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Sunday 13th July.

The results pages for each race contain comment for today's finals, which in many cases is being input live and will be online before the results are confirmed and sent through.

Saturday 12th July.

This morning my end of things is much more under control, and the new format of results (due to a direct computer file transfer with only a little formatting) includes the competitor names (whoopee!).

Weather is delicious - not too hot, but sunny and only slightly breezy - tail at the finish, although I don't know about further down.

We even get a lunch-break today, for which all are grateful. Cows opposite are having their siesta - there must be a lot of flies today, since the bells have been ringing fit to bust. We're all wondering when this afternoon's rain is going to start.

Racing has been good, with more of an edge to it as the slower crews pull all the stops out to try and book the last few finals slots. Even the poorer countries have quite good kit - there are no macons here that I have spotted and only a few wooden boats (mostly Norwegian, going very fast).

It's currently show-off time - loads of eights doing warmup bursts and starts in front of the finish grandstand on their way back to the 1000 metre boathouse. It's the College eights final this afternoon, and there must be a hundred international coaches here for the students to impress....

Afternoon racing was excellent, particularly the final quad's race, with a desperate burst for the third finals place throwing up water everywhere and ending with the home crowd on their feet to cheer the Swiss, who snatched 3rd by a canvas.

Sun is setting now, and the Famous Four have just rowed past, considerably better synchronised in their handspeeds then yesterday. Several of the women's eights are out, after a poorly attended "demonstration race" earlier, which I think was designed to give them a bit of work before their straight final. FISA is very worried at the lack of interest in the non-World Cup events - it certainly seems like no way to encourage FISA and the IOC to keep such events, to not put in crews.

Boys, girls and cows are off home. I will try to put more comment on the results of finals tomorrow if I can - not here, most likely. See you tomorrow.

Friday 11th July.

Racing has just started and I am trying to get the results in order. Lovely clear day, lots of sunshine, the lake is looking beautiful. Occasional trains going past make life difficult for the commentator, who is doing a superb job in English, German and the odd bit of French.

At about 3 pm a nasty headwind blew up (just after the first heat of the men's singles), and then was followed by a brief but vicious rainstorm. Racing has been halted for half an hour, just after the fourth heat of the men's 1x.

Heats five and six of H1x will be raced later at 6:30. Racing starts again any moment.

First racing is just about to finish with the men's eights. It has been a good day, with only the electronics and a few scullers suffering in the rain. Lots of support from those not racing and a couple of good races. Many were parades, though, with the first through and the rest shuffling for order, scoring mental points.

Lots of repechages tonight: results will be up much later, not yet.

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