week


President Jon Skittrall (Exeter) u92js@ecs
Secretary Jeremy Smith (Keble)
Treasurer Louise Butcher (St. Johns)
Social Alan McGroarty (Lincoln)
June Hedges (Wadham)
Training Dave Currie (St. Johns)

Presidential Address

Third week is upon us already so I thought it was about time another newsletter was written. I hope everybody is enjoying the weather at the moment even if some of us are stuck in the library!

As it's such nice weather, nobody has got an excuse not to turn up to training and all the wonderful socials Alan and June have organised. The few of us who turned up to the pub crawl had a splendid time attempting to figure out the name's of the venues we were supposed to be going to but didn't quite make it to! The precise dates of the socials coming up haven't quite been decided upon but here is a guide for you:

EVERY Wednesday: 8.30pm Wadham Bar in the charming company of Miss June Hedges.
20th May: Post cuppers BBQ & prize giving at 56 St. John's St. around about 7.30? followed by clubbing with JOK around 11ish.
5th Week: OCCO Dinner. Invites for the Covern of Crap Orienteers will be distributed to suitable candidates when a date and venue have been sorted out!
8th week (or possibly 4th June): Punt-O, just an excuse to get on the river and have fun
9th Week: Picnic. Hopeful all exams will be finished so everyone can celebrate in traditional fashion.
That's it for now but other events will take place. Keep coming to club lunch (Weds 1-2.00 New College) to get the latest information.

Cuppers will be Saturday 20th May 2.30-5.00 so get as many people from your college to turn up and stay on for the Barby later on at Alan's house. Then we'll all have to be up nice and early on Sunday to help out at our Event. Phil will assigning jobs to people so if you have a favourite, see him asap. There will probably be a social in a computer room somewhere on Sunday night to process results!! Jon M will be looking for volunteers. I have some fliers to be put up in colleges. Please put them up as early as possible so we can attract as many people as possible.

Training: Please come. It isn't that painful. We can guarantee you'll enjoy going to pretty parts of Oxford you never new existed. The runs are as follows:

Monday: 5.30 Hob-Nob run with Tony. 20 mins round the block from Exeter lodge.
Wednesday: a longer run with Jenny. See her to arrange a convenient time.
Thursday: 4.30 with Jon M from entrance to parks.
Friday: 5.30 South Parks with Alan.
The runs will always be at the pace of the slowest. See Dave for other details or if you can't make any of the above times he'll sort something out.


Date Week Closing Date Event
14/5 4th EOD CC Bucklebury Common, Reading
21/5 5th OUOC EVENT, SHOTOVER all bodies required to run event!
27-29/5 5th/6th Springtime in Shropshire (3 BADGE events), Ludlow
4/6 7th 6/5 Possibly Punt-O
10/6 8th 12/5 Harvester Relays, Brampton Bryan, Ludlow
17-18/6 8th/9th ? BADGE plus Chasing Start Badge, MerthyrMawr, Bridgend
24-26/6 9th/10th Steve wants to go to Glastonbury!
5-17/7 ? Summer Tour, France & Italy
30/7-5/8 Scottish 6-Days, Strathspey
26-28/8 White Rose, Pickering

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