Newsletter of the Unit of Prosopographical Research


Issue 7 (August 1997)


Prosopography of the Spanish Kingdoms of León and Castile.

Simon Barton (University of Exeter)


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Review Article. Εγκυκλoπαιδικό Πρoσωπoγραφικό Λεξικό Βυζαvτιvής Iστoρίας και Πoλιτισμoύ (Encyclopaedic Prosopographical Lexicon of Byzantine History and Civilisation), ed. A. G. C. Savvides (Metron/Iolcos Publications: Athens, 1996), volume 1, Ααμρ (Aamr) – Αλφιoς (Alphios). 288pp. ISBN 960-426-028-6.

Marios Costambeys (University of Manchester)


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A Note

The current editor of Prosopon is leaving the Unit to take up post elsewhere. It is hoped that the editorship will be assumed by Dr Andrew Wareham of the I.H.R. and that the newsletter will thus continue to serve as a forum for short articles and notes on medieval prosopography. In the meantime, please direct all correspondence and submissions to: Dr K. S. B. Keats-Rohan, Linacre College, Oxford, OX1 3JA.