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This page has been set up to collect general information, such as new club appointments, purchases, sponsorships, boasting about wins, regatta changes and thanking those unseen helpers. To add your news, from any club in the world, just send me an email, and I will paste it in here. Your email address on the message will be used for a correspondence link unless you specifically request otherwise. You can also use the Press Release form, which will create a separate page for longer articles. News older than six months may be removed.

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June 11th 2000
--------------------------------------------------------------------St.Neots rowing club are holding their annual weekend regatta on the22nd - 23rd July. All entries are welcome and promises to be one of thebest weekend regattas in the Eastern region. Further details can befound at

16th November 1999

Anyone familiar with the Upper Mall in Hammersmith will have seen the For Salesign outside the boathouse of Sons of the Thames Rowing Club. The building,which is owned by Hammersmith and Fulham Council is up for sale but the clubitself plans to relocate next year to Linden House at 60-62 Upper Mall as partof a joint venture with Corinthian Sailing Club.
We are still extremely active on the river and had a successful season thisyear. This culminated in gold medals at the World Masters' Championships inSeville for the Men's and Women's Veteran A coxed Fours and in addition for amixed Eight of Veteran B women from Sons who teamed up with a Croatian Four tobeat the Melbourne University Collegians in the Final. The opposition crewconsisted largely of rowers who had raced in the Barcelona Olympics.The club is not focused solely on veteran rowing, however, as demonstrated byour Senior 4 and Senior 3 wins at this year's Peterborough Summer Regatta. Wehave entered 8 crews for the Fours' Head of the River and shall continue to rowcompetitively throughout the process of our relocation.A Bailey, Press Officer.

September 23rd 1999
Readers in the south-east of the UK will be entertained by this little report, which was slipped into my mailbox by a member of the SAS this morning....

"The weather was fine, and while the sunset and moonlight lit the sky, the first ever stealth crossing of the developing Eton rowing lake wasaccomplished. The mixed double crewed by mc and cg slid out under any radarfor a couple of guided laps of the half built lake. While taking in thevarious mechanical diggers, the double covertly executed four piecesincluding racing starts. Await full report in Regatta.
Date: 21/09/1999. Time: 1915.   Verdict: It's going to be good!".

September 23rd 1999

  • It is reported today on Murdoch's news site that, regarding the Olympic ticket situation: "In a surprising response to the national ticket ballot, most baseball, rowing and basketball sessions have also been over-subscribed." I think this applies to tickets for Australian residents, not those coming from overseas. Visit the official Sydney 2000 website for more information.

    February 25th 1999
    The Geeveston Rowing Club in Tasmania, Australia (membership = 4) has been winning a few more medals....

    February 24th 1999
    Sudbury Rowing Club are participating in the national Red Nose Row in aidof Comic Relief, in conjunction with Concept II and rowing clubs around thecountry. The event is happening on Saturday 27th February due to racingcommitments near to Red Nose day itself, Friday 12th March. For full details,see theirPress Release.

    February 18th 1999The Swiss Rowing Association webpage has a fresh new look.

    February 16th 1999Halifax Rowing Association of Daytona Beach, FL, USA is presenting onMarch 20 and 21 "A Regatta in the Wild" at Tomoka State Park for Mastersand Junior events in doubles and singles.
    Sent in by T.P. Plimpton.

    November 30th 1998After several summer episodes of this increasingly popular yet stilllittle publicised variant of our great sport, notably on the Saturdaynight of Peterborough Regatta, naked rowing returned to the Tideway witha vengeance just after midnight on the night of Saturday 28November. Late strollers on the Putney Embankment were treated to thesight of a competent mixed eight, containing,among others, pennantwinners from two of the main 1998 Heads but with not a one-piece or muchelse in sight on any member of the crew (cox included), powering downpast the moored boats, followed by a slightly dodgier double scull. Thestandard of rowing may have been impressive but, due, no doubt theparticipating oarsmen would say, to the low air temperature, nothing elsewas, to the great disappointment of female spectators at the event. Was itjust a pathetic attempt to avoid the chore of washing kit? What next - the"Bare" Head? Watch this space - photos will be sent to the Rowing Serviceshould they become available.

    November 3rd 1998The 12-hour charity ergo performed by Jon Williamson and James Brown of London Rowing Club yesterday wentoff very successfully, with a total of 178083 metres covered. The handle was always in motion and the changeovers remarkably quick, and well over a thousand pounds raised in aid of Cancer Research and Parkinson's Disease. The rowers are interested to know if anyone else has done this time for the distance in this way - please email them if you wish to donate money or to tell them about such an erg already done. Thank you very much to all who have already given money.

    November 3rd 1998UK: On Saturday October 31st, two new boats were officially named atLancaster University Boat Club. The first, a lightweight women's coxedfour, "Mr Kipling" was named by Rachel Samuel, Athletic Union President1997/98 and the second, an eight, "Tom MacNerney" was named by TomMacNerney. The boats have been bought as a result of Tom's generousdonations to the club over the years as well as a substantial amount ofmoney given to the club from the Student's Union. These boats willhopefully continue the success of the club and ensure it's futuresuccesses. Club contact Joanna White.

    October 29th 1998UK: Grosvenor Rowing Club, Chester, have been awarded a grant of 20,000 thisweek to go towards club equipment from the Foundation for Sports and theArts

    October 24th 1998 USA news
    The Oakland Strokes junior rowing club based on the Oakland - Alameda Estuaryin Oakland, California will be honored by the City of Oakland on October 30,1998at a ceremony starting at 5:30 p.m. with the "Celebrate Oakland" award for itsexemplary 1997-1998 rowing season and positive influence on the youth of Oakland. The new Frank Ogawa Plaza will be dedicated next to City Hall (14th St betweenClay and Broadway) and the varsity rowers will receive medals honoring theirsuccesses last year. Both incumbent mayor Elihu Harris and newly elected mayorJerry Brown are expected to attend.
    Please contact Richard Lerner: President of the Oakland Strokes for additional information. email, tel =925-631-0722, fax =415-864-2812.

    July 22nd 1998From Michael Wilson.Following an award's night at the Sydney Rowing Club, the New South WalesRowing Association presented the following awards:

    1. Oarsman of the Year; Unable to split these two identical twins Geoff &James Stewart
    2. Oarswoman of the Year: Kelly Matthews of Nepean Rowing Club
    3. Coxswain of the Year: Marty Rabjohns of Sydney Rowing Club.
    4. Novice of the Year Livia Laborczfakvi
    5. Elite Coach of the Year; Tim McLaren (coach of the Stewarts and the newAustralian Four)
    6. Elite Coach of the Year Women: Ellen Randell-Griffiths
    7. Senior Coach of the Year: Sam Carroll
    8. Novice Coach of the Year: James Andrew
    9. Youth Coach of the Year: Lindsay Callaghan
    10. Intermediate Coach of the Year: Stani Slavova
    11. Kevyn Webb achiever of the Year: Glen Ryder.
    Report in the Sportswatch site. Plus, the Steward twins have been filmed for a documentary on twins, and the latest on the Australian H4- and FPL4x is that they will spend the weekend coming up training at the Sydney International Regatta Centre - the Olympic course.

    July 14th 1998Wondered if anyone in the rowing community might be in contact with FREDWELLERS, from Rochester, NY. Graduate of Oberlin College in Ohio, USA. Wouldlove to send him word that a "Brownie" he took out sculling for her first timeat 11 years old, has now revisited the sport as a Master's rower with NationalGold, Silver and some RCHenley hardware too!... Training for Master's World's'99 in Spain. Just wanted to say..."THANKS 'O.B.'!"

    May 22nd 1998New club formed - "Oarsmen 11" of Castleton, on the Hudson, New York. The members come from various areas of the Hudson Valley region, from the Adirondack Mountains in the north to Hyde Park in the south. The group hopes to promote rowing events and love and use of rowing in the Hudson River Region. For further information, contact Jeffrey Hudson, 11 Lincoln Drive, Tupper Lake, NY. Tel +518-359-2881. NB: the club is named after a Sinatra movie...

    May 6th 1998Coxing in Swansea (as I do) gives you the perfect opportunity to seeweird and wonderful things happen down by the river. Once we get theboat to the river (after a quarter of a mile walk from a shed we sharewith council vehicles) we wade in up to our waists. Then, IF the sunis out (big if), we have local kids jumping off bridges, throwingstones and abuse and swimming towards the boat!!! If we're reallyunlucky, we'll even get a flasher on the bank!
    Thanks for your fab pages on rowing and keep up the good work,
    Marisa. Swansea Uni., UK

    1st December 1997More from the wilds of Staffordshire:
    "No sight of your task force as of yet, fishermen now multiplying rapidlyand casting lines in dangerous directions, please for the love of Godhelp us, yours Staffordshire University Boat Club".

    30th November 1997Posted by Martyn Rooney.St.Neots rowing club has recently aquired a lottery grant of 14,400,with which to by new boats and equipment.On order, are two 2X/2- from Raymond Sims and a 4X/4- and 1X fromFillipi. Also to be ordered are four sets of sculling blades and six newsweep oars.

    25th November 1997Note from editor: I get a load of weird emails about rowing in my mailbox every morning. Not all of them make sense and some are downright libellous, but this one made me laugh....
    "Rowing on a lake as we do, not only do we have to deal with the fatb*****ds on the bank but they divvy around in boats in the middle aswell, please send a task force to our aid yours Staffordshire Uni BoatClub".

    And this one:
    "why is it that as soon as we start getting into a regatta - canoeiststhink 'what a lovely day for a paddle,' and decide to spend theremaining time making as much of a nusance out of themselves as possibleby paddling up and down the river during races, ARGHHH, somebody STOPTHEM!!!" Celia Smith.