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Clip Art for Rowers

Something which has been mentioned often to meis the lack of rowing clip-art as opposed to general pictures.Eg simple images which would be useful for decoration ofnewsletters, event posters, etc.

I have now decided to go into partnership with a graphic artistwho was in my crew last summer to fill this gap. We have produced a collection of .gif clip-art images, on a rowing/sculling theme. This is smallenough to fit comfortably onto a 3.25 inch floppy disk,although we can also make the file available as an email attachment.

The aims are twofold - to fill a gap which is clearly there, and in asmall way to fund the octopus of the Rowing Service, which is extendingits tentacles further into every corner of my life.... The profits areshared 50:50 with Alistair, the artist, to pay for his time and expertise.

For samples, load this image

The first issue of this collection costs £10 and was made available on 10th April 1997.

The collection is copyright to Rachel Quarrell and Alistair Ross and although they may be used for newsletters, web pages etc. the disk may not becopied without consent. Credit on web pages will be appreciated.

Collection two is likely to be forthcoming in 1998.

Ordering the Collection

Email address
Address: house+street
Town & Country
Postal or zip code
Telephone contact number
Number of discs required
Choice of format
Payment (no credit or debit cards accepted)
Comments (see notes)

Notes before sending - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

* The images are in jpeg format, and the disc contains an HTML file which can be used to view them conveniently before using. I can also supply the disc in gif format if required.
* Please note that I _must_ have a correct and useable email address since that is how I will contact you before sending the disk, to request payment.
* Before sending you the disk or email, I will contact you by email to confirm details and request payment. The file will then be sent when payment is received.
* Payment will be accepted in cash or cheque for the correct amount.
* If you wish to pay in a different currency, please state your preference in the comments box, and await confirmation. Unusual currencies are more acceptable in cash rather than as cheques.
* Rates are altered periodically to reflect gross changes in the international finance market. However, whatever rate was on the form when you filled it in is the one you pay.

Thank you for your order!