Borne Regatta

Saturday, May 6thBorne Regatta, Mortlake, 1100 meters, tidalweather: sunny, far too hot, no breeze, flat waterWomen's N 8+s:Wolfson College (Oxon) beat University College (Oxon) by 3/4 length and        beat Walbrook RC easily.Women's S3 8+s:Wolfson College (Oxon) beat Royal Free Hospital (Ldn) by 1 length.Capital RC (formerly the Women's Rowing Centre) rowed over (Univ scratched).Wolfson College (Oxon) beat Capital RC by 3 seats.There were no other collegiate eights events, men's or women's, here today.Putney Amateur Regatta was being held downstream - maybe someone who wasthere can post those results.  Some other results from Borne: Thames ValleyUniv. won the men's N 4+; Walbrook won the women's N 4+; Mortlake Anglian &Alpha won the men's S3 4+ and the women's S3 2x; Broxbourne won the men's Vet B 4-.  That's all I can remember.Charles EhrlichWolfson College (Oxford)

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