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CRASH B 2000 METER QUALIFYING TIMES 1996 The following time standards are for U.S. & Canadian indoor rowersinterested in qualifying for a trip to Boston for the 1996 WorldIndoor Rowing Championships (A.K.A. The C.R.A.S.H.-B.  Sprints) onFebruary 25th, 1996. Concept II provides the airfare for up to four competitors from eachof the nineteen official satellite regattas of the C.R.A.S.H.-B.s. In the event that a given regatta has more than four qualifiers, whois selected for the trip is the decision of the satellite regattaorganizers. Concept II has no role in that decision process. The nineteen satellite locations are: San Diego, California    Chattanooga, TennesseeToronto, Ontario         Alexandria, VirginiaPhiladelphia, PA         Atlanta, GeorgiaMelbourne, Florida       Long Beach, CaliforniaVictoria, B.C.           Denver, ColoradoCincinnati, Ohio         Seattle, WashingtonDallas, Texas            Elkhart, IndianaBaltimore, Maryland      New York City, New YorkPittsburgh. PA           Madison, WisconsinSacramento, California A full race calendar which will include race dates and locations willbe available from Concept II by the end of October, 1995. For those of you who will try to second guess ...  here is how we cameup with 2000m qualifying times for the satellite races: Luckily, quite a lot of data exists on erg times for both 2000m (fromU S team testing results) and 2500m (from our own 2500m WorldRankings). We have analyzed the relationship between 2000m and 2500mtimes in the categories of Open (age 19-29) Heavyweight Men & Women,Open Lightweight Men & Women, and Junior Men and Women.  In this typeof analysis, it is easier to see what is going on if you convert thetime result to a power output in terms of Watts. Each category of rower was able to sustain a higher power output forthe shorter race... this much is expected.  It was also observed thateach category was able to perform at the same percentage more powerfor the shorter race.  During a 2000m race the Open Men were able tosustain a power output that was 105% of the power output during a2500m race on average.  This 105% held true for the all the categoriesthat we observed.  We then made the assumption that the 105% rulecould be applied to the other age categories as well. Qualifying times for the 1996 indoor season were established based onlast years 2500m results.  These times were converted to a poweroutput in watts. The 2500m power was increased to 105% to theestimated power output that could be sustained by the qualifying rowerfor the shorter 2000m race.  This new power output was converted to apace/500m from which the 2000m race time is calculated. Knowing this relationship you can estimate your 2000m pace if you knowyour 500m pace.  Roughly speaking the 105% rule translates into pacelike this:           2500m pace     Estimated 2000m target pace            1:32 m/500    1:30.5 m/500           1:40          1:38.25           1:48          1:46           2:00          1:58           2:14          2:11.75 Any questions? If so, contact me at Concept II.Address: RR1 Box 1100, Morrisville, Vermont USA 05661 Telephone: 800-245-5676Fax: 802-888-4791e-mail: or Robert BrodyIndoor Race CoordinatorConcept II, Inc. 1996 CRASH-B QUALIFYING TIMES*DENVER times are altitude adjusted                        DENVER*             DENVER*AGE/WT     WOMEN       WOMEN       MEN      MEN13-18H      7:08        7:23       6:10     6:2313-18L      7:44        8:01       6:33     6:47 INTERNATIONAL19-29H      6:47        7:02       5:54     6:0719-29L      7:10        7:25       6:11     6:24 COLLEGIATE* open to USA college students only19-29H      6:57        7:12       6:02     6:1519-29L      7:30        7:46       6:20     6:34 30-39H      7:04        7:19       6:05     6:1830-39L      7:33        7:49       6:24     6:38 40-49H      7:39        7:55       6:15     6:2840-49L      8:20        8:38       6:38     6:52 50-59H      8:21        8:39       6:24     6:3850-59L      8:48        9:07       6:57     7:12 60-64H      9:01        9:20       7:03     7:1860-64L      9:35        9:56       7:06     7:21 65-69H      9:31        9:51       7:12     7:2865-69L     10:43       11:06       7:52     8:09 70-74H      9:34        9:55       7:28     7:4470-74L      9:54       10:15       8:07     8:24 75-79H      9:34        9:55       7:43     8:0075-79L     10:46       11:09       8:23     8:41 80-84H      9:34        9:55       8:47     9:0680-84L     10:49       11:12       8:47     9:06 85-89H      9:34        9:55       8:47     9:0685-89L     10:49       11:12       8:47     9:06 90-94H      9:34        9:55       8:47     9:0690_94L     10:49       11:12       8:47     9:06