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OUOC Newsletter Michaelmas Term, 1997 No. 1
Welcome to the first newsletter of a new year. For those who are new to the club, newsletters are rather sporadic and tend to come out when I'm feeling in the mood for writing one of them. However, officially they come out twice a term and are full to the brim with exciting news and gossip.
As of yet, I've never had any contributions from any other member of the club but that's not through want of trying on my part.
Any snippets of gossip or amusing articles are very welcome.
Basically, most things of importance go out via e-mail so if you're not on the server, get talking to Cuzza (
Happy reading! And, to coin a phrase, "May you all run in sunlit forests"

Freshers' Events

Well, there were two of these of the orienteering variety and they proved to be a rip-roaring success. For those who have been clamouring for results:

Caesar 71:05
J. Blackham 82:44
Warwick 99:00
Omar Al Mushadain took 62:56 but couldn't find no. 8 (along with Dave - I've - been - orienteering - since - I - was - ten - Currie) and David Brander copied down the wrong descriptions and did something wrong at nos 2 and 11.

Howard Walker 27:21
Steve Smith 53:08
Jeff Goldman 63:10
Jessika Transik 81:30
Darragh Smythe took 46:03 but couldn't find no.2 and I Multon took 81:00 but couldn't find nos 2, 3 and 4.

Only one brave soul did the technical course but being a Canadian international he couldn't really have done anything else. Dave Donaldson was the inevitable winner in a time of 62:41.

Generally, the courses were quite hard so don't be put off if you got a bit lost. A round of applause to Cumpster the chimpster for his great organising skills.


Right, things are looking pretty packed for the rest of the term. If you want to do any of the events then let me know. Me being contactable in any of three ways: e-mail: phone: 557 497 or pigeon post at Jesus.
4th wk - Irons Well New Forest. If you didn't sign down for this before the closing date for pre-entries, there are two easy courses available on the day. (yellow/orange standard for those who know the gen.)
5th wk - Ashridge, Herts. A small event with entry on the day. Great for beginners. (Colour-coded for those who know what one of them is).
6th wk - CUOC sprint-'o' One of the biggest social events of the student orienteering world. This involves a little orienteering race, a fun event involving an orienteering course and lots of alcohol all followed by a formal dinner and bop in the university centre at Cambridge and the night on a Cambridge student's floor. Entries have already been sent off for this bonanza but I can do some grovelling if anyone is desperate to go and hasn't been entered.
7th wk - Joint OUOC & JOK training weekend in the Forest of Dean. JOK is the club for old and wrinkly people, ie ex-Oxford orienteers. Final details have yet to be determined but it promises to be a giggle from start to finish.
8th wk - colour-coded nr. Coventry. That means that it'll be a fairly small event. (You'll get to know the jargon soon enough, don't worry.)

9th wk - Cambridge's training tour. Contrary to popular belief in Oxford, the Tabs are actually quite a nice bunch of people. They're having a week's training in the Lake District. Stories from last year include canoe-orienteering on Windermere, lots of yummy food, orienteering on superb areas, walking up Old Man of Coniston for those who don't want to orienteer every second of every day and lots of other amusing and unrepeatable tales. It should definitely be a fun few days. I don't have all the practical details yet. A lot depends upon how many people from Oxford want to go. I need a rough idea of numbers fairly soon so get signing in the book.


OUOC isn't just about orienteering. Nicky (living up to her title as social officer by turning up to the last event in a mini skirt) claims to have a few ideas up her sleeve as far as socials are concerned and hopefully they'll be better attended than the ill-fated freshers' drinks. Where were all the freshers? Plans are afoot for a roving meal in 4th week, a cinema trip and a Christmas curry. That's all in addition to the weekly pub meet on Sunday evenings. I think we've moved to the Turf now but the mailing list provides up-to-the-minute info on that.

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