Bewdley Sunday Results (partial)

Return to RQ's Rowing Web ServiceBewdley Saturday results******************************FROM STEVE TRAVIS************************> These are all from memory, and I was rather inattentive at the awards> ceremony.>> MSO8o - Bewdley/Stourport> MS18o - Grosvenor bt Reading  (this was a rerow, the first race was a> dead-heat)> MS28o - Notts BC/Man U> MS38o - Reading>> MSO4+ - Bewdley/Stouport> MN4+ - Reading>> WSO8o - Reading> WSO4+ - Wallingford>> MxdS18o - Reading> MxdS14+ - Bath U/Minerva bt City of Oxford, 3/4l (and a jolly nice pot it> was too - curly handle, crest and a lid!)>> I think Reading won the Victor Ludorum.>> ____________________________________________________________________________> Steve Travis> Bath University            "Hard work is the curse of the drinking classes.">                                              Oscar Wilde> ____________________________________________________________________________