FISA World Cup 1997

FISA World Cup 1997 Index

The Sunday World Cup finals results include comments on the races.

Formatted for Monaco 9-point standard spacing font.

These have been reformatted since the racing, into a single file per event.

World Cup events

  1. JM 8+ junior men's city eights.
  2. W 2- women's open coxless pairs
  3. M 2- men's open coxless pairs.
  4. W 2x women's open double sculls
  5. M 2x men's open double sculls.
  6. M 4- men's open coxless four.
  7. W 1x women's open single scull
  8. M 1x men's open single scull.
  9. M lwt 2x men's lightweight double sculls.
  10. W lwt 2x women's lightweight double sculls.
  11. M lwt 4- men's lightweight coxless four.
  12. W 4x women's open quad sculls
  13. M 4x men's open quad sculls.
  14. W 8+ women's open eight.
  15. M 8+ men's open eight.

Non World-Cup events

  1. College 8+ student eights.
  2. W 4- women's open coxless four.
  3. W lwt 4x women's lightweight quad sculls.
  4. W lwt 2- women's lightweight pair.
  5. W lwt 1x women's lightweight single scull.
  6. M lwt 2- men's lightweight pair.
  7. M lwt 1x men's lightweight single scull.
  8. M lwt 4x men's lightweight quad sculls.
  9. M 2+ men's open coxed pair.
  10. M 4+ men's open coxed four.
  11. M lwt 8+ men's open eights.

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