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Trinity 1999, Week 1

Men lose close Varsity Match

A sunny day in South Wales in March saw the unfortunate loss for both our Mens' and Womens' A teams at the 1999 Varsity Match. After a total combined time of 315 minutes on the Mens' race, only 3 remained to declare the Tabs victorious, but such is the sometimes unlucky nature of the sport. The Womens' race was less of a closely-fought affair.

But, strong performances in the Mens' and Womens' B and C races brought Oxford an overall victory of 3-2, and a clear demonstration of Oxford's superior depth. Said the witty and talented (yet, tragically, soon to be ex-) President, Dave Donaldson, " I'm confident that the Tabs are indeed crap, and that at the end of the day OUOC is a far better club than CUOC."

Good times were had by all, though, with a slightly polarised Bop and beautifully sunny relay. Huge thanks to everyone who came: Alex Edmans, Matt Horsham, Steve Smith, Tim Smith, Tom Norton, Luis Graca, Hedley Proctor, Toby Rogers, Andy MacLeod, Vicki Nash, Kadi Kerge, Sarah Potts, Neil Cumpstey, Ian Cumpstey, Steve Fisher, Al McMillan, Dave Donaldson, Tom Mitchell, Kate Urch, Pauline Sinclair, Jane Sargison and Christine Ashton. Full results on the web page.

CUPPERS: Get your college ready...

The annual inter-college orienteering championships that is otherwise known as Cuppers will be held on Saturday of 3rd week (May 15th) at the nearby and lovely Shotover Park. One course (of medium difficulty and about 3.5 km) is on offer, and women's times are reduced by 25% then compared directly. Mixed teams of 3 can represent each college, and colleges can enter any number of teams. Buses leave Oriel Sq. at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30.

The important bit: Cuppers is one of our biggest promotional vehicles, with almost 50 entrants last year. While we will endeavour to advertise well, the majority of people come by word-of-mouth in colleges. Please put an effort in and get the masses from your college out. We need everyone's help.

Annual Dinner in 2nd week

This highlight of Trinity term is not, ever, under any circumstances, to be missed (for proof, see the photos on the web page). It all happens on Wednesday of 2nd week. Things kick off with cocktails (promised to be decent like last year's...?) in Andy MacLeod's room in Brasenose at 7:30, and then climax with the dinner starting at 9:15 at Ma Belle's. Black Tie. Contact to book a place.

Lots happening in Trinity term

Included with this newsletter is a cunning term card for your orienteering enjoyment. There's lots of fine summer orienteering to be had, from local weekday evening events to the National Championships. Pick a few out, and be sure to sign down.

British Championships-Lake District

Good luck to all those participating in the British Championships (Individual and Relay) at the end of 2nd week. Do OUOC proud!

British University Championships '99

This year's BUSA Orienteering was (once again) held in the far north on a shockingly green area that tested one's ability to be tough above all else. The race turned out alright, and Oxford boasted some stoating results (below.)

The definite highlight had to be our 'Dear Dave' team of Christine, Tom N and Andy winning the Ad-Hoc relay and some particularly sweet Halifax Bank t-shirts. Well done!

Men's A: 1. Punter 67.37
11 Dave D. 77.07
23 Ian 86.35
30 Neil 95.29
48 Tom N. 120.18
Men's B: 1. Punter 81.03
6 Andy M. 91.20
Women's A: 1. Punter 59.47
12 Christine 77.34

Training Tour and JK

Before the BUSA, however, was OUOC's Easter Training Week in Stavely-in-Cartmel, in the Lake District. Joined by some Tabs, some Kiwis and some Jokers, loads of top pre-British Champs training was done despite some tired legs.

Steve Fisher sorted the crew out with areas, maps, a fit foreign girl, top Windermere night clubs, and 24 hour (if at times frustrating) entertainment from the Beckster. Nice.

Before that, this intrepid crew added three days of racing in the South Downs at the JK Festival-a huge annual race on Easter weekend. A very tiring eleven days in all.

Summer Orienteering Tour(s)

Interested in combining orienteering with some travelling this summer? It looks like OUOC contingents are going to multi-day races in Bordeaux (early July), Scotland (early August) and Hungary (mid-August). Contact Christine Ashton at Jesus for more info.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held in the Trinity Danson Room on Thursday of 1st week at 8:00. This is where OUOC does some group thinking about how we can improve the way things are done, and more importantly, where a new committee is elected. The elections are really informal (last year all positions went unopposed), and candidates need only give a short (1 min?) talk about themselves. But, you need to be nominated and seconded by OUOC members by Wednesday at midnight, so hop to it. Nominations to Ian Cumpstey at St Johns.

So you want to be on OUOC Committee?

Nice! Sounds like a good idea. None of the jobs really demand a lot...more sporadic bursts of some organisational skill. Below are some job descriptions, so give it some thought. OUOC needs committee members to keep orienteering in Oxford going, so please help. Positions available:

President (David Donaldson, Trinity)
Really just making sure that things are rolling and that others are doing their jobs. Responsible for meetings, newsletters, term cards, planning etc. Also captain of men's/women's team as applicable.

Treasurer (Christine Ashton, Jesus)
Keeps track of everyones' accounts, and makes sure OUOC is not broke. Day-to-day work really, no major projects.

Secretary (Ian Cumpstey, St. John's)
Responsible for entering people for each weekend's events, finding accommodation for overnight trips, finding drivers, being a geezer.

Social Officer (Andy MacLeod, Brasenose)
Organises occasional social events as demand dictates: Stuff like the annual dinner, roving meal, pub crawls etc. Buys club lunch usually.

Training Officer (Steve Fisher, Nuffield)
Organises training according to demand. Plans local on-map sessions, and termly weekends away for training.

Information Officer (Pauline Sinclair, Merton)
Manages web page, email list, and all other e-stuff.

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