Amateur Rowing Association, UK

Amateur Rowing Association, UK

This part of the Rowing Service is dedicated to UK/GB rowing, with emphasis on inter-club organisation and events. Since there are separate organisations, the Scottish SARA, Welsh WARA and Irish IARA, dealing with rowing in those areas of the British Isles and Ireland,some of the items here do not apply to those countries.

For all ARA information, please now see the Official ARA website. This holds up to date copies of printable entry and application forms, which supersede all other versions.

The following pages may be useful:

  • UK Rowing Noticeboard, with an automatic posting form for notices.
  • UK Club Contacts.
  • ARA Guidelines onDrug Testing.
  • David Biddulph's summary of the 1997 rule changes.
  • If anyone doesn't understand the new rules of racing or the points system, please email David Biddulph, a FISA and ARA umpire.
  • Bedford are hosting a page for the Eastern Regional Council.

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