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Hi there everyone. Welcome to the first edition of The Pharce of Trinity Term. Many apologies for the delay; we had to iron out some details after the AGM before the newsletter could come out.

I'm Dave, the lucky soul who was elected (appointed) as President of OUOC a few weeks ago. I've been orienteering for quite a while, and continue to do so because no other activity challenges me like orienteering does; no other activity allows me to get out of the polluted city centre every Sunday in exchange for a ramble in the woods; and, no other activity is as satisfying as orienteering when it all goes right!

I feel that we have a great deal to offer members of OUOC, and that we need to increase the number of people to whom we offer this. When compared to the 'Pub and Beer Appreciation Society', orienteering is tough to market to students - but we must continue to try! Let me know what you think: Why do you orienteer? Why don't you orienteer? What would help to make an orienteering outing easier and less intimidating to you or to newcomers? Cheers for reading The Pharce; let me know if you think that something should change.

Good Luck!

Dave Donaldson, Trinity

Visit the newly-updated OUOC web site for all the scoop on orienteering

Cuppers Orienteering 1998

Cuppers is the annual competition between each Oxford college in each sport - orienteering included! So, if you come to one orienteering event this term, make sure that it's Cuppers. Your college needs you! Email Ian ( if you haven't already spoken to a college rep. at your college to register.

The minibuses leave Oriel Square (by Oriel College) at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 on Saturday 23 May to take people up to Shotover Park (a forest about 5 miles East of Oxford.) The event should be free; just speak to your college sports rep. about funding for entering a Cuppers event.

Impressive prizes are up for the grabs (some for individuals and some for college teams), all courtesy of Touchwood Sports, the event's sponsor. So, put a team together (remembering that participation will beat skill any time,) and prevent Merton from repeating.

OUOC Shotover Colour-Coded Event 1998

Every year, OUOC hosts a 'colour-coded' event in the Oxford area as a service to the orienteering community, and as a way to make some money for club endeavours. This year's event (like many before it!) will be at Shotover, on the day after Cuppers (Sunday 24 May).

It's a pretty informal affair, but we'll still need tonnes of helpers to pull it all off. So, anyone who can make it up to Shotover that day will be greatly appreciated. If we have enough helpers, there should be a chance for members of OUOC to try a course out as well, so bring your orienteering kit. Please email Christine at to tell her you can help so that she has an idea of who can make it.

There will be a minibus driving up in the morning to transport helpers. Check your email closer to the date for the meeting place and time.

1998 Annual General Meeting

This year's AGM took place on 28 April, and despite it seeming a bit tedious at times, a new committee was elected, a surprising amount of business was done, and even a spot of alcohol was consumed. The highlight, at least for female OUOC faithfuls, was when president Duncan Archer was mandated to drop his trousers....a task he completed without hesitation.

Some of the more consequential, passed motions include:

The New Committee for 1998-99 was elected as:
Dave Donaldson Trinity President
Christine Ashton Jesus Treasurer
Ian Cumpstey St. John's Secretary
Andy MacLeod Brasenose Social Officer
Steve Fisher Nuffield Training Officer
Pauline Sinclair Merton Info. Officer
Christine Ashton Jesus Women's Captain
Dave Donaldson Trinity Men's Captain


Orienteering Term Card: Trinity 1998

Date Type of Event Location Est, Drive Time
Sun. May 17 Informal Event The Chilterns 0h45
These informal events are great for beginners and the experienced. Simply let Ian know you're coming, and you pay on the day.
Sat. May 23 Cuppers-Informal Shotover (Oxford) 0h10
Cuppers is the inter-college competition in Oxford each year. The courses are geared for beginners as participation is the goal of this event. A very informal atmosphere.
Sun. May 24 Informal Event Shotover (Oxford) 0h10
OUOC hosts one race for the orienteering community in S. England each year, and this is it! We'll need many helpers, so please come if you can. There should be a chance to go orienteering as well as helping, for those who desire it.
Tues. June 2 Informal Event Shotover (Oxford) 0h10
A weekday evening event. Email Ian if you think you'll attend as it will depend on peoples' interest whether we get a minibus or not. He needs two weeks notice.
Sun. June 7 3 in 1 Semi-Formal London Area 1h00?
A unique event, with three shorter-distance courses for each person throughout the day. A bit time-consuming, but a great way to practice your orienteering.
Tues. June 9 Informal Event Local Area 0h30
Another evening event. Should be close to Oxford. Email Ian in advance please.
Sun. June 13 Tube Race London Underground 1h30
Not orienteering exactly. For charity, participants must visit the greatest number of London Underground stations in a set time as possible. Big prizes. Email Piers at if you're interested.
Sun. June 14 Hill Running Race South London 1h30
Again, not really orienteering. Participants run over a pretty long course (8 to 36 km) while reading a map, but the navigation is easy. Meant for semi-experienced runners.
Wed. June 17 Informal Event Local Area 0h30
Another evening event. Should be close to Oxford. Email Ian in advance please.
Sun. June 21 Formal Event Southampton 1h30
A more structured event than the rest. Not in term time, so interested people should contact Ian as soon as possible so that he can gauge interest... by May 23rd please.

If you'd like to come to any of the above events, simply email Ian at and he'll add you to the list. A week's notice is usually a good idea (with exceptions below.) Feel free to ask him all your questions about events and procedures etc.

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