OUSFG Cocktails
Collected by Tanaqui Weaver

So, here are the different namings or original inventions on the OUSFG list (which, incidentally, showed considerable convergence with the Cambridge one: the Bloody Tourist was invented by Jason Stevens, as was the Swamp Thing, the latter being equally nasty with tomato juice & creme de menthe)
" 'Rat-arsed' is an aesthetically pleasing set of phonemes" - Richard Stamper

4 large flasks (=4 gallons) Westons Clear cider. Similar quantity of fruit juice (apparently shouldn't be pure orange, & 5-alive definitely not recommended) 4 bottles of vodka (4 x 75cl)
Bonzai HI (Stuart Aston)
1 measure Midori, 1 measure vodka, half measure gin, pure orange juice, ice, a straw, slice of lemon.
Seaweed (Matthew Brock)
1 measure Midori, 1 measure blue curacao, 1 measure gin, 1 measure tonic, slice of lime, green goldfish (olive? alive?: illegible & optional in any case).
Rocket fuel (Dave Race & Stuart Aston)
1 measure vodka, a touch of soda, 1 measure gin, a slice of orange, 1 measure bacardi, ice, 1 measure cointreau, 1 measure dry vermouth, 1 measure tequila.
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (Hugh Mascetti)
1 measure Polish spirit, 1 measure Bacardi, 1 measure Grand Marnier, 1 measure Noilly Prat (dry martini, if you must), crushed ice
(deluxe version is doubled in volume with extra-dry champagne).
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster II (Lisa McShane)
2 measures Takori, 1 measure vodka, lemonade & lime cordial to fill.
Lab alcohol (the meths can be tricky): a) is against the law but b) doesn't give you a hangover.
Pineapple Gin Comforter
1/3 glass gin, 1/3 glass Southern Comfort, 1/3 glass pineapple juice.
Red Russian (Max O'Connor)
1/4 glass cherry brandy, 1/4 glass vodka, 1/2 glass lemonade.
Porter's Punch (Becca)
Red wine, white wine, vodka, rum, fruit at random.
equal measures of: light rum, dark rum, medium rum, vodka, blue curacao, lemonade to capacity; ice is s u p e r f l u o u s!
Red wine & pernod (& standing well back from the drinker).
Strohball (Tanaqui)
usual snowball with c.7 measures advocaat, dash of lime & fill up with lemonade, BUT add stroh (80% VOL Austrian Rum). Oh, a slice of lemon & a cherry, I guess.
Cuffy's Special
curacao-pernod-splash of blackcurrant.
Diane Duane's Transatlantic Recipes
B-52 Bomber
Pour over a spoon: dark creme de cacao, Grand Marnier, Bailey's, 1" cream on top.
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (I make that, hic, three -ed.)
Galliano, Peppermint schnapps, Russian pepper vodka (limeade & lemon)
Rum Punch (Neal Tringham)
1 measure sour (lime juice/Rose's cordial), 2 measure sweet (sugar in water), 3 measure strong (Barbados rum), 4 measure weak (crushed ice), & Angostura bitters, fruit
Sunrise (Stuart Aston): it's the next thing you'll see after this
2 measures Midori, 1 measure vodka, 2 measure Southern Comfort, 3 measure 7-Up, top up with orange juice.
Joan's Downfall
equal measures Southern Comfort & vodka, equal quantities of lemonage/orange juice to top up.
LOONY LIBERTARIAN (Tanaqui, the only time she was ever really drunk)
2 measures Parfait Amour, 3 measures vodka, 3 measures Southern Comfort, 1/2 " Cinzano, dash of port to turn the purple Parfait Amour a deep, threatening red.
Fill a pint glass & consume interspersed with dry cider & pure vodka.
Blue Grolsch (Pwyll ap Sion)
1 bottle grolsch, 1-2 measures blue curacao.
Flatline (Matt Bishop)
1/2 pint cider, half pint lager, 2 aspirin.
Purple Hangover
as above, plus blackcurrant (& if you're really silly, Pernod, too).
2 vodka, 2 bacardi, 2 advocaat, 1 creme de menthe, 1 cointreau, 1 blue bols, 4 fresh single cream, top up to 1 pint with very fizzy lemonade.
Mad Russian
vodka put thro Soda Stream.
(There now follows a short selection from experiments in the Jazz Cellar)
brandy, kahlua, cinnamon, cream.
Banana Bliss
bacardi, banana, cream, orange juice, angostura.
Fluffy Duck
gin, advocaat, cointreau, orange juice, soda.
tequila, blue curacao, creme de cacao, cream.
southern comfort, vodka, orange juice, ginger ale.
Queen Ann
southern comfort, vodka, orange juice, galliano, lemonade.
Run Run
amontillado, creame de cacao, cream, grenadine.
Velvet Hammer
>Cointreau, tia maria, cream.
Tanaqui Weaver
and nothing whatever to do with
Tim Adye