The Pharce
OUOC Newsletter Trinity Term, 1997 No. 1

Well, you have all been clamouring for a newsletter so I thought that it was about time that somebody got their act together and got one out.

I hope that it lives up to past yearsí efforts and keeps future secretaries amused for years to come.


(and other boring official things like that) OK, the events are looking a bit thin on the ground this term so there isnít a lot on offer I am afraid. However, watch this space for details of Cumpsterís exciting training events that shall be replacing the usual Sunday colour-coded for the next few weeks.

1 June - Silva hill races (Surrey) 8 June - colour-coded (Brighton) 15 June - colour-coded (somewhere else) 21/22 June - Harvester relays ( Surrey)

Names in the book at club lunch if you want to go. Itís not desperate that I hear about the colour-coded events all that quickly. However, I do need to hear about the Harvester fairly soon.

Harvester We need a team of seven to race through the night and return to Oxford victorious bearing a toy tractor on a lump of wood.

For those who havenít been orienteering since they were knee high to a grass-hopper, the Harvester is a seven man (or better still woman) relay

that starts at about 1am and runs through the night, usually finishing in time for a rather early breakfast. Itís a great laugh and there are legs of any standard. Also, because itís summer ( in case the rain had fooled you into believing that we were still in the clutches of a rather unpleasant winter), the nights are pretty short so only a few lucky people will have to run in the dark. Of course, thatís providing that they donít run too fast.

Auntie Ashtonís Gossip Column

Well, an outsider might think that there was nothing going on in OUOC on the gossip front, indeed an OUOC member might also think that there wasnít a lot going on. However, I have my sources and I am watching your every movement.

With Duncan having been far too much of a chicken to go and buy Hedley a blow-up doll from the dodgy shop in Cowley Road, as he was mandated to do at the AGM, Hedley has been forced to move onto real women. After missing out on what he thought was his only chance of this term to pull the woman of his dreams, Hedley spurned the British Championships, the premier competition of the orienteering season, simply to further his romantic conquest. Will she have been drunk enough? We shall have to wait and see.

Within the club there have certainly been some amorous glances exchanged between certain members and I donít mean Duncan and his pot of houmus. Any further clues may nip in the

bud what promises to be a beautiful relationship so my lips are sealed.

As for Steve the first and the many women that he brings along to Sunday eventsÖ We shall say no more.

Fight For Freshers

Freshersí week will be upon us before we know it and as of yet we have no battle plan for attracting the hordes of people that we need to increase the gossip and to help us beat the Tabs.

So, before the start of next term we need to make OUOC look like itís the club to be in, the leader of the pack, full of the creme de la creme of Oxford University and I donít mean in the academic sense of the word.

Ideas on an e-mail to:

Annual Dinner

A barrel of laughs as every social tends to be. The men all looked stunning in their DJs set off by the bevy of beauties that is the womenís orienteering team!

The evening went swimmingly until it was time to get Tezza out of the restaurant. Being the great political animal that he is, he had not slept a wink for well over 48 hours and boy was he suffering. The vision of Pete Murphy giving him a firemanís lift down High Street will remain with me for a good long while to come.

Thatís all folks! Contributions please for the next effort, at the end of this term.

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