Dr Paloma Garcia-Bellido

University Lecturer in Spanish Philology & Linguistics

Academic activities:

·          With Dr Antonio Benítez-Burraco, will present a research paper ( 'A case of Spanish language disorders with a rare genetic cause'),  in which the Genetics Unit of the University Hospital La Fe has participated. This will be discussed at the II Clinical Linguistics International Meeting (II Congreso Internacional de Lingüística Clínica) Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 11, 12 and 13 November 2009.

·          With Dr A Benítez-Burraco and Dr J Gurd, will present a research paper entitled "Language disorders in a Spanish speaker with a rare genetic cause" at the First Neurobiology of Language Conference, to be held in Chicago on October 15 and 16, 2009.

·          Awarded a John Fell research grant by the University of Oxford (April 2009).

Title: Developmental language disorders: Pilot study of a Spanish-Valencian bilingual with genetic disorder.

This pilot research, in which the Genetics Unit of the University Hospital La Fe ( Valencia, Spain) has participated,  will hopefully contribute to the understanding of how genetic anomalies may disrupt brain functions which support speech and language, so that efficient intervention can be found to help those who are affected.

This  pilot research is  part of an ongoing research programme which focus on an interdisciplinary approach by bringing together the expertise of different fields of research to understand how language comprehension and execution is affected by genetic anomalies: Theoretical linguistics (Dr P García-Bellido), Genetics  (Dr A Benítez-Burraco: University of Oviedo and University of Oxford) and Clinical Neurology and Psychology (Dr J Gurd: Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford).

·          Presented a research paper on her work on Foreign Accent Syndrome at the International Conference of Romance Linguistics (Conferencia Internacional de Lingüística Románica) in Sofia (Bulgaria) 7-9 April 2009. The title was: "El cronometraje de la roticidad en español en un caso de afasia." (In press)

·          Was invited to give a talk at the International Symposium El Legado de Rafael Lapesa at Valencia, on May 14-16 2008. See staff page for reference.

·          Was invited to give a 10 lecture course at the Universidad de Valencia in the Masters de Estudios Hispánicos: Aplicaciones e Investigación (April 1-11 2008). The course was entitled 'La dinámica combinatoria en la formación de secuencias fonológicas del español moderno'.

·          Participated in the 7th International Conference of The Evolution of Language (EVOLANG 7), Barcelona March 12- 15 2008.

·          Organised the III ALFAL-NE Asociación de Lingüística y Filología de América Latina del Norte de Europa, on the subject of "Linguistic theories and the biological foundations of human language: a dialogue". Held in Oxford, 21-22 June 2007.

Further information and selected publications: